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Posted 22 Sep 2018 13:37 #81
The crutches have nothing to with my eyes, I was attacked by a neighbour’s German Shepherd (ex guard dog) on 5 August and my left leg was very badly bitten in a number of places.

Police, ambulance, stitches… I'd post some pics but they really are gruesome :kiss:

This photo was taken a few days later when I accompanied one of Julian Stevens' private patients to a meeting with Moorfields’ Medical Director Declan Flanagan, and Managing Director Maria Dimmock, to discuss the patient’s complaints concerning her treatment.

I bumped into a surgeon I know who dryly commented, ‘Aren’t you in the wrong hospital?

By Sunday my thigh was continuing to swell up, and I was back at my local A&E!

It was thought that I had an abscess and would have to go to theatre, but thankfully when the surgeon arrived she decided it was an infection, and I was immediately given heavy duty antibiotics intravenously.

For the following three days I attended the Ambulatory Care Unit for continued IV treatment. I’m now back on oral antibs, and hopefully the infection will clear up - so don’t bother buying the dog a butcher's shop boys!

I’ll do my best to tell you more about the meeting with Declan Flanagan over the next few days.
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Replied by admin on topic Dimitri Kazakos

Posted 22 Sep 2018 13:28 #82
Words fail me :kiss:

While Dimitri Kazakos is no longer with Optical Express, he faces a significantly high number of legal claims from his previously damaged patients: which begs the question, who will indemnify him when they are settled?

And if you think it couldn't get any worse, Optical Express have been sending their 'complex' damaged patients to Dimitri's own clinic!

This unregulated industry is scarily out of control, and until the government acknowledge the fact, and address the issue, too many more trusting people will have their eyes irreparably damaged and their lives devastated!
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Replied by admin on topic CQC

Posted 17 Jul 2018 19:29 #83
Guess where I was today :kiss:

And coincidentally - because the CQC had invited me before my Twitter a/c was suspended last Wednesday - the topic of today’s meeting was the dishonest person who lied when he complained to Twitter that I had ‘multiple accounts’!

He should have heeded the lessons OE have learnt to their cost over the years, that for every action there is a reaction [sic]!

I can't tell you much more just yet, other than this man can expect a tsunami to hit his beach fairly soon, and when it does you'll hear all about it!

Posted here on 1 January, 'And I have VERY good reason to believe that the refractive eye surgery industry scandal WILL - at long last - be exposed in 2018!'
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Replied by admin on topic Tick tock...

Posted 13 Jul 2018 21:33 #84
Two days ago I received this chilling message from Twitter!

And I can assure you that on this occasion Optical Express are not responsible - but I know who is!

This was the work of a very desperate man, following questions he was asked by a journalist a few hours earlier!

He, along with so many others who’ve conspired with him, is finally facing public exposure for fraudulent activities spanning more than fifteen years!

And although the full story won't be publicised just yet, I don't think we'll have to wait too long!

And when this happens, I intend to name and shame all those who’ve turned a blind eye to this man's activities for so many years, including members and prominent trustees of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists!

And the ‘multiple account’ that I believe was reported to Twitter as belonging to me? It most definitely does not!

Meanwhile, it’s been too long since I last posted these words...

Tick tock :kiss:
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Replied by admin on topic Luther Pendragon

Posted 12 Jul 2018 20:18 #85
I so wish I could have seen the expressions on Simon Whale and David Moulsdale’s faces last week, when emails popped up from Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell - Subject Access Requests to Luther Pendragon and Optical Express :kiss:

A few weeks ago an Optical Express insider provided me with more info about Luther Pendragon, that it wasn’t just me they were paid to discredit with press/media, MPs, etc…, but John McDonnell too, because of his ongoing support - since 2012 - for me and My Beautiful Eyes campaign for government regulation.

And while we were discussing the evidence I’d been sent, John googled Luther Pendragon...

'The statement claimed that Luther Pendragon is:
Unwilling to comment about the very sizeable funds which had been spent by the Church of England for procuring their scandal management services

I've previously posted about FODO director Alan Tinger, closely allied with Optical Express, and Luther Pendragon's SAR disclosure admitted that they had also been advising his questionable ‘federation' in relation to me!

