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I agree with you Beth!

The glossy ads showing glamorous smiling women walking back to work after surgery in their lunch break is a complete lie! Anyone who's had laser eye surgery knows that is impossible because of the pain & everything else. Why do they tell you to take someone with you if you were able to go back to work?? I couldn't even see because of the pain & runny eyes for nearly 3 days & still have pain after 2 years if the wind blows in my eyes!

If you knew the truth before hardly anyone would go through with this surgery! Which is why they lie & then when you've got problems afterwards tell you they warned you!!

I've had a few operations in hospitals over the years & the surgeon always came & discussed things with me before surgery.At Optical express I didn't meet the surgeon until just before & he didn't have time to talk to me & almost patted me on the head like I was a child saying don't worry it would be fine.

Now I wish I'd made him have time because he was about to operate on my only pair of eyes & IT WAS NOT FINE!!!!

I wish I'd never heard of laser eye surgery or Optical Express :pinch:
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Biggest regret of my life. It's all a sales based, money driven, corporate conveyor belt as far as I'm concerned. The technology itself is astounding, however I would HIGHLY discourage anyone from having this surgery with optical express. They offer time sensitive discounts to pressure you into agreeing on the spot, at this point, your money is taken and you are financially bound. You are popped into one of their 15 minute slots and told it will be quick and pain free and it will be the best thing you've ever done! Don't worry about other commitments because seeing as you've paid for the best technology and type of treatment, you'll be back to work the next day!...NOT TRUE.
So, unsure and wary, I went off to my appointment, where I can only describe feeling like cattle, herded from one room to the next..everyone had a job to do and we were taken from one room to another like some sort of conveyor belt. Everything was rushed, their was little time to ask questions, just constant reassurance, "you won't regret it". So, next it was my turn to see the surgeon, he said my scans and prescription indicated that I would be fine, this would be easy. He BRIEFLY talked me through the procedure - missing out a vital component what could and WOULD go wrong in my surgery, and I was rushed into to the surgery room.
Basically it went like this:
I lay down, drops were put in my eyes, not a lot was said to reassure me and then the next thing i know i was told to expect pressure on my eye. It was uncomfortable - not painful, but then the next thing I knew the suction was lost. This happened again, The surgeon said "calm down, if you keep doing this we won't be able to do the surgery!" Doing what? Well apparently my eye wasn't stable, so I asked the surgeon where i should look. He said just look ahead of you and don't move. Suction was lost again, and I was "scolded" as it was "my fault". He said no more, go and sit in a room and calm down. 30 minutes passed and I was lead back to the surgery room; again, twice more suction was lost (this was starting to get really painful) On the last attempt I thought that clearly looking ahead was not getting this done, so I looked up and towards the left....and it worked. Onto the next eye, I did the same thing...it worked again. Strange, how when I didn't look straight ahead, the suction stayed on isn't it? Evidently my fault.
Anyway, the surgery was over and it wasn't too bad, I just wanted to be out of there. I was shuffled into a room and told to leave when I felt ok, I was out of there ASAP!
3 days later, I look like a monster, Im still in severe pain from all the suction attempts and there is no chance in hell I could go back to work. The whites of my eyes are blood red.
I was not informed of this "common" problem with suction loss and the effect it would have on my eyes. It was extremely traumatic and I received little to no support throughout, seeing as it was obviously "my fault" the procedure didn't go as planned.

Optical express are not concerned with your health or wellbeing, they are concerned with your wallet. Think carefully before you let them anywhere near you or your eyes.
by Beth
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