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Posted 07 Dec 2016 12:46 #101
Following two years of hell after lens replacement surgery and a botched explant courtesy of David Teenan, the NHS are providing corrective surgery. They have offered another explant and a third lens which hopefully will sort out the many issues I have. I will always have to wear glasses and the risks of more surgery are ever present but I feel in much better hands and will be going ahead. Please consider the NHS if it is a choice for you, especially as a private explant will cost you £11,000!
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Posted 30 Nov 2016 19:10 #102
Optical Express need closing down how can they get away with ruin people's eyesight. I am one of their victims. I was in the process of sueing them when the branch I was under went into liquidation in Edinburgh. I'm now left unable to drive at night and I cant go to the theatre as I can not see performers on the stage clearly, and no glasses improves my eyesight.
David Teenan did my lens replacement and he is still working for them. In a nutshell I paid all this money for them to ruin my eyesight. It's really is disgusting that they are allowed to get away with this!
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Posted 27 Nov 2016 17:46 #103
My story similar to many OE customers.
I came into a little windfall and thought I'm sick of contact lenses. So I did a little bit of research and thought lens replacement was best for my age group and understand this would last longer than laser. Went to Optical Express and went away confident after listening to their very convincing spiel…
Had all the test done and told I was ideal candidate - MUG is what I understand they really meant.
After had surgery done in 2012 I felt ok, but eyes always felt dry and a little blurry in one eye. This blurriness in one eye continued so they did some laser on the weaker eye, didn't really make much difference...

Eyes started getting worse in 2015 and continue to deteriorate blurry, weeping, itchy and uncomfortable. This makes you feel tired and aggravated all time.
Went for eye test at different opticians recently to see what they said. They looked bemused as I only had these done 4 years ago but they didn't say much more, seemed they didn't want to criticise.
This worried me so I went to Optical Express and they made appointment for me.
Appointment day came and I was sat in reception then very sheepish looking employee approached me and said I need to pay £50 for special eye test. I only wanted a chat and some advice, but the advice I got was 'You had your eyes done 2012 and last check 2013 there fore you need to pay £50 for tests, HEAD OFFICE said so’
Why are they contacting head office when I only wanted a chat?
Getting very worried about my vision
Do not go optical express for these procedures you will regret it very much.. I paid £6600 for what?
Optical Express if you're reading this, I’m getting appointment at Moorfields Hospital to see how much damage you've done.
Will keep everyone updated!
This worried me so went to optical express they made appointment for me.
Appointment day came went down oe they booked me in done puffer test Sat back at reception then very sheepish looking employee approached me and said I need to pay £50 for special eye test, I only wanted a chat and some advice, the advice I got was... You had your eyes done 2012 and last check 2013 there fore you need to pay £50 for tests HEADOFFICE said so..... Why they contacting head office I only wanted chat..
Getting very worried about my vision
Do not go optical express for these procedures you will regret it very much.. I paid £6600 for what..
Optical express if your reading this, getting appointment for Moorfields hospital to see how much damage you've done
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Posted 08 Sep 2016 19:53 #104
i had RLE procedure carried out in June 2013 by Dimitris Kazakos, I was assured all along that at any time after surgery, should my eyes need “tweaking" it would be carried out f.o.c for life, I had several follow up appointments and after one check up I was informed I would require YAG treatment on my left eye asap and that my right eye would need doing by the time the appointment for the left eye came through. I heard nothing for a year, so after contacting OE to find out what had happened to my appointment I was told I needed to have another check up at my local branch before they could do any more for me. It was at this appointment I was told I needed YAG on both eyes but at a cost of 790, when I said i had lifetime guarantee they told me OK, if I took in my copy of t&cs showing that information they would honour it. As numerous customers have commented hee nobody can seem to find their copy of t&cs as none were probably ever issued. My eyesight has deteriorated rapidly in the last 6 months, I can no longer read the epg guide on the tv from a few feet and spectacles have no effect. I have developed a major increase of floaters and I need bright lighting to be able to read and to carry out simple tasks in the kitchen, needing halogen lights on indoors during the day.
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Posted 31 Aug 2016 18:36 #105
Hi all

