Optical Express Complex Cases

If you've been referred to OE's 'Complex Cases Management Team' at their Harley Street clinic read on!

Too many patients with post op problems have been relegated to OE's Harley Street 'Waiting Room': travelling back and forth for three years, being assured there's "no problem", they'll "fix your eyes"... until eventually realising nothing more could be done to help them.  

With three years gone by, under the impression that the limitation time for litigation began on the date of surgery, most of these patients believe they're too late to take legal action against OE for possible negligence (see Danny's story).  

However, attention was brought to Sections 14A and 33 of the Limitation Act 1980 and examined by legal teams who now agree that the 'date of knowledge' must be considered as the start of the three years limitation clock.

That means, if OE assured you they COULD fix your eyes, you had no reason to believe otherwise!

Therefore, the day YOU realised there was nothing more they could do is YOUR 'date of knowledge'.

Thanks to OERML and My Beautiful Eyes advisory service, a number of patients who previously thought they were too late to take legal action have successfully been helped to do so.

The Patient Consent Form is another issue being examined, as it seems very few people are ever "fully informed" of the risks & possible outcomes, or given factual statistics and likelihood of the need for retreatment.

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Your help is very much appreciated!