And this article about Luther Pendragon having worked with tobacco firm Phillip Morris also includes FODO!

"A [FODO] spokesperson said ‘We were unaware of the connection and very much support any action to discourage smoking and on tobacco products labelling, especially with regard to ophthalmic public health.’"

As John said, Luther Pendragon are not nice people, and as I replied, that’s of course why FODO and Optical Express chose them for their dirty work!

Luther Pendragon definitely earned their estimated £1/4 million payment from OE, successfully stopping so many of my press and media interviews over the last four years, but I promise you, that’s all about to change...

And perhaps Luther Pendragon should consider finding a scandal management company to represent them, because their already putrid reputation is going to be totally trashed when John McDonnell is through with them!

Maybe Big Partnership PR company in Glasgow will be able to help, because they, just like Luther Pendragon, have been very happy to play with the other roaches in OE’s swamp over the past few years!
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Replied by admin on topic DR LASEK aka Emil Chynn

Posted 07 Jul 2018 14:32 #86
A fellow campaigner couldn't stop laughing when he called earlier to tell me about 'Dr Lasek' (aka Emil W Chynn) @ Park Avenue Laser Vision clinic in New York :kiss:

And if it were April Fools' Day I'd have believed it to be nothing more than a prank!

'Dr. Chynn would like to find a dog who is more myopic, and then laser him for free to make him see better! The candidate dog would need to have myopia more than -1.00.
If you know a dog who sees well up-close but not far away, and is young (or else a more likely diagnosis is cataract) then call Park Avenue LASEK and speak to Dr. Chynn. He will examine the dog, put him in touch with a veterinary ophthalmologist, do the contact lens trial, and proceed to LASEK if indicated–all for free!;)

Thanks for helping us expand laser vision correction to help non-human species. After our successful dog trial, we would like to expand to cats, and other species.

Dr. Chynn has published over 100 articles, and was Principal Investigator of the FDA trial for the first solid-state excimer laser, so is very scientific. So he would do this trial in blinded fashion, meaning an assistant would insert the lens, so the judges wouldn’t be biased, since they wouldn’t know if the dog had the lens in or out when being tested

Dr Emil Chynn has an enormous ego, and if it weren't so scary that he is allowed to operate on people - never mind animals - he'd be quite amusing!

'I was actually the very first MD to arrive at WTC after the towers were hit...
So when I saw the twin towers burning from my apartment building I fed my dog, Hershey, walked him, put together an emergency first aid kit, put on my rollerblades, and headed downtown

But unbelievably Dr Chynn is serious, and after reading some of his reviews I'm still having difficulty processing the fact that this psychopath is legally allowed to operate.

A review from Sam J includes a photo of Rhett stretched out on the clinic's couch close to surgical equipment!

And this review from Veronica S, 'Then I met the most deranged and disrespectful individual I believe I've ever met, Dr. Emil Chynn.'

And while Hershey might have been a certified therapy dog, Dr Emil Chynn is undoubtedly a certifiable lunatic!
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Replied by admin on topic Meeting with John McDonnell

Posted 02 Jul 2018 16:12 #87
I met with Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell at his constituency office in Hayes last Friday :kiss:

Scandal management company Luther Pendragon was top of the agenda, and it was John's first opportunity to read through the data they'd disclosed to me in May.

No matter that everything I write/say is true, due to Luther Pendragon's dirty tactics over the last four years, OE have successfully stopped the majority of my interviews being published/broadcast, including an article for the Sunday Telegraph in May 2015, by journalist Robert Mendick, and most recently, my interview for Rip Off Britain, filmed at the BBC Manchester studios in August 2017.

John and I also discussed Greg Brady’s treatment at Accuvision, the numbers of people now relying on the NHS for aftercare, how some people are being refused necessary treatment by their local CCG, and OE’s 'Thanks A Million’ campaign - a scam to spam!

And, much as I’d like to share more details of this meeting with you, I’d also be sharing with everyone involved in David Moulsdale's Machiavellian plot to discredit me, a pathetically desperate attempt to protect his company from negative press and media cover.

