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Optical Express Ruined My Life - Discuss...


Cancelled surgery with Dimitris Kazakos 21 Apr 2017 16:47 #41

  • JD2
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I have still not received any sign of a refund so what else do I have to do

JD2 wrote:
Dear Sir/Madam

I had a "surgeons discussion" with Mr Dimitris Kazakos at Optical Express Westfield store in Shepherds Bush on the 21 December 2016. I was unhappy about his professionalism during our interview, and for worrying remarks made by one of the staff who said, and I quote “Dr Kazakos is the fastest surgeon” she has come across with eyes taking only 10 minutes to complete. So in order to make further investigations into the background of this surgeon I deferred my surgery until I return from a trip in mid March. It was during these investigations that I discovered information on your OERML website that clearly indicated that both Dr Kazakos and Optical Express are currently being sued by “a number of his very unhappy damaged patients”. I subsequently cancelled my surgery by email to Optical Express requesting the return of my £500 deposit.

I was told that I am outside the dates to have my deposit returned, but under the circumstances I believe that as there are current investigations against this surgeon he should have - at the least - been suspended from consulting and operating on patients, which he was clearly doing when I saw him in December, and as such feel I have a case for pursuing my claim for my deposit to be returned. Therfore I am writing to ask whether or not I have grounds to continue and if so how I can go about it.

I would also like to point out that from the time I had my initial consultation at Optical Express Northampton branch on the 6th September 2016 and paying the £500 deposit I received a letter on the 28th October 2016 stating that I was booked to see Dr Kazakos for a “surgeons discussion” on the 21 December 2016 at 14.00 hours. Having paid the deposit I would have been unable to cancel within 7 days as I still had to see the surgeon to discuss the final details.

Many thanks for any assistance you may be able to give in this matter

John Dedman

admin: I will call you on Monday :kiss:

Decided Against Surgery! 16 Apr 2017 12:36 #42

  • Tom Harding
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I have the same issue.

‪After I had attended the Maidstone branch and been told I was good for lens replacement surgery and having paid the fee of £6,190 in full (they do come down in price if you haggle) and attended a pre op meeting demanded by them (instead of the phone call as was agreed originally), they cancelled my operation as my eyes were 'not bad enough to give a wow factor!' and was told a I would get a phone call in 2 working days arranging a full refund. ‬

‪No phone call...‬

‪I had to phone them! At this point I was told that it would take 28 working days to get my money back (as from the cancellation date of 2nd March 2017) and this would be processed then.‬

‪28 working days later and still no money!!! I even gave it a couple of more days to allow for the post to arrive. I again phoned only to be told the girl who originally took my call was off with sickness and nothing had been done.... then after complaining bitterly that the service from Optical Express is the worst I've ever had I was told that there was a delay in the banking department!! Now we all know that banking can be same day and simple (can even be done via a mobile phone these days) but no.... their guy tells me it would take another 7 to 10 working days and I will get a call from someone who will ask for a card number to repay the money to.‬

‪How dare a company of their size treat people in such a way! I am disgusted that they get away with this and looking at various forums, this is not a one off and occurs very regularly!!!!

Surgery Cancelled by Surgeon 04 Apr 2017 08:07 #43

  • DM
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I had surgery booked for the 18th Feb this year and it was only after the pre-surgery rechecks that they found one area of one of my eyes was too thin to proceed.

I called them the next week and they told me the refund would take up to 28 working days to occur.

On the 28th day, I called them and got the call centre, the note about 7-10 days delay etc (all the excuses below). So I did some research and found this forum So I called again, demanding that I had someone call me back to sort this out that day (pointing out about their own terms and conditions and section 75 of the Consumer Protection Act). Same excuses and a promise someone would call me back - they didn't. Tried the next morning, same excuses.

So I did more research and found OEs Customer Care twitter account (twitter.com/OEcare/with_replies?lang=en) - so I publicly called them out over it stating bad service.

Within an hour, I had a request from said account to PM my details over - which I did. Another hour and a half later, an email from OE saying the refund had been processed on same card I used to originally pay with - that was last Thursday - today, Tuesday, it is back on my card.

Seems to be calling them out publicly causes action so certainly worth a try

Decided Against Surgery! 29 Mar 2017 18:33 #44

  • M.Mahmoud
  • M.Mahmoud's Avatar
The same situation happened to me. I went for the consultation on 8/02/2017 at Trafford Centre in Manchester and told that I am suitable for the laser surgery, my surgery was booked on 4/03/2017 and the surgeon discussion was with Muhammad Kazmi on 15/02/2017. I was asked to pay £500 the same day even tho I had not seen the surgeon yet. However a member of my family passed away and I had to travel to Germany urgently so I called and delayed my appointment with the surgeon till the 18/03/2017 and also the surgery till the 22/03/2017. I was feeling awful and wasn't in a good situation to do the surgery and come back to the UK, so I called to cancel the surgery while I was in Germany and sent an email to explain my situation. I am now back in UK and have been calling the clinic many times and the customer service as well. I emailed them chatted with them, every time they keep saying we have passed your details to the cancellation dept and they will call you back. No one called!! It has been 3 weeks and nothing!!! I feel they just ignoring me.
I am a student and I paid this deposit from my student finance loan so I really need the money back! :angry:

I hope you could help me!
admin: Pls send phone number This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. :kiss:

At Last!! 21 Mar 2017 14:16 #45

Like Callum I have been trying to get a refund having cancelled the day after my initial consultation. I have made numerous calls to the so called Customer Service Department. Several times I got diverted to the main call centre who said they would 'escalate' my request.
Finally, yesterday afternoon I had a call from the accounts office to get my card details. That was 36 working days after cancelling. Oddly, they did not hide their phone number so if you are failing to get your refund here it is for all you fellow refund chasers .... 0141 204 0334
Thank you Sasha for your prompt reply to my email asking for help and your advice. I am now considering my options and will be very cautious about what I decide to do next.
For anyone else trying to get their refund, keep plugging away and eventually I am sure they will get tired of the calls.
In the meantime I have emailed BBC Watchdog and the Citizens Advice link on the Trading Standards government website. I will also be writing to my MP (though not expecting much from him!) and telling anyone else I can to avoid Optical Express at all costs.

