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Posted 10 Sep 2023 21:15 #1
Yesterday, just after midday, Denis Fitton posted an odd comment on @MBEFCampaign Twitter page.

Not recognising his name I saw that he was following me, his tweets all football related, so I assumed he was a troll and ignored.

I don’t engage with trolls, but MBEF members were sending me screenshots of his tweets that included inflammatory content, and then I realised - he was the husband of Vaishali Fitton, MPTS Senior Legal Adviser (her letter to my legal team posted here 7 September)!

I noted that his tweets were undoubtedly based on discussions with his wife, as no other reason for him to have sought me out and follow on Twitter!

Indicating that he believed their lies, he incredibly posted a link to a highly defamatory website, re me and BBC radio producer/journalist Nicola Dowling, one of dozens posted by the #TwistedFncks in 2022, that my legal team are still working to take down.

By 11pm Denis Fitton had deleted some of his tweets, avoiding naming me in his comment that he shouldn’t have let his ‘anger for the OP cloud my better judgement’, presumably dictated by his lawyer wife.

By this morning he’d deleted all, no longer following me, and I have blocked him 👀

This is an example of what Denis Fitton posted, with some of the replies, and I’m not going to make further comment, but leave you to judge if I’m unfair to question the integrity of regulatory bodies like the General Medical Council, and impartiality of the MPTS.

Meanwhile, complaints will be with the MPTS tomorrow, and it is yet to be seen whether or not this unacceptable behaviour by the husband of a senior legal adviser employed by a public body should be investigated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (albeit not much better than the GMC!)
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Posted 09 Sep 2023 11:26 #2

This followed a week of nail biting legal wrangling, between my amazing counsel, Marc Beaumont, and MPTS Senior Legal Adviser, Mrs Vaishali Fitton.

The ‘application’ was perhaps counsel’s final warning letter yesterday, that if they refused to permit me representation to defend the General Medical Council (GMC) application to ban me from attending Dr Prashant Jindal’s relisted hearing, we would then move to seek a Judicial Review.

Shortly after 1pm, Mrs Fitton apparently left work early, not returning until Monday, and correspondence was taken over by MPTS Executive Manager, Gavin Brown.

It appeared that Gavin realised how badly this had been handled (a total fnck up in fact!), and was trying to smooth things over, but Mrs Fitton had pushed it too far, so no safe compromise that we could agree to.

By 4.30pm, their backs to the wall, it would have been rendered unlawful to continue without allowing me the right of counsel to defend against whatever allegations would have been made on Monday, so the MPTS had no option but to vacate both hearings.

BUT - to be absolutely clear, the GMC could easily have withdrawn their unmerited application to ban me from the substantive hearing on 25 September, and allowed it to proceed unhindered!

Their irrational desperation to keep me away, to prevent me from observing and reporting on the hearing, makes no sense.

Not forgetting that the reason the GMC legal team gave for dropping my witness evidence from the relisted hearing was an outright lie! (Provided in person at the FtP hearing in May 2022, that I have to this day refrained from publishing.)

Why are they so scared of me 👀

To be continued…
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Posted 31 Aug 2023 14:53 #3
President of The Royal College of Ophthalmologists in 2015, Carrie MacEwen was one of those who appointed me as Lay advisor to the RCOphth Refractive Surgery Standards Working Group (RSSWG), soon removed at the behest of her fellow Scot, Optical Express boss David Moulsdale.

Full gory story: www.opticalexpressruinedmylife.co.uk/ind...sts-rcophth?start=20

Carrie needs to put her dislike of me aside, because, no matter what she or her College cohorts think about me, I’m going nowhere, and unlike theirs, my priority is to safeguard patients not my income!’

‘Carrie has vocally supported so many other eye health issues, with interviews to press and radio, yet not one word about refractive eye surgery!’

‘I was on the Lay Advisory Group for nine months, sitting at the same table as Carrie MacEwen, and, other than at the last meeting I attended, not once did I hear Carrie - or any other lay member - so much as mention refractive eye surgery!

