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Replied by Talisker on topic Botched natural lens replacement surgery

Posted 18 Sep 2021 00:49 #21

I had a botched natural lens replacement surgery carried out by Optical Express at the end of 2015.

The nurse assisting the surgery prodded my left thigh during surgery and this provoked an involuntary reaction causing me to look toward the direction I was prodded from. Unfortunately the surgeon had an implement in my eye at this point in time. Both the Nurse and the Surgeon called out not to move but the damage had already been done.
I have insisted that the procedure needs to be reviewed to prevent this from happening again in future but have received no reply.

The pain was excruciating in my right eye by comparison to the left that had had the same procedure carried out previously without incident.

The sight in the right eye never settled, I reported this numerous times in the 12 months after the surgery. Every time being told to give the eye more time to settle.
It didn't settle and the constant pain and discomfort got worse.

I have tried to discus the incident that resulted in the trauma numerous times with numerous Optical Express staff but have been met with a wall of silence. I was then told after 12 months that I only qualified for 12 months aftercare.

I paid £14,000 for the surgery and lifetime aftercare.

I argued this with various Optical Express staff to no avail.

I tried to self refer to the eye pavilion only to be told I required to be referred by an optician or doctor.

I tried to get assistance from other opticians but they could only see that there was a very large amount of floaters and wouldn't refer me for this.

I sought a referral from my GP but this was declined by the eye pavilion. I don't understand why.

My sight went from bad to worse and the pain was constant. My eye would swell up with the slightest stress. I had to give up driving as it was too painful and stressful.

My brain switched off in large to the right and became dependent on the left.

My eyesight deteriorated and I had no choice but to give up work. I was eventually given a referral to the eye pavilion 18 months later delayed partly due to covid.

It was discovered that the part of the eye that the artificial lens was attached to had grown over the lens obscuring my vision over time.
My eyesight deteriorating as the membrane grew thicker

The eye pavilion carried out cataract type surgery to remove this membrane from both eyes restoring sight to my left eye.

It was then decided immediately after seeing the amount of floaters caused by the trauma on the right eye to go ahead with surgery to have these removed.

The surgeon described the amount of floaters as ludicrous and was astounded by the clumps of floaters removed. He is a very experienced surgeon with many years under his belt

Since this operation I have pain free stress free vision for the first time since the operation in 2015.

This has broken me.

I understand that there is a class action ongoing. I would really like to join this.
I would like to help and see justice hopefully prevail.
admin: Unless you’ve made a typo, £14;000 is a record high for any provider!
No class action, solicitors deal with cases on their individual merits.
For advice, please send your phone number to sasha@opticalexpressruinedmylife.co.uk
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Replied by Terry Cacutt on topic Worse vision after Lens Replacement Surgery

Posted 03 Aug 2021 16:54 #22
I have had Lens Replacement Surgery with Optical Express and have been left with eyesight worse than before surgery, I now have a continuous jumble of letters when reading at short distance my medium and long vision were determined as 20/20 prior to treatment and they will suggest that hasn’t changed but I have been left in considerable debt with worsening eyesight since surgery - The response from them so far is to send a 20 day letter even though I have suggested problems and needing help they are delaying by making sure they respond legally and appropriately to help them.
admin: If you would like advice/help please email sasha@opticalexpressruinedmylife.co.uk :kiss:
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Replied by Lott22 on topic UPDATE!

Posted 23 Mar 2021 15:28 #23
UPDATE: Countless visits back to OE and my distance vision has still not improved. As soon as i stop the steroid drops my eyes become inflamed and start burning so have to go back on the drops. Now back wearing glasses but for distance now rather than close up and still unable to drive at night due to the arcing and starbursts not subsiding.

I have raised a complaint formally but it looks like they are going to take the full 20 working days to respond and a letter a sent to my local branch asking appointment with the surgeon has just resulted on another local appointment.
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Replied by bms66 on topic Recovery time post Multi Focal lens exchange surgery?

Posted 22 Mar 2021 07:51 #24
I sent official complaint to OE customer services on 27th February but have not had any response as yet. Their complaints policy states up to 20 working days, so i am guessing they are going to push that to the limit which means I should have a response by Friday 26th March!

