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Optical Express Ruined My Life - Discuss...

TOPIC: Dr Kanackal Alex George

Dr Kanackal Alex George 28 Dec 2017 22:30 #31

  • Alex George
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Busy day today with hopefully sensible and grateful patients.

Sasha Rodoy, you haven’t posted the reports I demanded, to prove your contention that I made untrue statements. If you are scrambling through the GMC websites to get a copy of their Investigation report or approaching Paul Holmes for the Joint Medical Experts report, it won’t help you because I have copies of both and it only establishes that you had NO proof to support yourself when you wrote that my statements were untrue. Just as you made libellous false allegations and accusations against me.

And you havent published your LVC Consent form probably because it will make you look foolish. You would have definitely signed that you would need readers when you agreed to get corrected for distance. No Surgeon would have operated upon you without your signature. And now you make complaints and make it your life’s goal to run this impotent campaign. Mark my words - nothing is going to come off it. You would be better off earning an honest salary in an honest job.

You are in the same category of people like Paul Holmes who stated that he was forced to sign his Consent form after being sedated and Stephanie Holloway saying that nurses forced her to sign the Consent form and of course you, a 57 year old getting corrected for Myopia, saying that she did not realise the need for readers would apply to her. Don’t you ‘Adults’ have the courage to uphold the credibility of your signatures? It doesn’t end there. The letters on the Consent form were too small.... My pupils were dilated..... The Consent form was too technical........ Come on! After the age of 12 none of you are children so why don’t you take responsibility for your signatures?

And your web site. It only portrays dire doom and gloom so sabotages the results of refractive surgery in some gullible patients. A tremendous disservice to patients, something your political patrons in the Labour Party will soon come to know.

Dr Kanackal Alex George 28 Dec 2017 14:40 #32

You, Alex George, must have a very warped mind as you seem to be implying that patients damaged by the elective refractive eye surgery industry are in some way 'acceptable casualties'! I would class any surgeon who damaged a patient & then said the surgery was performed flawlessly as definitely having a warped mind, because the whole process from consultation to surgery and after should have had the surgeon directly involved, which in many clinics, especially Optical Express and Optimax, simply doesn't happen!

Dr Kanackal Alex George 28 Dec 2017 08:27 #33

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“Nearly all doctors recite the original Hippocratic Oath or an alternative version of it in medical school. Yet it remains controversial, prompting questions about whether it should be retired.
Defenders assert that it has as much relevance today as ever, because it remains a public declaration of the social contract between the profession of medicine, its individual members, and society as a whole. Critics wonder whether the oath is a "necessary protection or an elaborate hoax." This is because the notion that a physician has independent power to behave morally and ethically in the treatment of patients is complex, given the role of the health insurance industry, hospital employers, and the pharmaceutical industry, not to mention the still-pervasive fee-for-service environment.
The oath, written 2400 years ago in and for a simpler time, appears silent on these issues. Thus, the question becomes: is the Hippocratic Oath still relevant?”

Dr Kanackal Alex George 28 Dec 2017 07:06 #34

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Death and Suicide due to any surgery is never the objective. My condolences.

However, which Surgery has NO complications. No ‘real surgeon’ can give guarantees of 100% success to their patients. The Hippocratic oath also states about adverse outcomes - do read it again.

It is the success rate far outstripping the complication rate that keeps any surgery progressing in Medicine.

Remember Hazel Jones 28 Dec 2017 07:01 #35

Hazel went in for surgery at your clinic healthy and happy. She came out with headaches, dry sore eyes, seeing flashing lights, floaters.
Coincidence that thousands of people have the same problems after surgery at Optical Express? Don't think so!
The stress Optical Express put Hazel under after she complained was awful. They would call us into Cork clinic, then it would be Dublin, because Hazel couldn't drive because of her dry eyes and flashing lights I would drive her.
This went on and on, visits here, visits there, phone call after phone call. We found out this was standard procedure to run down the clock to prevent patients taking legal action.
There’s no doubt in my mind having been with Hazel every hour of the day that the awful stress you put Hazel under during her legal case with all your delaying tactics by your highly paid lawyers caused Hazels depression and ultimate death.


Indeed on her death bed I had to administer her eye drops because Hazel couldn't see her loved ones for the last time because of her red inflamed eyes caused by the surgery you did on her.
For that to be our last memory of our beloved Hazel was horrific.
Shame on you that you couldn't do the right thing for Hazel, instead put her through years of stress.
Yes Mr Kanackal Alex George, I hold you 100% responsible for the problems your surgery caused, and you Optical Express, 100% responsible for the awful stress you put Hazel under after the surgery.
I was with Hazel all through those terrible years,and I know that Alex George and Optical Express are entirely responsible for her death because of their actions.

Dr Kanackal Alex George 28 Dec 2017 06:13 #36

You are trying to defend yourself which makes me nauseated to read.

I am a surgeon - a real surgeon... I am personally appalled at you and your industry, that creates new eye diseases, ruins lives, all for your monetary gain....
Monetary gain using the respected ideal of a physician, while you create new eye diseases.
All this is elective and I believe the real complications are deceptively hidden from the patient.
Side effects from refractive surgery are actually complications. If patients were fully consented, no one would have these procedures.

Hippocratic oath you have forgone.

Shame on you and what you stand for.


