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Optical Express Ruined My Life - Discuss...


Dr Jan Venter 18 Apr 2014 22:24 #191

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Jan Venter blinded a patient in Sth Africa.

Anyone being offered an IOL explant or RLE at Optical Express should read this - especially page 3:

Not named here, but Jan Venter was the Optimax Medical Director responsible for post op negligence which left Myra Pridham blind for one year. Optimax and Venter were both successfully sued by Myra in 2012:

If you look at their site, Optical Express have recently stopped calling Jan Venter 'Professor'!

Optimax Ruined My Life: Amanda's Story 18 Apr 2014 12:09 #192

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In 2007, aged 35, Amanda had lasek eye surgery at the Newcastle Optimax clinic. Three months later she suffered her first attack of RCE (Recurrent Corneal Erosion).

For the past SEVEN years Amanda has suffered frequent attacks of RCE, an agonising and debilitating condition caused by trauma to the cornea.

"There may be more unusual trigger factors (all involving disruption of the epithelial basement membrane) such as following cataract surgery or refractive surgery."

Amanda's life has been devastated with relentless pain and intermittent periods of blindness. She told her local MP that at times it's so unbearable she could put a gun to her head to end it all.

Optimax CEO, Russell Ambrose, has shown no interest or concern for Amanda's seven years nightmare. Instead of referring her to a specialist he has ignored her. At no time has he contacted her personally or even offered to provide her with eye drops.

Until recently Amanda felt isolated and helpless, thinking she was alone with this problem and scared to speak out in case Russell Ambrose sued her!

Since being interviewed for BBC Radio 5 Live Investigates in March 2014, Amanda has spoken to many others who have been left with problems after surgery at Optimax and is fighting back!

Optimax Patients 16 Apr 2014 17:14 #193

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At least one of the three surgeons pictured below has removed his glasses for the photo. Well he wouldn't want anyone to think that he won't have laser surgery because it's way too risky.

So why not share the dangers with us? Is the money more precious than our eyes?


The 3 Amigos! 15 Apr 2014 22:29 #194

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All Optimax MDs :(

1. Dr Amir Hamid (current MD)

2. Dr Malcolm Samuel

3. Professor Jan Venter (is he a UK professor?)

Optimax Laser Eye Ruined My Life: Mr Abs Part 1 12 Apr 2014 18:47 #195

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These are some of the videos Optimax owner Russell Ambrose keeps having removed from YouTube!
As fast as he gets them down I can get them up again ;)

Mr Abs Part 1

Mr Abs Part 2

Optimax BLINDED Myra Pridham!

Russian Boats 11 Apr 2014 12:37 #196

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Since yesterday, Optimax has had several of my videos removed from YouTube.

I do not have a gagging order and I have a right to talk about my story.

The truth will NOT BE HIDDEN!


Russian Boats 09 Apr 2014 16:57 #197

I have only recently found this website after reading the Sunday Daily Star on 5th April 2014 (only bought because the Sunday Mirror was sold out)

I had major problems after LASEK treatment in 2003 at Optimax Manchester. One of the surprises I discovered then was about people (guinea pigs) being treated for free on boats off the Russian coastline.

An article I read claimed that the reason the treatment was done offshore was so that the company doing the treatment couldn't be sued.

So it was known in the very early stages that there could be problems with this surgery.

Optimax owner - Russell Keith Ambrose 09 Apr 2014 01:02 #198

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Please see here for more information:

News Updates

Optimax owner - Russell Keith Ambrose 03 Apr 2014 22:58 #199

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A psychopath has no empathy or regard for the feelings of other people.
"In the early 1800s, doctors who worked with mental patients began to notice that some of their patients who appeared outwardly normal had what they termed a “moral depravity” or “moral insanity,” in that they seemed to possess no sense of ethics or of the rights of other people."

Russell Ambrose's response to Myra Pridham being blinded for one year clearly exhibits psychopathology.

His attitude is that there's no point in going after him for money as it won't make you feel better!


Optimax Patients 22 Mar 2014 10:32 #200

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Last year a damaged patient (Mustafa) asked me to post recordings of his telephone conversation with Optimax Medical Director Malcolm Samuel on YouTube in order to pressure Russell Ambrose to settle with him.

It worked! Yesterday Mustafa called Sasha Rodoy and told her that Russell had settled with him but he'd signed a gagging order and Ambrose had told him that Sasha must remove the video from YouTube.

Problem is it's not Sasha's recording to remove, its mine! And I have copies of Gentjan Mustafa's request and consent for ALL his recordings to be used on ORML and YouTube.

Sasha was not amused by being bullied in loco parentis (or out) and sent the following email to Russell Ambrose.

It was copied to me and Sasha is not responsible for publication on my site anymore than she is for my YouTube videos!

Mustafa sent me 4 more recordings - watch this space! ;)

NB: Video moved home: www.facebook.com/pages/Optimax-Ruined-My...p?v=313589212122987&

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