It was only at my final meeting on 28 January 2016 that the topic came up, when the lay members were asked to comment on the RSSWG drafts.

They didn’t have a clue what they were talking about (none had EVER shown any interest in my area of expertise yet expected me to contribute to theirs) with one member suggesting that operations shouldn't be conducted in silence.

Yup, that would really help stop people’s eyes being damaged!’

Now let’s climb the higher branches of the GMC, meet the little birds, and see who put them there.

Then join the dots to appreciate what I’m up against, and understand the sheer scale of opposition to my campaign to expose the #refractivesurgery industry & introduce government regulation!

‘The Council is composed of six medical professionals and six lay members. All members are appointed by the Privy Council.’

‘Dame Carrie MacEwen has been appointed by the Privy Council as the new Chair of the General Medical Council.’

‘The Chair also works closely with the Chief Executive and the Senior Management team in all aspects of the role.’

‘Anthony Omo – General Counsel and Director of Fitness to Practise
Anthony acts as senior legal adviser to our Council and the Chief Executive.’

Carrie has never hidden her intense dislike of me (most recently at the GMC conference in 2022, almost baring her teeth when our paths met) and I have no doubt that she is party to the GMC’s illogical attack on me 👀

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Posted 29 Aug 2023 09:27 #4
I leave you to consider whether or not General Medical Council decision makers (perched on higher branches!) have an irrational and pathological hatred of me, or if the tribunal’s recusal last year was a reasonable and proportionate response to their accusations against me.*

One thing is certain, with regard to press and public interest, the GMC legal team have poured fuel on what was already expected to be a highly combustible FtP hearing 👀

*Tribunal recusal reasons detailed in Annex B & C, posted here 22 Sept 2022, summarised in the Medscape article two posts below.

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Posted 28 Aug 2023 17:08 #5
With Dr Prashant Jindal’s relisted FtP hearing now four weeks away (though not yet listed), you are entitled to ask what ‘preliminary arguments’ warrant considerable extra expenditure by the General Medical Council for an additional three day public hearing 11-13 September (virtual if you want to observe) 👀

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Posted 28 Aug 2023 17:06 #6
It’s unclear (to me at least) why the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service might decide NOT to publish the 2022 Tribunal’s decisions ‘at the conclusion of the relisted substantive hearing’, as these were detailed in Annex B & C, which their press office gave to Medscape, who then published online 👀
by Sasha Rodoy
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Posted 26 Aug 2023 07:39 #7
Dr Prashant Jindal's relisted Fitness to Practise hearing at the MPTS in Manchester is just over four weeks away, from Monday, 25 September to 13 October and I have news for you 👀

First listed from 25 May-10 June 2022, those of you who followed my posts will recall that I appeared as a witness for the General Medical Council, and once my evidence was given, I was able to attend the hearing and report on it daily.

Still undecided by 10 June, the panel asked for extra days to continue deliberating.

Unfortunately, the earliest dates available in the MPTS diary were 16-17 September, and then 22nd to hand down their decision.

Also requested by the panel, more dates in February 2023 were added to the MPTS diary, for the impairment and sanctions stages should they find the allegations against Dr Jindal proven.

Optimistically we waited…

Fast forward to the morning of 16 September when the tribunal reconvened, and surprisingly announced that they were going into public session (remote access), and in an unprecedented move the next day, recused themselves!

The reasons they gave for doing so shocked everyone who knew the truth, when incredibly, and entirely unfairly, they blamed me!

Without any right of reply, the panel detailed their ludicrous reasons in Annex B & C, posted below - 'MPTS tribunal recusal: Annex B & C 22 Sep 2022 16:00'

The next month, October 2022, witnesses were emailed asking for their availability for the relisted hearing in September 2023.

But having not received my email I called the GMC legal team, who told me that my evidence was no longer needed!

So I emailed them: 'Given that I was a witness at the initial hearing, please provide me with detailed reasons for this decision.'

And whilst I will not (yet) publicly discuss this, other than to say my evidence supports that of Greg Brady and Catherine Froud, their emailed reason was an outright lie!

