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Optical Express Ruined My Life - Discuss...

TOPIC: Lasik/Lasek Surgery Complications

LASIK treatment with OE - nightmare 23 Aug 2013 13:13 #151

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All opinions and info will certainly benefit me.

i have made an appointment with my GP so he/she can refer me.

I will continue to go for the OE check ups and see what they say. For the past few check ups they advised it was dry eyes and my symptoms will gradually disappear.

They don't seem to grasp that the symptoms have got worse!

LASIK treatment with OE - nightmare 23 Aug 2013 10:52 #152

  • CML
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Hi all!

This is a brief history of my nightmare.

*Prior to treatment, my prescription was -7.50 and astigmatism -1.50 for both eyes. During consultation at OE they advised my pupils were slightly larger than typical. My previous soft contacts wrote 8.7 which i assume is my pupil size. They confirmed I was fine for treatment
*Soft contacts were fairly comfortable for me and the reason I considered laser surgery was convenience. My sister and three cousins had surgery in Asia with no issues. Two of my colleagues had surgery at OE with no issues.
*I originally booked in for Manchester Trafford Centre on 19th July but upon arrival they told me their laser machine was down due to the recent hot weather. So I had to go to Liverpool.
*I had Custom Wavefront Intralase lasik on 22nd Jul at Liverpool One for £2300 which I am paying on a 10mth 0% finance. Surgeon was Mr Faqir Qazi, he was not introduced and did not have any name tags
*After treatment I had foggy vision. Up until now I still have foggy vision and bad halos, starbursts, double vision.
*On my 1wk check up the optom confirmed it was ok, that I just need to moisten my eyes more and wait until my 1mth check up
*My 1mth check up will be 26th Aug and I am not optimistic. My foggy sight has actually got worse and my left eye has regressed, at a guess, I am around -1.50.
*I am suffering headaches and have stopped all my sports activities. I used to play football on Sundays and kickboxing on Mondays. Also gym three times a week.
*I didn't even clearly witness my first child born on 30th July because my vision was so foggy.

*Can I file a complaint with OE services and claim back my £2300? I am currently paying via finance
*I contacted with an eye doctor a week ago who also advised OE is the worse place to get lasik.
*My wife wants me to see my local GP and ask for opinions and hopefully get referal to a NHS specialist. I am researching to get as many opinions as possible

As you guessed, these 5 weeks has been upsetting and I am painfully falling into depression. Thankfully my wife has been very supportive, but I am still finding it hard to concentrate on anything I do. Even at work I am having trouble performing my duties (I am a manager with regular business trips abroad).

I am really hoping my eyes are fixable and I can wake up from this nightmare.

Focusing 25 Jul 2013 19:20 #153

Does anyone find it difficult when looking at stripes or patterns etc?

I find it hard to focus and it gives me a headache, and on dark backgrounds light stripes look like they're moving through haze!

Eyes have regressed :( 09 Jul 2013 18:00 #154

Hi all,
Just thought I'd update you, I had my consultation with Mr Daya & have meibomian gland disease (MGD) in both corneas, evidence of nasal hinge flaps, irregularity in right eye, central flattening in my left, presence of high order aberrations with night myopia and a few other extras!

I'm very disappointed with myself for trusting OE & spoke to #StephenHannan about the report - what a horrible annoying man! He has informed me they will not fund my follow up appointment at Centre for Sight even though he's already paid my travel expenses!!! Figure that out!

He wrote,
"The referral to the Centre for Sight was for a second opinion on your outcome and management. The advice of Dr Daya was in line with Professor Venter. Management of your dry eye signs and symptoms is required before consideration of any future enhancement. We are delighted and able to afford you care at Optical Express in this regard and as such would not be agreeable to fund future consultations at the Centre for Sight".

This is untrue as Prof Venter did not tell me I had all these problems or prescribe treatment as Mr Daya did.

I therefore do not trust OE with a follow up appointment to tell me the MGD has cleared when they didn't even notice it to start with!!!