I had lens replacement surgery Nov 2014 . Extreme light sensitive etc so after OE running me around Sheffield Nottingham and Manchester for a year it was recommended I have an explant with David Teenan in Glasgow. Big mistake - more problems!
It is now almost September and they totally ignore me.
Forget Optical Express as their surgeons are not fit to practise …
I have spoken to Sasha today and she gave me excellent advice which I followed this afternoon.
Go ahead with any legal claim you may have been sitting on and go to your GP asap and ask to be referred to a NHS Consultant ophthalmic surgeon. The NHS may be able to help.
Mine agreed to refer me today ! Give it a go .
Best of luck xxx
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Posted 31 Jul 2016 00:37 #106
I was wondering if anybody had any experience or opinions of [name removed] based in London Harley Street. I know all the high street chains have poor feedback but I couldn't find anything negative for [name removed]. I was considering doing implantable contact lenses to correct my short sightedness at [name removed]. Any opinions would be most appreciated.

admin: This site does not promote companies that provide refractive surgery. If you would like information please send your phone number info@opticalexpressruinedmylife.co.uk :kiss:
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Posted 30 Jul 2016 16:32 #107
Two 'celebrities' who've had cataract ops interestingly opted for monofocal lenses. Seems like a good choice in light of the multifocal MPlusX lens scandal!

How can Dr Chris Steele say he'll be glasses free when that's not true as he will need to read notes etc?!

In 2013 Matthew Wright had cataract surgey and his surgeon said,"Matthew still needs glasses to read tiny print but this is to be expected post-surgery... What he gains in quality distance vision, he loses in very small print. It is possible to implant a stronger-powered lens for small print but this tends to compromise distance vision, which is what Matthew needed for work'."
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Posted 21 Feb 2016 14:13 #108
Thanks to Optical Express this is now what I have to go through on the 10th March to fix my eye - courtesy of the NHS!
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Posted 17 Feb 2016 08:23 #109
Hi. If you are thinking about having lens replacement think very hard and long!
Yes we know that people have had it done successfully but you may end up like many of us with problems. Had mine done to my regret and the full story will be posted once I have convinced my GP that having private surgery does not exclude me from the NHS system!
Whilst trying to find out what has happened to my eyes I have been told to 'drink more water, take omega 3 tablets’, and the reason I can see 'floaters' is that I have new lenses that have given me good enough vision to allow me to see things that were 'always there'.
Be patient and I will tell you the whole story soon, just need to sort the GP problem out first.
Think very carefully before risking your eyes like I did, because there are too many false promises being made out there believe me!
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Posted 23 Jan 2016 17:31 #110
I have had some problems following lens surgery and was at the point of sending a complaint to Optical Express but did a bit of researching and found your site.

I would be grateful for any advice you could offer?

My surgery was in 2013 and the receptionist at Optical Express advised me that I had multifocal 30 lens fitted. I am now suffering blurred, double vision, black floating spots and my eyesight has deteriorated considerably in the last 6-12 months. In term of distance vision it is worse than it was before I had the surgery particularly in bad in low light. Not good news when I have to drive for work and photography is my passion.

Optical Express have told me I have a cell build up at the back of my eye causing a film to form on both lenses. I was concerned but they advised that this occurs in 20% of cases - so even more worried that this wasn't discussed with me before surgery!

It is now affecting my work and home life, and I am suffering persistent headaches which I believe are due to continual eye strain.

OE have told me I need to be reassessed in 3 months for possible yag laser and it's going to cost me £395 per eye. I'm absolutely astounded as I was promised clear sight - with no extra charge - for life.

Any advice on how to handle this would be really appreciated.
admin: Please send your phone number info@opticalexpressruinedmylife.co.uk
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