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Replied by Mr Starburst on topic High Court threat from Daryus Panthakey, pages 1-3

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Replied by admin on topic Greg Brady

Posted 27 Jul 2018 11:56 #12
Still upset with the content of Andrew Ellson’s article in The Times, published 14 July, Accuvision owner Daryus Panthakey’s solicitor questioned Greg Brady’s claim that he spends £170 a month on medication for his eyes :kiss:

Unless receiving free NHS prescriptions, any damaged patient will appreciate that £170 a month (£39 per week) can be a conservative figure for artifical tears etc... that so many of us will need for the rest of our lives!

And it’s somewhat telling that Accuvision are more concerned with the cost of Greg’s meds while ignoring the state of his eyes!

And nor have they disputed the fact that is a breach of GMC rules for ‘technical (non-medically qualified) staff' to perform ‘application of laser’, as written in their patient consent form.

As for Dr Prashant Jindal, the ophthalmologist who put his name to Greg’s laser eye surgery, I wonder what advice the author of One Minute Super Dad, self proclaimed 'Amazon No.1 Best Seller Book', would have for Greg as a new father?

'Dr Jindal was recently invited for the famous ChrissyB show to share his knowledge in helping fathers and to talk about his Amazon No.1 Best Seller Book: One Minute Super Dad (OMSD)- 99 One Minute Magic Moments you can easily create to raise Amazing Children.'

You’ll note that Dr Jindal’s YouTube video is ‘unlisted’. This followed a complaint from the Chrissy B Show, who removed the original from their own YouTube channel. (See 22 June post for video link.)

More about this here www.opticalexpressruinedmylife.co.uk/ind.../8017-bbc-news-press
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Replied by admin on topic Greg Brady

Posted 25 Jun 2018 14:16 #13
Another photo of Greg Brady after his NHS operations last month, attempting to repair some of the horrific damage caused by laser eye surgery at Accuvision's London clinic :kiss:

For argument's sake, if we were to accept Greg's allegation that Dr Prashant Jindal was NOT his operating surgeon, then why would Jindal want to claim responsibility for this tragedy?

Page 51, para 8, from the AccuVision consent form, signed by Greg Brady on 28 December 2016:

And to be entirely clear, no matter that Greg signed this consent form, it is not legal, because only a GMC registered doctor is licensed - and insured - to perform surgery of any kind on a patient.

And I understand that a surgeon who claims to have fully consented a patient with Accuvision's terms is therefore in violation of the GMC Good medical practice guidance.

From the GMC website:


The GMC and other regulatory bodies have been provided with Greg's consent form, which leaves Dr Prashant Jindal between a rock and a hard place: he's damned if he did operate on Greg, and damned if he didn’t!

And the GMC's inevitable forthcoming investigation could lead to Dr Jindal being ‘erased' from the medical register - that’s a real GMC term btw, not a quote from Black Mirror!

According to the reluctantly disclosed info I squeezed out of long term Accuvision optoms earlier this year (Joan Griffin via phone and Vikash Patel online), Drs Prashant Jindal and Panagiotis Takis Kalognomas are the only two GMC registered ophthalmologists currently operating out of Accuvision's three clinics, located in Birmingham, Leeds, and London.
NB: The Bristol clinic listed on their website is for consults only.

Further research discovered that Prashant Jindal has worked alongside Accuvision businessman owner Daryus Panthakey since 2007, and is not on the GMC Specialist Register, while Panagiotis Takis Kalognomas, who is on the Specialist Register, also works at the Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth in London.

After requesting to meet with his operating surgeon in October 2017, told that Dr Jindal was unavailable, Greg and his partner Catherine instead met with optometrist Johann Panthakey (son of Daryus), and ophthalmologist Dr Kalognomas, who didn’t contradict non medically qualified businessman Daryus Panthakey when he incorrectly described himself as a ‘clinician’!

And for all their faults, you won’t find Optimax and Optical Express bosses Russell Ambrose and David Moulsdale hanging around their clinics in operating scrubs, as AccuVision boss Daryus Panthakey has done for nearly two decades!