DON"T HAVE LASER EYE SURGERY! 17 Jun 2013 20:35 #155

  • Treacle
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Just want to add my story. I am currentlytaking action against my surgery provider with the help of My Beautiful Eyes. I paid a lot for the best treatment and now experience symptoms including dry eyes, night glare, light sensitivity, halos and headaches. The headaches have worsened. No help from Surgery provider regarding symptoms. Headaches are especially bad on nice days. I dread sunny days now. The headache develops into a terrible throbbing pain above and behind my eyes. Before the operation, I never used to experience headaches, I remember often commenting how lucky I was not to get headaches. My GP is very concerned and is referring me to a specialist. Have been to my optician and been told that I may not wear contact lenses for 2 years after the surgery. He is shocked that I still go to him when I have paid for aftercare. I had to go and buy my own glasses so that I was able to see and drive safely. i had a couple of close scrapes but the Provider still insisted my eyes are up to driving standard. My optician has confirmed they are not by the way! I wear glasses all the time and I am still paying for the surgery. It has affected my quality of life for sure. I used to go to the gym regularly but now don't go much because of the glasses and the symptoms. My confidence is affected. I feel unattractive wearing glasses and I don't wear make up as it now makes my eyes feel dry and gritty. I NEVER wore glasses in my daily life before the surgery except for an hour or two at night before bed. I guess that's one of the reasons I'm finding it hard. I can only give thanks to God that I am not as bad as some of the other poor victims of bad laser surgery that are in an even worse state. I feel for those people and this industry makes me very angry. I am angry that the industry is not being regulated properly. I never anticipated or was told that this could be life after laser eye surgery. i was promised perfect vision free of glasses. The symptoms and headaches get me down. It is so very depressing to know that I trusted these people with my eyes and I can't go back and change it now. They are liars. I strongly urge people to not have this surgery with the high street providers. To them we are just money making cattle. They do not care for us or our eyes.
I had this surgery done for my new job. A month after surgery I went for the training. It was a nightmare. They would put the projector screen on and I would have to sit at the front to make out the letters. The white light of the screen was cloudy. Halos everywhere. i was really worried. The trainers were concerned about my vision problems and if I would be fit for the job. My colleagues would laugh at me as I looked like a blind bat, squinty and constantly having to ask people what the overhead signs said and which way to go. I kept going back to my Provider, asking for help and they said I was fine, eyes are just settling. They even lied about my prescription not to give me glasses. If you are thinking of having laser surgery for a job, don't! You may be unfortunate enough to be so affected that the job is no longer an option.
I hope I have helped inform and warn someone out there of how laser eye surgery can really change your life.

Streaming & stinging eyes in sunlight? 07 Jun 2013 19:04 #156

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I have found that my eyes are very sensitive to sunlight now but never used to be before surgery.
I am having the same trouble as you but to a lesser extent.
I don't have any tips. I don't know what to do either to make it better other than sunglasses or staying in, which is not an option, so I would be interested if anyone else has some tips.

Streaming & stinging eyes in sunlight? 07 Jun 2013 16:43 #157

My eyes are soo sensitive even with sunglasses since laser surgery. I cannot go outside in sunlight without wearing sunglasses and all my eyes seem to do is stream and sting.

I've never had to wear sunglasses before, has anyone else suffered like this & do you have any tips as this happens when I'm driving and I have to pull over for 5 mins
Really getting me down! :(

Unstable eyesight after Lasik 07 Jun 2013 14:22 #158

Cat0 Be aware that ibuprofen can make your dry eye worse. Worth checking out if you are on medications if any of them can affect your eyes. Some antidepressants can also worsen dry eye. Seek advice from an experienced optometrist or ophthalmologist regarding this.

Unstable eyesight after Lasik 07 Jun 2013 06:56 #159

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Hi Poppy

It's strange that you should say that because yesterday it dawned on me that this may be the problem.
Before surgery I tried several different brand contact lens but none were suitable because my eyes would dry too much and my vision would blur. Not the best thing to happen when you're driving!
I also noticed that on entering certain supermarkets that used air con my vision would blur.
Yesterday, it happened again at a supermarket, without contact lens, and so led me to think that it might be dry eye that is causing the fluctuation in sight.
We have been left worse off after surgery without ever being warned of the things that could go wrong. I was told that I may get dry eye but it would be temporary, just for a few weeks only. I have now found out that by cutting the flap to enable LASIK surgery, the flap NEVER heals. The nerves that are responsible for creating the lubricating fluid for your eyes are cut and DO NOT RE-GROW, hence dryer eyes than before surgery :sick:
The pressure test for Glaucoma will always give a false reading after surgery because of the damage to the cornea caused by the surgery and future cataract surgery will be difficult to carry out successfully :angry:
Did you get a refund from the company who did this to you or are you intending to sue them?
They shouldn't be allowed to carry on damaging peoples eyes without telling the truth about the permanent damage they will be inflicting on them for a possible, temporary good outcome. My sight was improved only for a couple of weeks before it regressed back to what it was prior to surgery. I was told 'this is very rare'. The more I research this, the more I find it s not rare at all but quite common :huh:

Unstable eyesight after Lasik 06 Jun 2013 14:03 #160

When my surgery failed in 2010 I had to return to wearing varifocals again. I have had to buy 5 new pairs of glasses since then.
My vision varies constantly mainly due to the dry eyes that I have been left with. Without an adequate tear film it is impossible to achieve clear vision even with the best spectacles available.
This will never improve I have been told, but of course it can worsen.

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