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We call for the following

Guidelines & Standards for Laser Refractive Eye Surgery

[Petition published online (now closed), its purpose to have the matter raised in Parliament, which happened under the Ten Minute Rule Bill on the 20th November 2013.]

1. The Royal College of Ophthalmologists guidelines and Standards to be tightened and enforced as the basis of a legal requirement.
2. All surgeons practising laser vision correction to be independently trained, assessed, and certified on the type of laser used.
3. The surgeon to be available for the initial assessment, operation, post op care & discharge appointment.
4. Full audited results for individual surgeons to be published annually.
5. A legally enforceable requirement for a minimum period between issue of patient consent form & operation.
6. Patient consent form to provide statistics for "possible side effects".
7. The surgeon to sign consent form confirming s/he is satisfied that the patient has been fully informed, and understood the risks, in the presence of patient and witness.
8. Commission an independent study of patients results and satisfaction measured by both qualitative & quantitative data.
9. A strict code of advertising conduct.

Live recording: http://www.bbc.co.uk/democracylive/house-of-commons-25019770
Transcript: http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201314/cmhansrd/cm131120/debtext/131120-0002.htm#13112092000001


6 May 2014: John McDonnell and Professor Harminder Dua, President of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, met with Health Minister Daniel Poulter to discuss the urgent need for regulation of the refractive eye surgery industry.

Dr Poulter advised that, although refractive eye surgery had not been singled out by the Keogh report, the government had decided it would be included in "the work being taken forward" by the Cosmetic Surgery Interspecialty Committee, set up by the Royal College of Surgeons.

21 December 2013: Only Government intervention will stop clinics like Optical Express damaging any more people's eyes and lives.

A My Beautiful Eyes Campaign meeting with John McDonnell MP earlier this year resulted in a positive decision regarding strategy: this followed an earlier meeting with a legal team representing a considerable number of refractive eye surgery patients left with problems due to negligence etc...  who advised him of the increasing numbers in litigation and the seriousness of many of their problems.  This underlined the urgency to regulate this industry.

John McDonnell is committed to the My Beautiful Eyes Campaign and under the 10 Minute Rule Bill he presented in Parliament on 20 November 2013, "Motion for leave to bring in a Bill (Standing Order No. 23)" was granted, with a second hearing scheduled for 28 February 2014.

Due to parliamentary process it's unlikely this will be heard on that date and therefore other measures are being taken which need the support of as many MPs as possible.  We urge you to email/write to your local MP and ask them to contact John McDonnell offering their support for My Beautiful Eyes Campaign on your behalf.

A template letter has been provided for your convenience below.  Please email/post to your local MP without delay - if they don't respond within TWO working days, send it again until they do!  Don't be shy, remember they are working for you!

Cc: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Anyone can support My Beautiful Eyes, not just those suffering with damaged eyes, so if you have a Facebook/Twitter account please post this link & template!  

This is your chance to do something positive - do it fast to stop more people's eyes and lives being ruined!


                                                                     Template for your MP

(Your address)

Dear (MP)

Refractive Eye Surgery: A Call for an Independent Inquiry and Legislation

I am supporting Sasha Rodoy and My Beautiful Eyes campaign calling for an independent investigation into the refractive eye surgery industry and the urgent need for legislation to regulate this industry more effectively.

For some time a number of MPs have called for better regulation of this industry to tackle the serious problems that so many people have experienced: including its sales techniques, surgical standards, the scale of post op problems and the quality of aftercare.

Following a detailed investigation by Which? some years ago, in 2005 a Private Member’s Bill attempted without success to introduce more effective regulation of this industry. The problems highlighted in Parliament at that time have not gone away and have in fact increased!

John McDonnell MP presented a Ten Minute Rule Bill in Parliament on 20 November 2013, urging the Government to establish an independent inquiry into the refractive eye surgery industry and to call for more effective legislation to regulate the industry.

A recent Which? report shows the industry remains uncontrolled whilst patients continue to suffer.

I would appreciate it if you would support me and the My Beautiful Eyes Campaign by contacting John on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, which is so important to me and tens of thousands more.

Yours sincerely,

(Your name)

NB: If you are a damaged patient please provide details of your experience

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OERML & My Beautiful Eyes Foundation rely on your support to expose the horrors of this unregulated industry.

Your help is very much appreciated!