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"Doctors who decide not to disclose details of their performance will be “named and shamed” by the Government, it has emerged.

Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, said there was "no valid reason" why consultants should not make their figures available. Hunt has provoked anger in the profession by saying that any surgeons who refuse to have their performance data published should be publicly named

This was one of the 9 points of Sasha Rodoy's 'My Beautiful Eyes Campaign' February 2012 epetition!

"4.Full audited results for individual surgeons to be published annually."

With Ms Rodoy ahead of the game, when John McDonnell presents his parliamentary Bill for refractive eye surgery legislation next autumn, this industry will already be dead in the water
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I assume that you are referring to the NHS Consultant here!
Bandage Contact Lens therapy is a proven and well documented way to address persistant Recurrent Corneal Erosion Syndrome.
The underlying pathophysiology of RCE involves a dysfunctional corneal basement membrane, which results in impaired adhesion.The epithelium regenerates after each attack but it remains poorly anchored to the underlying stroma. Hypertonic agents i.e. sodium chloride ointment can be quite effective in managing RCE, however should this therapy prove unsuccessful continuous wear silicone hydrogel bandage contact lenses have been shown to be beneficial in several case studies. Application of a prophylactic broad-spectrum antibiotic will reduce the increased risk of microbial keratitis whilst frequent use of an ocular lubricant will reduce associated dryness symptoms.
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Please see 'GMC COMPLAINTS' topic for further information.
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MR TEENAN leaves a lot to be desired.

GMC registrants have a duty of care towards their patients.

MR TEENAN diagnosed Recurrent Corneal Erosion which, those people who have experienced it will be aware, is quite a painful and frightening condition. He prescribed Sodium Chlorine in the first instance with a follow up in a couple of weeks. He them proceeded to ignore me.Despite SEVERAL reminders, I did not receive this medication for 12 months, YES TWELVE MONTHS!!!!!
I was told that after trying the medi,cation fro a couple of weeks (once I'd received it 12 months after prescription)!, that I would need to be seen by MR DAVID TEENAN again for a follow up because if the medication didn't address the problem, I would need to try bandage contact lenses and possibly surgery at a later date if this did not work. needless to say I have had NO COMMUNICATION regarding a follow up and this is now well over 6 months since I actually received the medication.
THIS IS THE ACTION ( or should I say INACTION) of a company and a surgeon who couldn't possibly care any less about their patients and their problems......after all Follow ups cost money and OE are only interested in PROFIT.
Although Mr Teenan is unlikely to be the person physically sending out meds, he DOES HAVE A MORAL AND ETHICAL RESPONSIBILITY TOWARDS HIS PATIENTS and is ultimately responsible for ensuring that his patients' care is of paramount importance.
He is therefore failing in his duty of care and therefore acting in contravention of GMC guidelines
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Thomas Critchley was the optometrist at my consultation. He didn't take very long & didn't seem to be thorough - when I told him I was concerned about my dry eyes he dismissed it saying this wouldn't make any difference!
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STEPHEN HANNAN crops up regularly. He would appear to go to any lengths to protect his employer from damaged patients....at the same time protecting his own job.....he would appear to have no compulsion whatsoever to do the right thing and I think this trait runs through the whole organisation.
Mr Qazi told me that severe dry eyes lasting 12 months post surgery was very unusual. However he said that there were numerous options to treat the condition. 12 months or so later my symptoms had worsened and I saw STEPHEN HANNAN whose VERSION was different....dry eyes could persist for 2 years or more but different people healed at different times..it would most likely improve.!!!!!....this is clearly an attempt to absolve OE of any responsibility whatsoever....how long is a piece of string!!!!
Then despite several requests Mr HANNAN took over FIVE MONTHS!!!! to send me medication prescribed to me during my complex case appointment............IS THIS THE ACTION OF A PERSON WHO HAS ANY REGARD AT ALL FOR THE PROBLEMS CAUSED BY HIS EMPLOYER AND THE IMPACT ON THOSE PATIENTS SEEKING HELP FROM HIM?????
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I'll second Faqir Qazi, whom at least apologised for screwing my eye sight, plus according to my report did a lousy operation (treatment not centred).

Giles Turner at Liverpool 1, who totally disregarded my prior dry eye condition and dismissed all risks. Most probably lied through his teeth when he said they treat 4 patients per month with "lazy eye" syndrome.

Technicians at Liverpool 1 who didn't clean or check the laser equipment between patients.

Appointment with Jan Venter at Harley Street, who spent longer discussing the presence of Sasha at my appointment and examining my untreated eye than examining my treated eye, then entered nothing on my medical records.

Technician at Harley Street who did their best at trying to separate me from Sasha, no doubt at the bequest of Stephen Hannan who was also present.
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Vicky Franks at the Chester branch made so many promises and was so enthusiastic. I wish I hadn't fallen for the selling tactics
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