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Optical Express Ruined My Life - Discuss...

TOPIC: What Lifetime Guarantee?!

What Lifetime Guarantee?! 22 Feb 2016 15:55 #101

  • GeorgeAmy
  • GeorgeAmy's Avatar
Did anyone get any further regarding the lifetime aftercare??? OE are also trying to charge me £50 when I was promised free tests after surgery. Where do we stand?
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What Lifetime Guarantee?! 04 Feb 2016 19:08 #102

  • Ollie
  • Ollie's Avatar
I have had a laser eye procedure from OE I called a OE clinic to book a eye test as my eye sight has deteriorated. Much to my surprise I was told I have to pay £50,
I then asked what about my life time aftercare? I was told that the 'terms and conditions' had been changed.
My question is, How can they get away with this? Its surely misleading and miss-sold, "lifetime aftercare guarantee" first point "lifetime" well I'm still in that period I'm not dead yet, second point "guarantee" ( Here is a definition from a business point of view of the word.... if a ​company guarantees a ​product or ​service, it gives a written promise to ​return the customer's ​money or ​repair or ​exchange the ​product if there is a problem with it within a particular ​period) the period that was stated was "lifetime", as guaranteed to me...
Well its not a guarantee if they can change their mind at their convenience. Under this they must be in breach of contract?
And something could surely be done to right the wrong in this for all the people they have mislead and let down.
Let's say I decided not to pay after my procedure, That would be a breach of contract and they would take me to court, so why is it ok for them to breach the contract?
If anyone knows were we all stand on a legal ground please let me know, maybe a class act is needed.
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Aftercare not free as promised! 21 Jan 2016 12:30 #103

  • Alex jacks
  • Alex jacks's Avatar
I have been told today that my yearly eye test will cost me £50!
Life time after care? I think not!

What Lifetime Guarantee?! 11 Jan 2016 12:15 #104

  • Caro
  • Caro's Avatar
Obviously OE and Optimax have similar "life time guarantees". I have had almost 9 years of paying for all my eye drops/medication/treatment after my Optimax disaster. They even lied to my GP in order to avoid paying for treatment with an osteopath for eye/head pain. My expenses are endless while Russell Ambrose wastes his money fighting Sasha, instead of working with her and using the money to help those whose eyes his company has trashed.

Refused eye drops! 10 Jan 2016 16:38 #105

OE have provided me with eye drops since I had LASIK back in 2012, leaving me with dreadful dry eyes and floaters. Whilst I didn't expect to still be relying on eye drops 4 years later, unfortunately this is the case.
Last month I requested more eye drops from OE head office as I routinely do. I received this email response from Stephen Hannan. What a lovely start it was to my New Year.


What about the lifetime care guarantee that OE continue to promote?



I don't class 4 years as a lifetime! And the nerve of Tweedledum to think I would be willing to give this despicable company any more of my money after I've paid over £4k to end up with dry eyes for the rest of my life.

I shall be taking small claims court proceedings for this and more.

Not free anymore??!? 29 Oct 2015 10:13 #106

  • MAUREEN's Avatar
I have found my original paperwork and within it is a whole page devoted to 'The Optical Express Lifetime Promise'. I have not resolved my situation yet, but hope this information may be of help to others who are challenged by OE about their free aftercare.

At Optical Express we stand behind our laser vision correction procedures and aftercare with our free Lifetime Promise.
Our Optical Express Laser Vision Lifetime Promise to you:
All necessary care and treatment following your laser vision correction procedure at Optical Express is provided free of charge and for life, subject to our Promise Terms.

Promise Terms:
1. Eligibility
The Optical Express Laser Vision Lifetime Promise applies only to patients who:
A. have had their primary laser vision correction procedure at Optical Express after Dec 15th 2008;
B. are undertaking or have completed, in accordance with Optical Express medical directions and advice, their course of post-operative aftercare; and
C. have undertaken and continue to undertake a biennial sight-test at an Optical Express clinic.

2. Benefits
A. Aftercare
The Optical Express Laser Vision Lifetime Promise covers all aftercare required, as determined by an Optical Express medical director, as a direct result of your laser vision correction procedure at Optical Express; it does not cover unrelated conditions or the effect of natural ageing.

