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Posted 14 Mar 2015 17:50 #1
Hi there
I have eye floaters after Lasik, as well as many other problems
My biggest problem is on the computer,its very distracting with all these floaters moving around.
I did not have them before surgery, and get severe headaches after around one hour staring at the screen.
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Posted 14 Feb 2015 14:08 #2
A word of warning to all those who see those large dark fixed floaters, because rather than bits of vitriol gel floating around, they could be the result of a retinal tear (rip). Which was the case for me after LASIK, I had four of them and was rushed into hospital for emergency surgery when discovered.

My advice would be to go to your local emergency eye clinic/hospital, as opposed to your GP, as they will only ask for a referral which could take months.

Should mine return I run the risk of being left blind, but I can't sue for what might happen in the future!!

I wonder if this had any bearing on the Medical Professional Liability Company choosing to settle with me, as I've heard a few offers are floating around [excuse the pun].

If they request you sign a gagging order, ask you to remove your "True story", or stop posting on OERML website, just remember where you got your support!
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Posted 11 Feb 2015 18:19 #3
Finding this topic has made me realise that I too have floaters. I thought I was seeing things or I'd got something in my eyes but now I understand what they are. I too have problems with my vision and did not get the real story before the surgery. I had the up sell as every one has. My surgeon was Khalid Khan and I got nowhere when I complained about still having astigmatism. Thank you for posting your story it has helped me understand more.
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Posted 02 May 2014 14:48 #4
It seems many Lasik patients suffer from dry eyes, starbursts, halos and light sensitivity. I too suffer from these but my main problem is floaters, which I believe to be a result of Lasik as I did not have them pre surgery.

I had surgery over 2 years ago and OE kept denying that my floaters have anything to do with the surgery. They suggested that I am merely focusing and analyzing my now 'perfect' vision so much that I can see things i didn't see before. I did not believe this for a second, and fyi, my vision is far from perfect!

However over the past year they have started being more honest and admitting the possibility that the floaters were caused by the surgery, but they do not mention it beforehand as feel the chances of developing them is low. It would be nice to hear from others who are suffering as I don't believe it is as rare as they make out.

[strike]Professor [/strike]Dr Jan Venter admitted to me that the suction clamp used to force the eye open and create the flap for Lasik creates a huge amount of pressure on the eye which in effect can disrupt the pattern of existing eye floaters, making them suddenly visible in your field of vision, where they would not have been before surgery.

This is how they get around their argument of saying Lasik does not cause the floaters, as they suggest they were already there but Lasik has changed where they sit in the eye. Regardless of the technicalities, fact remains I have eye floaters that would not be ruining my life had I not had Lasik eye surgery

Please feel free to share your eye floaters experience with me if you have had Lasik eye surgery
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Posted 30 Nov 2013 16:56 #5
Hello friends,

I have previously written to Sasha about my dealings with OE and she advised me to post on this forum. I'd like to share with people a little of what I have been through so here goes:

Last December I underwent LASIK for some very mild short sightedness and astigmatism, I had no problems with either glasses or contacts before hand. I had a traumatic experience on the day of my surgery. This is one day out of your entire life that you get the procedure done, so you hope that everything is going to go smoothly. Well unfortunately for me it didn't. My surgeon was to be Mr Khalid Khan and I did as much research on him as I could before hand. I found out that he was one of the most experienced surgeons at OE and he had some nice testimonials, so I was happy to see his name on my information pack. However, at some point prior to my surgery I called the Sheffield branch to rearrange the day I was to have my surgery on. On the actually day of my surgery I was taken through to have my wavescans done, I was rather surprised that the person performing the wavescans was not the surgeon but a very young looking girl who had welcomed me when I first came in. I was already getting very unnerved at this point, then right before she took my scans she mentioned the name of another surgeon. I asked after Mr Khan and she explained that he wouldn't be performing my surgery, but instead it would be Mr Antonio Montanes. At this point I was borderline panicking and I fidgeted and blinked as she took my wavescans. After she took the scan on my right eye I asked if she wanted to do it again because I had blinked several times. She replied with something along the lines of "no it will be fine, I could see you." After this I returned to the waiting room and told my Dad that I wanted to leave. I love my Dad to bits, but in this instance, I am very regretful that he tried to reassure me that everything would be alright. I hoped to a god I don't believe in that it would be alright, and I ended up staying.

To fast forward one year later the lasting physical effects of my surgery in ascending order of severity are as follows: 20:20 vision (I had 20:15 or better before hand with my glasses,) significantly reduced night vision (halos, starbursts, and ghosting in my right eye which can also be apparent in the day time with bright objects,) and finally 2 very dark eye floaters in my right eye. I have listed eye floaters as the most symptomatic complication as I notice them almost all the day time, they are very distracting and have severely affected my self confidence and desire to do just about anything. For around 3 months I was very ill with depression and I lost a lot of weight. The stress and anxiety that they continue to bring me cannot be doing my health any good so this is why I am hoping that they can be treated. Below is my email to Sasha regarding trying to get a referral from OE to one of the only places eye floaters are treated (without vitrectomy) in the UK. Thanks for reading this so far and sorry for the huge essay.

