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Optical Express Ruined My Life - Discuss...

TOPIC: Lasik/Lasek Surgery Complications

Unstable eyesight after Lasik 04 Jun 2013 23:35 #161

  • Cat0
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I had Lasik a year ago.

Since then my eyes have regressed back to the same prescription that I had before surgery, in fact one eye is worse.

What I would like to know, does anyone else have unstable eyesight since surgery?
I had 2 eye tests within 2 weeks of each other with very different results.

I have been wearing glasses again for several months but am finding my eyesight varies from day to day or hour to hour. Sometimes my sight is better without my glasses. How weird is that?

I am also getting headaches every day and am having to take ibuprofen.
Is this because my glasses don't suit my sight?


Starbursts 04 Jun 2013 19:15 #162

  • Anonymous
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Perhaps Optical Express should add it to their advertising:
"Guaranteed fireworks display every day for the rest of your life!
Free with all laser eye surgery"

Laser eye surgery and starbursts. 04 Jun 2013 09:51 #163

Prior to having laser eye surgery, I only used to see starbursts on the 5th of November! Ever since I had laser eye surgery every day is a starburst day. (And I'm not talking about sweets either).

Eyes have regressed :( 26 Apr 2013 21:40 #164

Plus I noticed my notes have been altered, feel very let down by Optical Express!

Eyes have regressed :( 26 Apr 2013 21:36 #165

Hi all,

i met the lovely Sasha today who came with me to Harley St clinic where I was told by Professor Jan Venter that my eyes have regressed to the same prescription prior to surgery 7 months ago!

Plus severe dry eyes, floaters, halos and starbursts :(

I'm now back to wearing glasses and totally gutted and disappointed.

I was told my eyes have regressed more than normal, I wish I never had it done as my eyes are worse than pre surgery.

I'm awake 2-3 hours a night with itchy, sore stinging eyes :(

I've lost my confidence in driving at night, just wish I could turn the clock back and found this site back in August 2012.

Sorry for moaning, I'm just feeling sorry for myself x

Sense of smell 13 Apr 2013 12:33 #166

  • hendo82
  • hendo82's Avatar
Well there it is in writing eh tw@ts!

I think it's the continued use of eye drops as well because the inside of my nose is all crusty n sore.

Nightmare !!

Sight & smell 12 Apr 2013 23:35 #167

  • Hovering
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It's a scientific fact that the two are related!


Sense of smell 12 Apr 2013 21:30 #168

  • hendo82
  • hendo82's Avatar
Has any one encountered a loss of their sense of smell or it being reduced ?? As this has happened to me I'm sure its to do with the surgery or trauma from it as I could smell fine before it as I miss the smell of freshly cut grass & smells of the old pepole in the local pub. They say its not linked and must be something else to see my own doctor :huh:

Thousands of patients suffer surgery failure. 09 Feb 2013 01:10 #169

  • Nick
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Poppy wrote:
OE's website boasts that surgeon Waseem Aziz has performed over 75000 laser eye surgery procedures.
I was unfortunate enough to be one of his patients.
He readily admitted to me that he had over corrected one eye and under corrected the other.
He offered 'enhancement' surgery.
When asked how many patients did he perform this attempted corrective surgery on he once again freely admitted 5% Of his patients (3750 to date then). This number obviously excludes those like me who would not let any employee of OE anywhere near my eyes again.
This man alone therefore is personally responsible for thousands of failed procedures. The number of failures throughout the OE Company is staggering.
OE's manipulated statistics are nothing less than criminal in my view.
Perhaps we should push for a revelation of the negative statistics which surely is not such an unreasonable request from such a 'caring' and 'responsible' Company trading in people's health?

I came across this (kinda apt were it was published)

"According to the 'Review of Optometry' journal, up to one in six people who undergo laser surgery end up with complications that affect their eyesight. These include distortions of vision, such as irregular astigmatism, which cannot be corrected by glasses. Other patients simply experience a deterioration in their quality of vision or serious 'dry-eye' syndrome."

1 in 6????? WTF,

Inform the patients sitting in the waiting rooms of OE and Optimax, there is a 16% chance of having your eye sight screwed for the rest of your life and then see how fast the seats are cleared in the waiting rooms of OE and Optimax.

16% chance of double vision

16% chance of star bursts

16% chance of poor contrast

You can also leave a comment at the bottom of the page, kinda makes up for those sites which are pro-treatment and adverse to negative comments.

Here is the link;


Thousands of patients suffer surgery failure. 06 Feb 2013 21:53 #170

Hi Nick

Thank you for your lovely kind posting. So sorry to hear that you have also suffered retinal tears 3 times how did you cope? you must have been petrified you poor thing, and if you are like me you worry every single day if it is going to happen again!!!! I check my eyes constantly throughout the day for any signs, like I said I now have the floaters and flashes in my right eye and know that it is the start of it!!! I just really hope and pray that it does not go the same way as the surgeons have predicted!!!

How can that eye surgeon even consider offering to give you laser eye surgery knowing what you have been through? that is totally unbelivable he should be struck off the nasty unprofessional money grabbing pig!!! Maybe if he had to have injections pushed into his eye to numb it up and lay there blind and totally scared hearing everything that is going on around you, then having to lay flat down on his front for hours and suffer all the pain that goes with it looking like you have done ten rounds with Tyson and waiting for his sight to return then he might change his mind, very doubtful as like you said its all about the money.

Take care Nick speak soon Pat
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