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I have just been notified by my solicitor who was in contact with Optical Express in relation to damaged eyesight, that my operation, which was done in a Northern city, was done under Optical Express Southern Ltd and this has now gone into administration, so any claim I have for the damage done to my eyes is now in a long queue.
They get sicker :angry:
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Poppy - do you know if this means theoretically Optical Express could change the name of all branches at any time & leave all patients high & dry?

Have you contacted your MP about this?
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Has anyone in the process of suing OE yet been faced with their underhand tactic of claiming that the branch where surgery was performed was part of OE Southern Ltd/123Leeds Ltd which is now in Administration?
I spoke to David Lowe at PKF (the accountants dealing with the administration ) and asked him what the situation is?
He told me that OE Southern Ltd was originally set up to differentiate the English branches from the Scottish branches. If this was the case then ALL English branches were owned by OE Southern.
He agreed when asked that the name OE Southern was changed to 123Leeds Ltd immediately prior to going into administration to disassociate the name Optical Express from the negative publicity.
We all know that this was a devious scheme enabling OE to default on their rent payments as they fell due at certain selected branches that they wanted to walk away from. Tough luck apparently for patients of those branches.
I then called the branch where I underwent surgery. When I told them that I had been advised that they were in administration, I was told that OE were currently negotiating with the Landlord and not to worry because Manchester Trafford Centre was their flagship store and OE would not see it close down.
So it seems that OE have absorbed the branch and its business but technically those patients who they opt to discard are being told that the Company that performed their surgery has gone out of business.
I would welcome any support in exposing this travesty. OE once again exposes its business ethics.
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