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In January 2012 I launched My Beautiful Eyes Campaign, calling for the UK government to regulate the refractive eye surgery industry.

This resulted in a surprisingly high number of people asking for my advice, and so I set up MBE patient advocacy service...
Optical Express Ruined My Life - Discuss...


SUE THE SURGEON? 07 Dec 2014 19:18 #41

I'm told that the approximate annual insurance premium for an ophthalmologist is £10-15,000, with no excess, but a surgeon working for OE or any other high street chain pays far more, plus excess.

Surgeons employed by Optical Express are paying insurance premiums of approximately £20,000 per year with Marsh Insurers.

This year Marsh increased the excess (per claim) from £20,000 to £40,000. And that was BEFORE Stephanie Holloway was awarded £560k when she won her claim against Optical Express and Dr Joanna McGraw.

Sweet memories B)

If Joanna McGraw leaves Optical Express I imagine it would be very difficult for her to find employment elsewhere, as I doubt any insurance company would risk indemnifying her now.

I know of one Optical Express surgeon who has SIX new claims against him, although he may not yet know this. Optical Express certainly will when the lawyers request the patient records, but will they tell him before the lawyers do?

Let's assume all six claims are successful, with minimum costs of £40k each, the surgeon will personally be liable for £240,000.

As long as surgeons continue to accept the Optical Express model of 'care', not seeing the patient until minutes before surgery, operating on unsuitable patients, lists of at least 22 patients a day, etc... then they are at risk of losing everything they own - and being unable to work in the industry again.

Stephanie won her case on lack of informed consent alone, and the details of her case were far from unique.

I provided Stephanie's legal team with the Patient Advisor Flow, essentially a training manual for Optical Express 'refractive technicians' (sales staff), which proved that her description of the sales process was true.

Nothing's changed, and I have since been sent a number of other documents, all of which will help support future legal claims.

No wonder Optical Express surgeons are getting nervous :kiss:

Independent consultation 05 Nov 2014 21:51 #42

Well I finally had an independent consultation with an expert appointed by my solicitor. He has found that Optical Express should never have given me laser surgery. I had two procedures over two years by two different surgeons. The expert stated that both surgeons should have seen this and rejected me for surgery and the problems I have are typical of laser surgery that has been done on my kind of eyes, and my problems will get worse and I will have them for life. :(

I could not believe that a surgeon could think more of money than the outcome of someone's sight, yet I have encountered two of them. I will not go into the unethical things I also found out that these two surgeons did as the expert is sending his report to my solicitor.

So if anyone is reading this and thinking about having laser eye surgery with Optical Express please read my story on this site (Annie's story). Your sight is precious, so keep what sight you have and don't risk it.

Can anyone help? 17 Mar 2014 12:22 #43

Both OE and the surgeon's insurance have an excess of £20,000.

Has anyone found a solicitor who is prepared to cover this?

admin: Advertising is not allowed so if anyone wants to recommend a solicitor please send details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Re legal claims 08 Mar 2014 14:14 #44

I am now starting legal proceedings against OE after solicitors reviewed my case and decided they can represent me :P

Re legal claims 01 Mar 2014 19:58 #45

FAO anyone in litigation or pursuing refund via the Small Claims Court:

I have been advised to have the recording of my conversation with Stacey (see Facebook topic) transcribed and certified by a solicitor so it can then be used as evidence where appropriate.

Therefore, both the recording and transcript will be made available to solicitors and those seeking refunds via the Small Claims Court.
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Sue surgeon also 23 Feb 2014 07:34 #46

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Hi Mr, do you recommend any solicitors?

admin: Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with/for details as advertising is not permitted on this site. :kiss:

Sue surgeon also 16 Feb 2014 11:57 #47

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Merryl Roberts wrote: I have been trying to claim compensation from optical express for the last two years, but have now received a letter saying that due to them going into administration I will not be able to claim. Has anyone else had the same and is it really the end of my claim? I have had 3 years of hell since my surgery and feel that compensation is due.

All surgeons are independently insured and any solicitor failing to go after the operating surgeon in tandem with OE needs to explain this omission to you.
In my opinion OE won't be around by the end of 2014 but in the interim if their surgeons are called to account then perhaps others will think twice before risking their reputation and possibly their future career prospects.

SUING OE 08 Oct 2013 21:56 #48

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You haven't left any details. Suggest you email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Suing 08 Oct 2013 17:17 #49

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Has anyone used successful lawyer and could they put me in contact or email me the details


Legal Action 20 Jun 2013 22:12 #50

Nick is correct.

However, if you are already in litigation please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information which may save your solicitor some time.