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Optical Express Ruined My Life - Discuss...

TOPIC: Dan Reinstein @ London Vision Clinic

Dan Reinstein @ London Vision Clinic 19 Nov 2017 12:58 #1

  • Relex ruined my life
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I also had Relex Smile at London Vision Clinic with Dr Dan Reinstein 1 year ago and I'm suffering severe complications

This is what I'm suffering from
- severe dry eyes
- pain even now 1 year later
- Meibomian gland disorder
- blood shot eyes
- burning eyes/ itchy eyes
- swollen eyelids
- painful eyelids
- distorted vision
- starbursts/ floaters
- bad night time vision/ can't see much in the evening on the streets
- can't focus on moving objects
- can't read small print if not in black or bold letters
- still using multiple eye drops every 2/3 hours
- can't use eye makeup and that's horrible for a young woman
- I used to have beautiful big blue eyes now they just look sick and grey blood shot with constricted swollen eyelids

Can you please tell me what can I do he always denied that's anything gone wrong and kept saying it will get better giving different drops and treatments nothing worked I'm fed up with his lies, can I sue him despite signing consent?

Dan Reinstein 03 Nov 2017 17:35 #2

According to Dr Dan Z Reinstein's criterion, I was blind for forty three years pre laser eye surgery...

And if that were true then I must now qualify for a seeing eye dog because my vision is way worse - at all distances instead of just one!

Also according to Doctor Dan, owner of London Vision Clinic, 'laser eye surgery was good when it started, and it's only just got better and better and better...'

I doubt that his damaged patient Anneka RIce would agree :kiss:

She told the Mail, 'I only needed +1 lenses for reading until I had laser surgery last year. It's actually made my sight worse - the world's a blur now and I've been told it may take six months for the treatment to work properly.'

It wasn't any better six months on, and, like other media personalities damaged by eye surgery, Anneka refused to speak out when I asked for her support, instead she blocked me from her Twitter page!

Doctor Dan's spurious 'Professor' title was a PR idea btw, and is highly criticised by his peers, who of course don't tell him to his face!

Meanwhile, during the last two weeks I have been contacted by FIVE people with corneal ectasia, yet the industry claim that this post op complication is 'rare'!

I'll be telling you about some more shocking cases soon, including a young Irishman now blind in his left eye after lasik this year, and a man about to have his eye removed as a result of laser surgery nearly twenty years ago - resulting in countess operations all funded by the NHS!

It should not surprise anyone therefore that I totally disagree with Dan Reinstein, because in my opinion laser eye surgery (and RLE) just gets worse and worse and worse...

And I have no doubt that unfortunately I haven't heard the worst yet!

RELEX SMILE 24 Jul 2017 03:49 #3

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Have you all heard of Relex-Smile Procedure? I've developed complications after surgery. There's not much information on this as this procedure is relatively new.
admin: I have in fact received a number of complaints over the last few years about the outcome of this procedure performed at London Vision Clinic.
Pls send your phone number
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