Also, on advice from Sasha I wrote to my local OE who have been overseeing the ongoing aftercare asking for an appointment with a consultant, rather than the local optometrist to find out what my options are and why the procedure has gone so disastrously wrong. The letter was sent recorded delivery and has been delivered but no responses as yet, although I did receive an appointment email back with the optometrist.

So far nothing has changed, still have appalling distance vision, still cannot drive in the dark and appalling starburst effect on sunny days on reflections.

I have spoke to my GP who has advised not to let them laser my eyes as it is most likely the lenses themselves are the issue but i am not keen on going back to OE for replacement lenses after that they have put me though so my GP is going to refer me back to the NHS.

Without doubt, going for this surgery has been the worst decision of my life and utterly regret having it.
admin: Best to correspond with OE via email. I'll provide relevant contact details when we speak :kiss:
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Replied by Lott22 on topic Lens exchange fiasco

Posted 11 Mar 2021 21:22 #25
So far, probably the biggest mistake of my life and waste of money
I have been left with significant loss of vision and other sight problems since my lens replacement surgery at Newcastle Branch of Optical Express in 2019 after being sold the dream that I would never need to wear glasses again. My surgeon was Dr Eric De Koning.
After numerous appointments and problems going from bad to worse since the surgery I have been left with PCO in both eyes and my vision in the right eye is close to blind.
I am sick and disgusted with Optical Express lies and the way they speak to and handle customers. I have had several conversations with Allan McEwan and several others in clinical services, which at times have had me in tears on the telephone, namely William Allen, a very arrogant and obnoxious individual.
In one of the conversations I was informed that they had been aware for some time that there were signs of PCO in my eyes but until now they had kept that from me. I have been told that they are not willing to sort my eyes out because my 12 months aftercare has run out of time - even though I notified them of the problems within that time and my vision was very blurry/foggy). They suggested I either pay them £1500 for YAG laser treatment or they refer me to my GP. In other words, washing their hands of it and relying on the NHS to sort their mess out.
I have been left with PCO In both eyes and have seen an independent optician to confirm this.
I’m at the end of my tether with this company, I’m not able to drive, and find it very difficult to read and write.
The stress and anxiety this has caused is almost unbearable. I am unable to function normally.
How can a company leave their patients in such a disastrous mess with a severely diminished quality of life!
I’ve not seen a surgeon since the day of surgery. Is this normal/correct? Please help me.
admin: Optical Express is all about making money, and having to pay Eric De Koning to see you would have cut their profits. But as your treating surgeon he was obliged to do so when you reported problems, though it is possible he was not even told!
This is a matter for the GOC to investigate, and I’ll be happy to make the complaint on your behalf after we’ve spoken.
Please send your phone number to: sasha@opticalexpreeruinedmylife.co.uk
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Replied by bms66 on topic Recovery time post Multi Focal lens exchange surgery?

Posted 07 Mar 2021 07:07 #26

I had the OE multi-focal lens replacement surgery on 30th January and to date nothing seems to be settling down.

Prior to surgery i needed glassed to read but distance vision was perfect, the day after the surgery i could read without glasses but my distance vision is now shot with anything past a few feet being blurred. I still see the arcs and starburst on every light and cannot drive in the dark at all.

Can anyone who has had this surgery advise how long before the problems with lights and night driving took to settle down and did they need addition surgery to rectify their sight please? At the moment they are talking either laser surgery to correct my distance vision or replacing the lenses!

The staff at OE are really friendly and assure me that they can correct the problems but i have to wait until 3 months after the initial surgery but as thought maybe hearing it from someone who has had similar issue might be more reassuring

admin: Multifocal lenses are notoriously problematic for a distressingly high number of recipients, and the issues you report too common and often permanent. (Read previous posts in this thread from Carl G.)

I’d be very surprised if the Optical Express staff you mention include the surgeon who operated on you, because paying him to see you cuts OE’s profit margin, whereas optoms and others are on wages (+bonuses at point of sale).

You must insist (in writing) that the surgeon is informed of your problems, and ask that a consultation is arranged with him ASAP. Make a complaint to the GMC if this is not actioned without argument.

