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CONTACT YOUR MP - URGENT was created by Nick

Posted 15 Feb 2013 16:45 #111
I am sure many of you have already been approached. However if like me, you do only visit the forum side of this site, this may have skipped your attention.

Contact your MP

Please ensure you contact your local MP. It is a very simple process, you can locate your MP by entering your post-code here email your MP , here you will find their email address.

Cut and paste the template provided and change the relevant details. I appreciate most will have already done so. Also bear in mind, this request is no limited to just those who have undergone eye surgery, so partners, relatives, friends of affective patients are welcome to lobby.

OE have their tentacles inside Parliament, so the more we get, the merrier. If you have an abundance of followers on Facebook for example, give it a mention, post the links.

Like a lot of other campaigns, we can and will achieve change, via numbers.
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Your help is very much appreciated!