Decided Against Surgery! 02 Mar 2017 14:25 #46

  • callum
  • callum's Avatar
Well after yesterday being the 28th day and me being told last night that they would call me today to process my refund, as I did not trust them I called them today and was passed to someone who took my card details to process my refund so now I shall wait for my money.

All this after 2 phone calls a day for the last 5 days, talking to them on the online chat once a day stating how illegal the practise is, sending a complaint email to them and informing them I had passed this information to trading standards as they had breached the contract and the consumer rights act.

All I can advise is do not let it go, call them as often as you can, email everything, I even went on the optical express facebook page and started leaving comments advising people to avoid at all costs.

I hope you all have some luck, this company is a joke and I would advise anyone who asks me about them to avoid.

Trying to get refund 28 Feb 2017 21:57 #47

  • Callum
  • Callum's Avatar
Well I am trying to get a refund and tomorrow is the 28th working day and I am sure that they will do all they can not to pay.

I paid £500 deposit back in January but cancelled as they could not offer me finance even though they took the deposit before checking this.

I was advised 28 working days from the 22nd of January, when I called today (after not receiving a call back which they said they would 4 times) they advised it would take a further 7 to 10 days.

I have advised them if I do not receive by end of business tomorrow I shall take the matter further as they are breaching section 75 of the consumer rights act. They really do not seem to care and all they say is they will pass it on as urgent, how can this company even be allowed to operate

I shall be calling them first thing and refuse to hang up until my refund is processed. I wish I had read about Optical Express before even considering visiting the clinic

Total Refund 24 Feb 2017 18:46 #48

  • Chris Buss
  • Chris Buss's Avatar
Looked at my Bank Account today and wow £4990 back into my account !!! Sasha you have been amazing in helping us get our money refunded after 2 months of waiting I'm so happy that this nightmare is over for us , You deserve so much credit for what you do . Good luck in the future X
:woohoo: :woohoo:

Decided Against Surgery! 24 Feb 2017 17:10 #49

  • Mr Stuart Cunningham
  • Mr Stuart Cunningham's Avatar
On 3rd September 2016 my wife & I visited Optical Express in Bluewater with the hope of Laser eye surgery being a possibility for me.
After examining my eyes I was informed by the so called consultant, who I will now call ‘sales woman’, that laser surgery was not an option for me. I thought this may be a possibility as I have a high astigmatism in one eye and a lower one in the other. I thought fair enough.
However the sales woman explained to me I would be much better going for lens replacement which was so much better than the laser surgery anyway as my prescription would be permanently fixed. I questioned this surgery as I had not heard of it and they explained it has been going on for years, longer than laser treatment, that its basically a simple cataract operation which is easily done and the bonus would be with new lenses that would be put into my eyes it means I would never get cataracts. Well it all sounded like a walk in the park, but bearing in mind I am an electrician by trade I needed more details, plus the price they quoted was £8590 and on my salary this was a small mortgage, so I said no.
The sales woman then contacted her manager Shezan Akhtar with the promise that he may be willing to adjust the price. He did, it dropped to £7,000 in just a few seconds. Still undecided, but told we could think about it but would need to pay a deposit and as long as we cancelled before any further consultations we would get the deposit refunded, but at least it would hold the price we had been offered, which was worth doing at such a great discounted rate :-/ .
Well here I am today trying to get my deposit back as I do not want to go through with the surgery after investigating whats involved. If my sight were damaged in any way then my career, therefore my quality of life, like so many others here would be finished. The lovely sales people at Optical Express have now become nasty, ramming a 7 day cooling off period down my throat saying that my deposit is not refundable. Bearing in mind my next consultation was booked for a months time and there was apparently every chance the surgeon may so no because of my eye problem this is utter rubbish!!
Scott who works in the cancellations department had a good old shout down the phone and then had the cheek to tell me to he would terminate the call should I continue. "Continue what" I asked, "listening to you shouting"!!! (though in fairness I did have to shout this as he was too busy shouting at me!!!
This could have been so easy as I need new glasses and my prescription isn't cheap, so I was going to suggest that we used my deposit towards new glasses, but I wasn’t;t given the chance!
This is no longer an option as all I want is my money back, and further research proves that I was duped regarding my deposit, which is just another word for scammed, because if Optical Express were true to their word then I wouldn't be writing this!!
Lets face it, Optical Express don’t give the best bedside manner to someone considering putting their life in their hands!
admin: For help send phone number to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. :kiss:

Success! 23 Feb 2017 20:43 #50

Today I went back to Spec Savers where I get my glasses from to look at getting Contact lenses instead, and explained about why I had decided against using OE and lens replacement. The specialist there was very surprised that OE had not insisted on me using multifocal contacts for a few months before any surgery to see whether I thought multifocal lenses would suit me. She explained that single vision would always be better that multi, but at least I would have known roughly what to expect in the way of final results (assuming that the surgery had been trouble free)
This was something I had not thought of before her mentioning it, but makes sense now

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