In January 2012 I launched My Beautiful Eyes Campaign, calling for the UK government to regulate the refractive eye surgery industry.
This resulted in a surprisingly high number of people asking for my advice, and so I set up MBE Foundation, a patient advocacy service...

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26 Nov 2013 10:19 - 26 Nov 2013 12:01 #71 by Chris
As some of you may know, the first reading of the Regulation of Refractive Eye Surgery Bill took place in Parliament last week and a date for the second reading was set for 28.02.2014. I wrote to my MP and urged him to support the bill and received the following response from his assistant.

"Thank you for your email.

This is an industry that certainly should be properly regulated, and is not at the moment. The progress of this bill will depend on government support so xxxxxx will raise this with the Minister responsible at the Department of Health and will be in touch when he has had a reply."

If everybody on this forum writes to their MP and receive a similar response then there's a real chance the Bill will pass at second reading and pressure will mount on the companies that have made enormous profits from us.
24 Nov 2013 22:23 #72 by admin

Observing wrote: centrallobby.politicshome.com/legislatio...bill-200506-session/

"He (Frank Cook) believes that there is currently a worrying lack of regulation over laser treatment, with faulty machines leaving a significant number of patients with damaged eyesight."

Information which begs the question why the industry has been allowed to continue unregulated for so long?!

This has gone unnoticed methinks!
21 Nov 2013 23:50 - 09 Sep 2014 23:25 #73 by admin
John McDonnell MP: 20 November 2013

Meanwhile, Optical Express' lawyers waited until midday yesterday before complaining to OERML website host, 'Fasthosts', that the site content is defamatory etc... insisting it is taken down.

Quite honestly I had expected them to do this four weeks ago, in tandem with their Nominet complaint and was surprised when they didn't do so.

Now I know why: had they done it four weeks ago I had plenty of time to host the site overseas, whereas if it'd been taken down yesterday the heart of the campaign would've been unavailable for reference following John McDonnell's introduction of the Bill!

NB: John mentioned Optical Express twice by name in his presentation.

Fortunately, after speaking with Fasthosts, their legal dept is now aware of the issues surrounding OE's reasons for complaint and are looking into this. Should they decide that they are unable to host OERML we will be given sufficient time to transfer to an overseas host.
21 Nov 2013 19:21 #74 by admin
20 November 2013:
BBC London 94.9 - The Breakfast Show with Penny Smith and Paul Ross

Start listening @ 01.43.55
21 Nov 2013 15:51 #75 by fedup
Well done Sasha A big thanks for all your time and effort. GREAT
21 Nov 2013 11:12 #76 by Caro
I could kiss Sasha, and kiss each and every person who has shared their experiences and done what ever they can, to help make things better. Together, our sheer numbers give us a voice that is now being heard, thanks to Sasha's campaign.
Caro xxx
20 Nov 2013 22:40 #77 by Nick
With today's events, let the media Juggernaut begin, or will advertising streams continue to dictate editorial policy?

This is what OE has tried to prevent for years, well now it's out there and better still it ain't over yet. Industry Regulation = it's all over for the high street eye laser cowboys. Mousdale, Hannon, Patrick Green & Co, I trust you all enjoyed it as much as we did.
20 Nov 2013 14:28 #78 by Mr Starburst
This whole refractive eye surgery scandal should have been declared a public health crisis years ago ! This is due to the sheer amount of permanent damage that has been (and continues to be) inflicted upon peoples most precious sense ! Well done Sasha. Now the real truth that the industry has been so desperate to supress will end up in the public domain ! I shudder to think of how many horrific cases there are actually out there of peoples eyes and lives being utterly ruined by the ruthless pursuit of business profit !
20 Nov 2013 14:14 #79 by Nick
As a side issue, to my horror, I discovered Optical Express branches in Australia, surely they can't be connected?
20 Nov 2013 14:12 #80 by Nick
Just listened to MP John McDonald while in Australia, job well done John, now that Sasha has been named in Parliament, it certainly adds weight to this site not just being a "gripe site". Can't wait for Feb 28th, I think he stated.

BTW This site can be hosted anywhere in the world, Tonga is suppose to be nice :-) Alternatively there is the Ukraine.

Well done Sasha, it took a long time and effort, but it's out there now. Few glasses of wine to celebrate, tonight, you deserve it.

OERML & My Beautiful Eyes Foundation rely on your support to expose the horrors of this unregulated industry.

Your help is very much appreciated!

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