For further advice email me with your phone number: sasha@opticalexpressruinedmylife.co.uk
When we speak I will also invite you to join the private MBEF Facebook support group, where you can discuss your issues with many members left with similar (and worse) problems after lens exchange surgery :kiss:
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Replied by jnt on topic Explant surgery

Posted 19 Feb 2021 13:28 #27
I had multifocal eye surgery on 12/9/20 and it cost me £6090.00 but it as not work very well and now the surgeon said that I need them replaced with monifocal lens for safety. The cost of monofocal surgery is £3990.00 so will I be refund with the difference of £2100.00. I have now got a phone consultation on 25/2/21 to make an appointment for my replacement surgery.
admin: For advice send email :kiss:
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Replied by Paul robinson on topic Replacement of faulty lens. Signing your life away!

Posted 16 Jan 2021 09:54 #28
Hi John
I have just read your blog and I am in the exact same situation and have surgery booked for next Tue. Did any one reply to you you have already had the second surgery. Thank you Paul
admin: For more info please contact me :kiss:
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Replied by Elliegrace on topic Advice required please

Posted 08 Jan 2021 14:12 #29
I had lens replacement surgery 3 months ago at Optical Express Sheffield and over that time my sight has deteriorated to become worse than it was before surgery. I have also developed dry eyes and my eyes are sore and red all the time and despite a number of consultations with Optical Express and several different types of drops they are worse. I have halos when driving at night and I feel this surgery has ruined my sight and my eyes, I have insisted on seeing a consultant and have an appointment next week. I am worried that as my eyes are getting worse there will be very little they can do to correct this. I don't want to give to much more information in fear it may infringe any legal proceedings at this stage.
Any advise would be welcomed.
admin: Pls send your phone number :kiss:
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Replied by scantechnics on topic one eye lens replace

Posted 30 Nov 2020 10:56 #30
Had a bifocal lens implant.... just over 18 months ago. followed by other correction in dec 19.
I could see far but had to where glasses to read.
The surgeon told me that I would be able to see short and long distance...and to jusy have one eye done, glad it was the one eye.
after 4 months I could read small print but my long distance was very blurred... more tests Eye examinations and told I need an enhancement, which in December 2019. this didn't make any difference.
After waiting months I decided to get a second opinion... which I was told I had slight pigment on the lens and needs removing (skin over the lens), and I need an enhancement just a small adjustment.
After contacting optical express they told me that I can have an appointment at Nottingham with the surgeon, however at a cost of £200, and another £750 to remove the skin.
I was totally disgusted when I have already paid over £3300 to have it done... I can’t believe I’ve got to pay that just to see the surgeon to have a slight alteration when it’s not right in the first place.
They told me I get only one year treatment, not sure where the 10 year after care went. so I have to pay the £750 or go to my doctor and ask about using the NHS to get it removed.
its been another 10 months where I have dry eyes and pain.

This is the last letter I sent, which haven't had a reply.

I want to make a formal Complaint regarding the customer care since my lens replacement, April 2019, followed by correction in December 2019.
After the surgery, Nadeem Aslam was looking after me with my appointments at Sheffield.
First want to make a complaint of his rude and negative brain washing when things wasn’t right.
If it wasn’t for me time after time telling him I had discomfort and very burly vision he wouldn’t have put me forward for the correction, instead telling me it’s the best we can do and nothing can be done.
This has been an ongoing problem from the beginning and because Nadeem was telling me nothing else can be done I had to get a second option, which I did in July 2020.
After the test I was told my vision has slight Rx in distance and PCO developing, and go back to Optical express to have it removed.
I think Nadeem lied to me and hid this from me when checking my eye, now I have been told I have to pay £750 to get this lag removed, by optical express.
So where is my 10 years you give, and the best care ever as advertised?
You leave me unwell and in pain, with the discomfort and skin forming over the lens.

Its took me 6 years to save for my eye lens replacement and now you don’t want to help me.
I also know that other people who had eye correction had the lag removed free within the 10 years.
Im still waiting
admin: I don't know if you've already contacted me, but if not :kiss:
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