"Hello there,

I am writing to you as unfortunately I have had a bad experience with Optical Express and the outcome of my LASIK surgery. I feel very unlucky more than anything, both with the experience that I had on the day of my surgery and with my results. However, I realise that I am not alone in having suffered under the hands of Optical Express, and so by making some contacts I am hoping to find some help and support. I won't go into the details of my story in this initial email to you but I will explain why I have eventually been compelled to get in touch.

One of my complications from the surgery is that I - like several others - have developed eye floaters after LASIK. It seems fairly logical to me that if mild head trauma can trigger eye floaters, then direct trauma to the eye (by means of a suction ring which squeezes the eyeball out of shape) could also potentially cause eye floaters. This is also the opinion of an eye floater specialist whom I visited in Altrincham by the name of Brendan Moriarty. When I finally got to speak to someone heading the clinical complaints team of Optical Express, I was asked if I had suffered a head injury, which I haven't. I was then made to feel stupid and unqualified to suggest the idea that there could be a link between the suction ring used to cut the flap and eye floaters.

To cut to the chase, the aforementioned Mr Moriarty is able to treat certain cases of eye floaters with a YAG laser and he has evaluated mine as being in a location which is safe to treat. On the advice of Mr Moriarty, I have been pursuing Optical Express for a treatment referral to the Optegra clinic in Altrincham, due to the fact that the cost of eye floater treatment is around £2000 per eye. After a very long and drawn out process with Optical Express including: emails, meetings with my surgeon where my eyes had to be dilated again, communicating with the surgery team in Sheffield and speaking with the clinical complaints team in Glasgow, I have been declined the cost of the treatment.

What makes this so much more frustrating to me is that Mr Moriarty has had several past referrals from Optimax and this is why he suggested that I chase up money from Optical Express. Furthermore, Optimax have been prompted to add eye floaters as a complication to their consent form as so many people have been complaining of them after surgery - yet, when I spoke to someone at the very top of the clinical team for Optical Express, I was fed a load of nonsense about peer reviewed studies proving no link between eye surgery and floaters. Whenever I brought up a strong and valid point such as the number of cases that Mr Moriarty has seen, I would ask the gentleman from OE how he could explain it, and each time there was a pause followed by the word 'coincidence.' What an excellent and informed comeback!

I would really appreciate it if you could give me some advice on where I can go from here? Citizens advice bureau? Could it help if I rally together some other post-LASIK floater sufferers? Do I have any legal standpoint whatsoever with Optimax offering referrals but not Optical Express?

Thank you for setting up your website and taking the time to read this email.


David Pearson"
by Dave P
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Posted 05 Aug 2013 17:58 #6
LASEK can definitely cause floaters due to the pressure, hence the reason why OE decided to treat me using Lasik. The Optom Giles Turner didn't want to take any unnecessary risks with the sight in my good eye, so thought LASIK would be the better option. They still stuffed it up regardless.
by Nick
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Posted 17 Feb 2013 18:58 #7
I too frequently suffer with floaters.

As have many others, I described the difficulties I was having with this post surgery to David Teenan who totally dismissed it as being nothing to do with surgery!

I really believe that OE employees - from 'counsellors' to optoms to surgeons - have been treating us with utter contempt!

But we are not stupid and it's about time we let them know that by getting together and sharing our experiences we will make them accountable for their actions
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Posted 17 Feb 2013 18:46 #8
Yes, since surgery I have floaters constantly in both eyes.
One more thing to contend with!
by Poppy
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Posted 15 Feb 2013 22:44 #9

As well as all my other problems yes I definatly have a floater in my right eye it looks like the branch of a tree and it comes and goes I did mention it to optical express and was advised that this was nothing to do with my surgery and that floaters were common and nothing can be done about it
by ann
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Floaters was created by nannypat

Posted 14 Feb 2013 10:39 #10
Hi everyone

Been doing loads of research on Google and have found that lots of Lasik/Lasek Patients suffer from FLOATERS after surgery.

One site I have found who do Lasik eye surgery have this on their RISKS page.


Floaters after Lasik are more common than most people would expect. One of the reasons for this is because many people who undergo Lasik are nearsighted which can make your eye more vulnerable to getting FLOATERS, A RETINAL TEAR, OR DETACHMENT.

There are other sites that explain that the Suction ring and Pressure from that used during our OP's is to blame the list is endless!!! I will put the sites on here for you all to read if I am allowed to

OE NEVER mentioned any of these things to me during my consultation with them and I have suffered from the lot!!!!

STEPHEN HANNAN AND PROFESSOR JAN VENTOR DENIED to my face and in writing that my Lasik eye surgery with them never caused my problems!!! They all know what these risks are but don't want us to know!!!!

I am interested to know if anyone on here has had any problems with Floaters or know of anyone who has thanks
by nannypat
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