However, I can share a few of the gems disclosed by Luther Pendragon in response to my SAR.

On 18 May 2016 the Royal College of Ophthalmologists hosted the pointless 'Patient engagement day’, to discuss their refractive surgery standards draft. But the meeting had not been advertised and I only found out about it the night before the deadline for registration, entirely thanks to an anonymous email.

Included in Luther Pendragon’s disclosure, this email 'from FODO to FODO members' the following day...

Given Sasha Rodoy’s down ifficulty [sic] in finding out about the event - and she is right about that of course, this has been done hugger mugger by the RCOphth - I imagine it has also been advertised on her website which is perhaps how the other disgruntled patients found out’.

No sh*t Sherlock!

Some of you may recall my mentioning the very unpleasant Alan Tinger who attended this event, incredibly rude and dismissive to me and other campaigners, purporting to be a member of the public when I asked. At the time I thought he was spying for Russell Ambrose, but soon afterwards discovered that he was a FODO director, working with (and allegedly paid by) Optical Express.

Notice how the pieces of info I collect along the way eventually slot into this nauseating jigsaw puzzle!

As a case in point let's go back to my post on 21 June, when I published FODO’s response to my having told them that I was fully aware that they had withheld numerous other email communications with third parties concerning me.

FODO replied, ‘I am afraid that we have made available all the data we hold about you.’

Obviously not according to Luther Pendragon's disclosure!

Just like London Vision Clinic owner Dan Reinstein and Advanced Vision Care owner CT Pillai, FODO have also lied to me, and therfore join their cohorts as subjects of my nine current related complaints to the ICO.

Another email disclosed by Luther Pendragon, 'from FODO member to other FODO members', and although his name redacted, obviously written by Alan Tinger!

To call yesterday’s patient consultation a farce* would be a serious understatement!

Sasha Rodoy - “full-time" agitator against OE and Otimax [sic] (I am sure very well known to OE colleagues!)

The meeting was very poorly chaired.** Following a presentation of the proposals by XXXXX (including acknowledgement of 95% patient satisfaction rate) the first half of the session up to the tea break was taken up by Sasha Rodoy and her supporters ranting and raving that she had been forced off the Working Group, that the event was only on the Royal College website, that the 95% data was flawed because the majority of it came from OE and that XXXX knows nothing about refractive surgery whereas it had ruined Sasha’s life (former Optimax patient).
I ... told Sasha Rodoy and her cohort that repeating the same things over and over again did not give them any more validity. She kept saying she had thousands of “clients” (a fantasist) but when I asked she says she does not charge them. OE colleagues will clearly know all about her and her methods. Amongst everything else that she repeated over and over again was that she works with the Shadow Chancellor who I see from Google did propose that there be a bill to regulate the sector a few years ago. I cannot imagine it is a priority given his current role

*I couldn’t agree more, **chaired by the LAG member puppet who replaced me on the RSSWG.

Perhaps it would be prudent for all concerned to pay more attention to the new GDPR before lying to me!

And this photo was taken to assure anyone in doubt, namely Luther Pendragon and Optical Express, that regardless of his current role as Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell is just as committed to supporting me and My Beautiful Eyes Campaign for government regulation as he always has been - even more so after what I told him on Friday!
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Replied by admin on topic Dr David Teenan

Posted 01 Jun 2018 17:08 #88
This screenshot is taken from David Teenan’s Facebook page :kiss:

After undergoing lens replacement surgery (RLE) in March 2015, performed by David Teenan at Optical Express in Glasgow, Ronnie Reid was left blind in his right eye.

Not only is Ronnie one of dozens of damaged patients in litigation with both David Teenan and OE (see Jacqui’s True Story on OERML website) but his friend who had RLE performed by David Teenan, within three weeks of Ronnie’s surgery, is also in litigation with Dr Teenan and Optical Express!

For new readers, Dr David Teenan is the Optical Express UK Medical Director.