Not really serious, facetious perhaps, I asked: 'Please also confirm whether or not you are going to attempt to exclude me from the hearing itself?

Shocked therefore when they replied: 'A decision on this has not yet been made. You should also note that it is also open to the defence to make an application to exclude you and, the tribunal, of its own motion, may also take that decision.’ 😳

To be continued…
by Sasha Rodoy
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Replied by admin on topic Part 6 (of I don’t know how many to come)

Posted 20 Oct 2022 21:01 #8
I invite you to read this review before I continue (a chance meeting on 10 June with its co-author Martin Forde KC, both of us returning from Manchester MPTS to London), and note the referenced May/June 2022 dates, because I believe this may have some bearing on my incredible story!

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Replied by admin on topic Part 5 (of I don't know how many to come)

Posted 10 Oct 2022 17:08 #9
As well as the sickening video posted by the Twisted Fncks, falsely claiming that Greg Brady's badly bruised eyes (following an operation to cut his eyelids) were a result of losing a boxing match, that the blood was ‘paint', there are multiple other videos and websites out there, libelling not only Greg, but his partner Catherine, Sandy Miller, me, BBC/journalist Nicola Dowling, and the GMC.

The content and titles of these publications are repulsive, the work of human cockroaches!

The tribunal chair requested that witnesses for the GMC should not discuss our evidence with anyone whilst Dr Prashant Jindal’s FtP hearing continues, and we have all respected this - in my case not a request according to the GMC in-house solicitor, who told me I had been ‘warned’ (see 31 May post), having made it clear the first time we spoke on the phone that she didn’t like me!

I didn't take it personally, because whilst the GMC avoid transparency, I accept that they don't appreciate my challenging the organisation, or accusing them of being not fit for purpose (in agreement with the majority of their registrants it seems), but as they monitor everything I publish, I’ll take this opportunity to point out that it’s not me who has leaked evidence!

And they can expect my letter of complaint in due course concerning the spurious claims made by the MPTS tribunal member, with regard to the fact that their own barrister went along with it, supporting Colman’s suggestion that I should be excluded from the last two public sessions - me then oblivious that I was the intended subject. Case in point re transparency methinks!

Meanwhile, Dr Prashant Jindal has not only provided chapter and verse of witness accounts from the first hearing to his Twisted Fnck pals at Accuvision, but he has also provided them with hard copy evidence, including internal GMC correspondence from BBC journalist Nicola Dowling - undisclosed to anyone but Jindal and his legal team, published all over the internet, via countless social media accounts and fake profiles - even Johnny Depp is writing about me (see image).

But they have quite incredibly also posted a video on YouTube that was presented in evidence at the hearing in May, recorded by Johann Panthakey and his colleagues, who followed Greg and Catherine up the street after their last visit to the AccuVision Fulham clinic in 2017. Again, no-one had this video besides AccuVision, Jindal, and the legal teams.

So whilst both MPTS and GMC lawyers have put a target on my back, blaming me for the panel’s recusal, without any actual evidence to support the tribunal's spurious and absurd allegations, Jindal’s team have been sharing evidence online for more than 3 months, defaming all involved, and playing the racist card, whilst ironically publishing anti semitic comments!

These sick people ludicrously claim that I have fake charities worldwide, that I am raising money to fund and incite Islamaphobia, hence the ‘rich Jew’ nonsense to fuel their claims.

To be clear, as a dyed in the wool atheist, with no religious affiliation, I respect the choices of people who do. And I hate to disappoint, but I'm not rich, trading in stocks definitely not one of my skills!

This montage (collage if you prefer) is a small selection of screenshots from some of the sickening sites, and I have resisted including tweets from respected consultants who’ve publicly supported and shared this utter sh*t without performing due diligence!

And whilst I will not deign to comment on the other insane claims, I will explain why the 'Salman Rushdie Stabbings’ hashtag is included in the image. It’s from one of the Twisted Fncks many trolling sites, which provoked online attacks from Muslims who don’t know me (many in Pakistan who are presumably paid followers*), some threatening to 'find me’, 'teach me’, etc…, no doubt the intention and hope of Daryus Panthakey et al.

