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Yet another visit to Moorfields Eye Hospital this afternoon, where I met with CEO David Probert (right), and recently appointed Medical Director Nick Strouthidis.

We hadn't met before, but as both men wear glasses, that was an immediate ice breaker :kiss:

Nick Strouthidis said he's quite myopic, and at 44 the wrong age for laser, so would be looking at MF lens, with which he said - and I quote - ‘there’s a significant risk’!

David Probert said he only wears reading glasses, and I advised he stick to them!

As well as discussing my concerns about Moorfields' private sector, some of which I mentioned in my previous post, they asked about My Beautiful Eyes Foundation, my work as a patient advocate, and the campaign for government regulation of the refractive surgery industry.

I explained how, over FIVE years, THREE health ministers have each postponed/cancelled scheduled meetings with me, reluctant to challenge this cowboy industry, so by avoiding me they can pretend all is well!

David Probert assured me that while they can't be politically involved, Moorfields unreservedly supports regulation.

That'll do for me!

I also explained that the NHS is providing aftercare to increasing numbers of patients damaged by private refractive surgery providers, at enormous cost, and that the government cannot continue to ignore this for much longer.

I explained that in some cases, local CCGs (Clinical Commissioning Groups) are refusing to fund NHS treatment for damaged patients, who then have nowhere else to turn to, unable to afford further private treatment.

At this point Nick Strouthidis reasonably suggested that surely the providers (OE et al) should be paying for the treatment...

I showed him an email from a man who contacted me very recently. He’d attended Optical Express for a post lasik check up, complaining of problems with his vision they sent him packing to Moorfields, where he was diagnosed with a detached retina - and operated on at cost to the NHS!

For the government to acknowledge the enormity of this problem, data for the numbers of private patients being treated on the NHS must be collated, and I asked David and Nick if Moorfields would consider doing this now, and lead the way for other NHS eye hospitals to follow suit.

They were entirely receptive to my suggestion, as I expect all NHS providers to be - not fair to expect the NHS to use their resources to clean up the mess caused by the private providers who continue to profit from doing so!

We discussed the colossal scale of such a task, and how it could be achieved. Not so simple I can assure you, because the patient numbers treated at Moorfields are astronomical!

But whilst they figure out the logistics of collecting historic data, they agreed that they will implement data collection of future patients who’ve been damaged by private providers.

Although I can’t cover all the details here, the meeting was productive, and I came away feeling confident that David and Nick will do what they said they would, and I look forward to further discussions with them in the near future.
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OERML forum was out of action for a while due to security/maintenance issues, and I am updating with posts that were published on Facebook in the interim.

Posted 13 July:

Catch up - posted 20 August:
It's taken a while - 44 days to be exact - but you all know I'm not one to give up :kiss:

So with help from Times reporter Andrew Ellson, and many emails to Twitter, explaining who wanted to silence me and why, tonight they 'unsuspended' my account @OERMLuk

When I asked Ian Plunkett at Twitter's Global Policy Communications why my account had been suspended (permanently), he told me, 'It was an error in enforcement based on a report and has been overturned by our teams based on appeal.'

And to the person who tried to silence me - the truth WILL out!
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The crutches have nothing to with my eyes, I was attacked by a neighbour’s German Shepherd (ex guard dog) on 5 August and my left leg was very badly bitten in a number of places.

Police, ambulance, stitches… I'd post some pics but they really are gruesome :kiss:

This photo was taken a few days later when I accompanied one of Julian Stevens' private patients to a meeting with Moorfields’ Medical Director Declan Flanagan, and Managing Director Maria Dimmock, to discuss the patient’s complaints concerning her treatment.

I bumped into a surgeon I know who dryly commented, ‘Aren’t you in the wrong hospital?

By Sunday my thigh was continuing to swell up, and I was back at my local A&E!

It was thought that I had an abscess and would have to go to theatre, but thankfully when the surgeon arrived she decided it was an infection, and I was immediately given heavy duty antibiotics intravenously.

For the following three days I attended the Ambulatory Care Unit for continued IV treatment. I’m now back on oral antibs, and hopefully the infection will clear up - so don’t bother buying the dog a butcher's shop boys!

I’ll do my best to tell you more about the meeting with Declan Flanagan over the next few days.
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Words fail me :kiss:

While Dimitri Kazakos is no longer with Optical Express, he faces a significantly high number of legal claims from his previously damaged patients: which begs the question, who will indemnify him when they are settled?

And if you think it couldn't get any worse, Optical Express have been sending their 'complex' damaged patients to Dimitri's own clinic!

This unregulated industry is scarily out of control, and until the government acknowledge the fact, and address the issue, too many more trusting people will have their eyes irreparably damaged and their lives devastated!
17 Jul 2018 19:29 #498


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Guess where I was today :kiss:

And coincidentally - because the CQC had invited me before my Twitter a/c was suspended last Wednesday - the topic of today’s meeting was the dishonest person who lied when he complained to Twitter that I had ‘multiple accounts’!

He should have heeded the lessons OE have learnt to their cost over the years, that for every action there is a reaction [sic]!

I can't tell you much more just yet, other than this man can expect a tsunami to hit his beach fairly soon, and when it does you'll hear all about it!

Posted here on 1 January, 'And I have VERY good reason to believe that the refractive eye surgery industry scandal WILL - at long last - be exposed in 2018!'
13 Jul 2018 21:33 #497


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Two days ago I received this chilling message from Twitter!

And I can assure you that on this occasion Optical Express are not responsible - but I know who is!

This was the work of a very desperate man, following questions he was asked by a journalist a few hours earlier!

He, along with so many others who’ve conspired with him, is finally facing public exposure for fraudulent activities spanning more than fifteen years!

And although the full story won't be publicised just yet, I don't think we'll have to wait too long!

And when this happens, I intend to name and shame all those who’ve turned a blind eye to this man's activities for so many years, including members and prominent trustees of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists!

And the ‘multiple account’ that I believe was reported to Twitter as belonging to me? It most definitely does not!

Meanwhile, it’s been too long since I last posted these words...

Tick tock :kiss:

OERML & My Beautiful Eyes Foundation rely on your support to expose the horrors of this unregulated industry.

Your help is very much appreciated!

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