January 13, 1989 - January 14, 2016

My son, Max Burleson Cronin, committed suicide 1-14-16, at the young age of 27 years old,as a result of devastating complications from elective laser eye surgery. Max was an Iraqi War Veteran and proudly served his country against Al Quada on the battle front. Max had a simple desire not to have to wear glasses. He believed Laser Eye Surgery was a safe procedure. He had an "enhancement" of PRK. He developed severe corneal hazing resulting in blindness, severe constant eye pain, dry eyes, and other complications. Efforts to get help through the VA were not successful. He was unable to continue his classes or work, resulting in financial collapse of his household. He left suicide letters stating his eyes were ruined and thus his life.

Reports and Optimax LVC 27 Dec 2017 16:38 #37

  • Alex George
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Kindly ensure you publish the two reports and your Optimax LVC Consent form in your reply tomorrow.


Alex George to Sasha Rodoy 27 Dec 2017 11:28 #38

  • Alex George
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Well let’s see the proof that makes you state that my statements were ‘Not true’. Publish the two reports that I specified.

You not only made false allegations and false accusations against me without verification but you are the only one who published the lies to the public via your OERML website and Facebook pages which were moderated by you. The Courts will explain to you the meaning of ‘libel’.

Basically, an Adult of reasonable intelligence has a duty to read the Consent form and ask relevant questions too if you are undergoing a surgical procedure. You asked for distance correction and the Consent form should have clearly mentioned that you would lose your reading vision. Publish the Consent form and let the people decide whether you used your normal intelligence at the right time or are you just another ‘#Me too’ person.

If you haven’t noticed I am A ‘self employed refractive Surgeon’. The relevant people in OE are aware of my revulsion at your misdeeds against me. You initiated my reaction.

I shall happily meet up with you and Hazel Jones’ family at any convenient opportunity but only after you publically apologise to me, publish your retractions and provide proof to back your accusations that I made untrue statements.

admin: I am busy today but will endeavour to reply tomorrow :kiss:

Alex George to Sasha Rodoy 26 Dec 2017 21:34 #39

  • Alex George
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3. All the Medical Experts involved, including your own Expert*, concluded that my actions to treat you were appropriate, the surgery was done flawlessly and results obtained were quite satisfactory.
- Not true

Please publish the proof that makes you say that my statement is 'Not true'. Kindly print the Joint Statement of Medical Experts in the Paul Holmes Case to support your statement

5. Your complaints to the General Medical Council against me and the accusations of my not having appropriate Indemnity cover have been investigated and rejected. - Not true

Please publish the results of the GMC investigation GMC ref: C1-1714050444 which supports your contention that my statement is 'Not true'.

Its very easy to make comments when you don't have to provide the proof - right. Just blab what you want as loud as you can and some of the mud will stick - right?*
*Solicitors considering potential libel claim against Alex George.

Libel involves publishing and publicising to the public. Look closely and you might notice who has been putting lies, innuendo and insinuations in the notice of the public and therefore who is guilty of Libel? **


If you have any shred of courage and honesty put this email into your OERML and Facebook pages, verbatim. I could also use some publicity. BTW, I am still looking forward to my email of yesterday to be published. What happened, 'Cat got your tongue? ***
And while you are at it, kindly publish your Consent form that you signed when you had your Laser surgery with Optimax. Lets us all see what you signed under the paragraph that informed you that you would need Reading glasses just as all patients above the age of 40 years do after LVC for distance correction. I believe that you protested that you signed the Consent form 'but you didn't think the instruction would apply to you'- really?****

Alex George
admin: This is not about me Alex, this is your thread :kiss:

* I publish nothing without having proof to back it up. Interestingly I notice that you have not denied the numbers of Px I claim are suing you, although you still have a way to go to catch up with the likes of David Teenan and Dimitris Kazakos on the leaderboard!
** Libel is in fact ‘a false statement’! Which is why no-one has sued me, especially the corrupt company you work for!
*** You seemingly have yet to learn that my tongue is sharper and more dangerous than any cat, but yesterday I took a rare day off from working, hence the delay in approving your previous post. And I have courage and honesty in abundance when it comes to dealing with your sickening industry. NB: You didn’t send an email btw, you posted on this forum, but I will copy to Facebook as you have asked.
**** I was aged 57 when I had lasek - with perfect near vision (& beautiful healthy eyes with clear white sclera), my trade off for having been short sighted since the age of 14. But just like every other damaged patient I was not fully informed - and could not even see the consent form that I signed shortly before surgery. Earlier this year, a Subject Access Request (SAR) to Optimax disclosed internal email correspondence providing evidence that I should not have been given the ops that I was. You really should do some more reading about me if you want to keep up with the facts!

I will be happy to continue this conversation in public, but rather than you continuing to embarrass yourself on my sites - followed by many thousands of people worldwide - and doubtlessly incurring the wrath of David Moulsdale, I invite you to meet with me in the new year to discuss in person.

And perhaps you would consider meeting with Hazel Jones’ partner and children in Ireland?

Alex George to Sasha Rodoy 25 Dec 2017 08:48 #40

  • Alex George
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Merry Christmas.

Well done! Now be truthful and honest and publish ALL the responses on this topic - both positive and negative.

I have always done the best for my patients using the current level of technology (which continually improves) and to the best of my ability, informed them myself and through detailed Consent forms of the drawbacks and benefits of the surgeries that I have conducted. That includes Hazel Jones surgery and I have never wilfully ‘damaged’ anyone.

I challenge you to print this email too - without redactions.

Alex George

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