The police visited me a few weeks ago over this serious matter, and I have lawyers currently dealing with a number of related matters.

There can be no doubt whatsoever that Dr Prashant Jindal has been leaking evidence and information to AccuVision owner Daryus Panthakey, but it remains to be seen whether or not the GMC will take any action, or if it's just me the organisation wants to discredit (and libel), to suit their own agenda.
*eg: risekarma.com/
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Replied by admin on topic Part 4 (of I don't know how many to come)

Posted 01 Oct 2022 17:21 #10
This video will horrify those of you who know Greg Brady’s story, the lies told about him truly awful, and I would bring your attention to The Times newspaper article I posted on 20 Jul 2018 18:32* :kiss:

On 5 August I wrote: 'very dirty and dishonest tactics recently employed online, primarily intended to discredit both BBC and GMC…’, since which time the 'Twisted F*cks’ (as we now refer to these psychopaths) have subjected me to the most vile and sickening online attack, that I believe not even Optical Express would consider!

This is primarily the work of Accuvision owner, Daryus Panthakey, desperate to discredit me because of my involvement with the GMC/MPTS hearing re Dr Prashant Jindal. Because if Jindal is found ‘guilty’, he can go and work overseas, but Daryus Panthakey stands to lose everything, and will face criminal charges, as will his employees and associates, both current and ex.However, much information has been passed to Panthakey by Jindal himself, and the GMC has so far failed to explain how some of their organisation’s internal and confidential correspondence has made it online via the Twisted F*cks!

Lawyers have been instructed, by me, and by other parties similarly subjected to this incredible harassment and defamation, on multiple social media sites, YouTube, etc…, with increasing numbers of nauseating websites that are in turn slowly being taken down by the hosting companies.

Our lawyers are also requesting details of the domain registrants, which we expect will eventually lead to those directly responsible, because there’s always a paper trail left somewhere, especially by arrogant and reckless psychopaths, and of course domains and websites require payment by credit card!

Domain names such as ‘gregbradyfraud.com’ and ‘sandymillermountainrelishfraud.com’ amongst these (both websites taken down by the hosting companies two days ago), all publishing fake news, whilst accusing the General Medical Council of racism for referring Jindal to the MPTS FtP hearing.**

Unfortunately, many Asian doctors have accepted these lies at face value due to the GMC’s reputation, offering Jindal their support on Twitter, but what the Twisted F*cks fail to mention is that ALL of Greg Brady’s treating specialists are of Indian or Pakistani origin!

Nor did this story start with Dr Prashant Jindal; Dr Brett Halliday, a Caucasian doctor, was reported to the GMC in 2013, but they refused to pursue the case because it was out of their 5 years time limit.***

Read details in posts from 'Mr Starburst', starting in 2014: www.opticalexpressruinedmylife.co.uk/ind...-accuvision?start=20

*(i) Greg was not a 'failed boxer', he underwent refractive surgery because he was turning semi-pro (hope I've worded correctly!)

(ii) The photo of Greg with blood running down his face was taken soon after surgery to cut open his eyelids, curling inwards onto his corneas due to being tightly closed for such an extended length of time. The lie that this was a result of a boxing match, 'where he lost badly’, shows what sick people we're dealing with!

(iii) Note that these photos have been cropped, as the ‘kitchen towel’ image does not show Greg’s newly born baby in his arms, unable to attend the birth due to bright lighting in the delivery room.

(iv) I won’t comment on the photos of Greg dated post op, as these are included in the evidence before the MPTS, falsely represented by the Twisted F*cks!

**I will be providing more details in a later post, but I have no doubt that the MPTS tribunal recused itself on 17 September because they wanted out, worried about the racist claims being thrown around, and what they might face had they found the allegations proven against Jindal.

***Imagine if there were a time limit on murder enquiries!

Still so much more yet to tell…
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