B. Enhancement - not copied - but time period stated for enhancement was within 36 months - I have attended many appointments at OE since the operation and this has never been highlighted or mentioned to me.
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Not free anymore??!? 28 Oct 2015 11:27 #107

  • Maureen
  • Maureen's Avatar
I have just had the same problem. Surgery in 2009. The surgery was not successful and to date I have received free check-ups/tests, contact lenses and glasses. Today I was told that the original T&C said that aftercare was only for one year and that the option to have the surgery repeated was only for one year. This has not been questioned or stated before today.
I have contested this as I was told it was a lifetime guarantee and also when I saw the surgeon a few months after the operation he told me there was no hurry to have the procedure repeated, I could wait and have it done at anytime in the future.

OE have asked me to look out my original contract and supply evidence in writing that aftercare was in perpetuity. I have to search for my contract and paperwork. I have also moved since 2009.

Does anyone have a contract from 2009 or anything in writing from OE confirming that there is a lifetime guarantee?

Not free anymore??!? 28 Jul 2015 10:36 #108

  • Lifetime aftercare?
  • Lifetime aftercare?'s Avatar
I had my surgery in 2008 and as far as I remember I was sold on the premise the lifetime aftercare incl. free eyetests for life. All was well unto and including my last check in 2014 but was shocked to be told that the appointment this year would cost £30 (not free!)
I tried to argue that I was told it was free but they wouldn't budge and in the end came up with a supposed clause in the original T&C of this was included for 4 years post surgery... I don't recall any time limit on the free aftercare when I signed up and certainly wasn't told of any (as they said free full stop after surgery)

I can't find my original contract at the moment as I have moved since 2008 so was wondering if anyone has had a similar issue or knows about this 'hidden' clause in the T&C's?

Can't help thinking they are trying to wriggle out of the lifetime eyetests due to the recent financial troubles, why not chnage the rules and start recouping £30 a year off all who signed up for lifetime!

Thanks for any help

What Lifetime Guarantee?! 17 Jul 2014 21:29 #109

  • User1 Davy
  • User1 Davy's Avatar
Don't give in, insist on refund - call their bluff! It works, been there, done it, got the shirt. Treatment was in Scotland, after many months/year of fighting them I got payment back of almost a full refund. I had the attitude of, well OK I have nothing now, so what have I got to lose? I refused the initial offer which was an insult. I'm now back to glasses and use drops and have been for about a year but hey ho, at least I can see. Just stick with it a wee while and fight it out,

Most importantly don't have any enhancement with them - whether paid or free.

£378.00 compensation ! 11 Apr 2014 12:48 #110

  • Jam
  • Jam's Avatar
My Story.

I am a disabled woman who suffered a stroke and has high blood pressure, which Optical Express were made aware of before I had Lasek eye surgery in August 2012.

Instead of the good results I was promised, my surgery has caused me nothing but pain and discomfort. I suffer with dry eyes, itching, blurring, distorted vision and more. I have light sensitivity and can’t even enjoy sunlight.

These problems became apparent after approx 2 months when I complained to Optical Express as I didn’t believe it was normal to be having such pain - and blinded vision at times. It’s still very scary when it happens.

I complained to David Mungall on a number of occasions explaining how frightened and worried I was. He arranged for me to see a surgeon at the Harley Street clinic, which I did a few times and OE paid for my taxis as I’m unable to travel by public transport.

But my eyes continued to get worse even after using loads of ointments, creams, drops etc - you name it I’ve tried it! Every morning when I wake up I am blinded for a while as I can’t open my eyes without pain.

I continued to complain for months then spoke to Stephen Hannan who was very rude and showed no understanding at all.

I complained about this to David Mungall and asked for a full refund. He said they would only give me £378 compensation for my discomfort but I had to sign an agreement not allowing me to discuss what happened to me and it didn’t mean they admitted liability. He told me that they wouldn’t pay for my transport to Harley Street anymore.

I am registered as a vulnerable disabled person with memory problems. I am on benefits and cannot get to Harley Street for any further treatment as I can’t afford to pay for the transport myself.

I am so traumatised by the fact my eyes will remain this way and I will have to suffer the pain for the rest of my life.

I spent nearly £2000 on laser surgery to improve my vision and instead ended up with health problems as a result. Optical Express only care about making money, not about helping people.

I have decided to speak out about what happened to me and if Optical Express want to sue me for breaking my agreement for £378 they can!


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