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Amused to read the propoganda on one of his own #DavidMoulsdale 'big me up & give me a knighthood' sites - www.davidmoulsdale.co

For example - "delivering exceptional quality of clinical outcomes and customer service experience."

:unsure: Compare it with the tragic stories on this site and guess who's lying?!
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Chaos and dishonesty within OE appears to have been their modus operandi for many years!

'Sheena's Story' (see True Stories) is par for the course then!
by Maccy
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I presume the improved quality of life appertains to those patients : who are under 40 ; have an average prescription and no pre operative eye problems etc (ie the perfect patients who OE use selectively in their marketing statistics!!)....oh and I presume, if rumour is correct, it has improved the quality of life of those OE employees who have target based performance related payments.

"The difference good sight can make is immeasurable". I wouldn't know , but would like to know having handed over £3k to Optical Express some years back, for the privilege of finding out!!

"...committed to patient satisfaction, safety and well being". I suggest you read the dialogue on this forum and make your own minds up on this one!!!
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"Corporate Social Responsibility is one of Optical Express' values and is firmly anchored in our corporate culture. Every day we demonstrate our beliefs in the guiding principles of our mission statement in the way we do business. Our services make a positive contribution to the quality of life enjoyed by people all over the world."

"No eye care means no spectacles, and that makes work and education incredibly difficult, if not impossible. The difference good sight can make is immeasurable."

"The Optical Express Group is a visionary business that is expanding both nationally and internationally and is committed to patient satisfaction, safety and wellbeing."

There's lots more of this sickening hypocrisy!
by Pandora
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