He is also a core member of the RCOphth Refractive Surgery Standards Working Group (RSSWG) - to which I was appointed lay adviser in 2015, until the College removed me at David Moulsdale’s behest!

He is also a member of the FODO 'Expert Panel' who produced their own standards, funded by Optical Express refusing to accept those published by the RCOphth, yet the College see no reason to remove Dr Teenan from the RSSWG!

Christopher Lui is an ophthalmologist seemingly happy to jump into bed with anyone to advance his career (metaphorically speaking that is), and had apparently hoped to succeed Carrie MacEwan as RCOphth President in 2017, but his brown nosing and financial donations to the College didn’t quite do it (I don't think my mentioning it on OERML helped his case either), and Mike Burdon was elected instead.

Ronnie’s wife saw it yesterday and her response is unpublishable!

That surgeons make jokes like this, knowing they have seriously damaged and/or blinded so many of their patients, is beyond sickening. And applause from Christopher Liu (and Mehul Damani) is an excellent example of the incestuous nature of this corrupt and unregulated industry.

Here’s another, with OE and other UK based surgeons in attendance, enjoying the ‘entertainment’ provided by Chicago based surgeon Parag A. Majmudar at the annual American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) symposium...

Please help me expose this scandal by pledging to my CrowdJustice campaign @ www.crowdjustice.com/case/legal-action-v-optical-express
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Replied by admin on topic 'Thanks A Million' scam!

Posted 31 May 2018 19:19 #89
Correction to previous post :kiss:
According to their prices currently advertised on Optical Express' website, £1million should treat 330 to 840 patients (or 660 to 1,680 eyes).


However, the £595 price tag is a carrot, and I expect OE will quote their maximum lasik cost, approx £4,590, which equates to 218 patients (or 436 eyes).

Whatever the numbers, I look forward to the evidence being provided to the ASA.
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Replied by admin on topic 'Thanks A Million' scam!

Posted 29 May 2018 10:18 #90
According to OE's 'Thanks A Million' campaign, purporting to be providing £1million worth of free laser eye surgery, and assuming a fluctuating £4-5,000 cost to paying customers, I estimate that Optical Express should have treated 200 to 250 patients. (See 'Thanks A Million scam (27 April)', posted 23 May 2018)

But so far I've seen evidence of only six ‘NHS and emergency service workers’ who had free surgery as a result of OE’s advertising scam :kiss:

Five are featured in OE’s promo video: Jacqueline Campbell, Police Officer; Daniel Hind, Firefighter; Craig Bage, NHS Informatics Manager; Deborah Dugdale, Paramedic; Georgia Lee, Mental Health Nurse.

Laura Newman is the sixth, an NHS nurse featured in an Optical Express Instagram post...

When I first saw this post in April, her eyes looking very bloody, I decided to ask Laura how her vision was after surgery in December, and easily found her on Facebook.

Suspicious when I read her profile, 'Laser Nurse at NHS Lothian’, I immediately called NHS Lothian who confirmed that they don't provide laser eye surgery, though it is of course possible that Laura works in the cataract surgery clinic.


So I went back and looked through Laura's Facebook photos - and struck gold when I found one of her with Tweedledum and Noelle Hamilton at their wedding in 2015!

Further searches found photos of Tweedles at Laura’s wedding in 2012, family get togethers with their children, and so much more.

Even a Facebook comment from Steven Schallhorn to Mrs Tweedles (aka Noelle Hannan née Hamilton), posted on 19 May, saying how much their son 'looks like Stephen’ (spitting image).

And I can assure you that OE are holding their breath as they read this, waiting for my next dreaded words...

Because Laura Newman (née Neary) is not just an NHS nurse, she is Stephen Hannan's first cousin - her mother and his father are siblings!

As soon as they read this OE will order a lockdown on everyone’s Facebook pages, but too late, because I spent most of yesterday taking screenshots of info that will be given to relevant organisations, including the ASA, who will investigate what I believe to be fraudulent advertising.

Meanwhile, PLEASE help me expose this corrupt company and unregulated industry by donating to my CrowdJustice campaign @ www.crowdjustice.com/case/legal-action-v-optical-express
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