I mentioned in a previous post that Dr Dan Reinstein also worked alongside Daryus Panthakey (when he first landed on our shores from the US, before adopting his Professor title), as did Dr Simon Levy, who left for reasons he really should have told the GMC - not too late Simon!

And then there’s Dr Brett Halliday, no longer operating as I understand, with a highly lucrative income as a medicolegal expert, currently paid by Optical Express to write reports for their legal defence against claims from damaged patients.

Dr Halliday also worked closely with Daryus Panthakey in previous years, and I met both men on separate occasions in 2013, in regard to another Accuvision damaged patient who claims that Brett Halliday did not operate on him, even though his name is noted on the medical records.

Notice a pattern emerging here...

I did of course record these meetings, and copies will be provided to the GMC et al.

There're a number of doctors, and others in the industry, who can provide valuable info and evidence that will help any investigation, and over the years I've offered many of them the chance to speak to the GMC - and police, but they don't want to stick their heads above the parapet.

Either way, they’ll all be named and shamed eventually...

Meanwhile, if you’re reckless enough to be seriously considering surgery at Accuvision, notice that there are no photos of any surgeons or staff on their website, so I strongly advise that you ask the surgeon - who you must meet before the operation day - to allow you to video him (or her) stating their name and GMC reference number, with a guarantee that s/he’ll be the only one performing your ops.

If they refuse, then get the hell outta there!
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Replied by admin on topic AccuVision

Posted 22 Jun 2018 17:03 #14
This is Greg, and you could be forgiven if you immediately assume that he’s been in a fight :kiss:

In fact, this is a consequence of laser eye surgery that Greg underwent in December 2016!

Not only was he given an entirely unsuitable procedure, which has left Greg with irreparable damage to his eyes, but the photophobia he suffers is so severe that he is unable to bear any light reaching his eyes.

Because of this Greg rarely leaves home, confined to spending the majority of his time in a darkened room.

In attempts to improve his vision Greg has recently been subjected to a number of procedures.

The above photo was taken after two NHS operations last month: to cauterise his lower ducts, and cut the eyelids, which had curled under and were scraping on his cornea due to the pressure of tightly closing his eyes over an extended period of time.

Greg’s laser eye surgery was performed at Accuvision Laser Eye Clinic in London, owned by businessman Daryus Panthakey, who also owns clinics in Solihull and Wetherby.

The name of Greg's surgeon on his Accuvision medical records is Dr Prashant Jindal.

Yet Greg claims that he has never met Dr Prashant Jindal, nor ever spoken with him at any time - not before, during, or after his devastating laser eye surgery at Accuvision in December 2016!

You'll be hearing a lot more from Greg, but in the meantime let me introduce you to Dr Prashant Jindal...

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Replied by admin on topic URGENT REQUEST

Posted 27 Feb 2014 00:11 #15
Please contact me urgently if you have ever attended a Medicolegal consultation with Brett Halliday at his London consulting room @ 2 Wicklow Street, WC1X 9JL :kiss:
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Replied by Mr Starburst on topic DARYUS PANTHAKEY aka Darayus Panthakey

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Replied by Danny on topic Brett Halliday & Daryus Panthakey

Posted 24 Feb 2014 08:37 #17
The murky depths of this unregulated industry show we are all just cash cows for butchers who really have no afterthought or care about what the real effects on our eyes are.
There really are very few to trust in this industry who are unbiased with the patients best interests at heart, they all seem interconnected and watch each others backs.
It's sickening.
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Replied by Mr Starburst on topic DARYUS PANTHAKEY aka Darayus Panthakey

Posted 23 Feb 2014 23:47 #18
admin: Text removed until allegations can be validated
admin: 2018 update: The comment posted by 'Bhesh' on skyscrapercity.com has been removed.
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Replied by Mr Starburst on topic Brett Halliday & Accuvision

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admin: Text removed until allegations can be validated :kiss:
For more details visit: www.facebook.com/pages/Accuvision-Ruined...ife/1545978125626568

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Replied by Bobby2 on topic Brett Halliday - URGENT !

Posted 15 Feb 2014 18:55 #20
Has anyone ever been referred to Brett Halliday by Optical Express, for a second opinion or treatment of any kind?
Thanks in advance.
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