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Whether or not he does now I don't know, but Julian Stevens had a lucrative consultancy position with Abbott Medical Optics Inc. (AMO) who provide most of the laser hardware used by Optical Express. Need I say more? :whistle:
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Oh god I was in the 'waiting room' for almost 3 years, they said all sorts of different things, they even said I had cataracts!!!

One of the worst things though is the other specialists that OE send you to are supposedly pretty good, take Julian Stevens at Moorefields, his reputation is excellent, yet when OE sent me there he had the briefest of looks at my eyes and said it was simply just undercorrection, how could someone of such standing and apparent expertise get it completely wrong???

It didn't take long at all though to get the correct answers, Sheraz Daya most notably and one or two who I won't mention here ;) Even one of OE's optoms who saw me one time admitted i've got huge pupils and that is the direct cause of my problems, took him 10 mins to conclude that, yet Prof Jan Venter and Julian Stevens in all their expertise couldn't work it out, make your own conclusion of that.

Luckily they got the wrong time to get rid of me and give me the news that they couldn't fix me after all, I still had a few weeks of my 3 year legal period left and just got my litigation started in time.

It still makes me chuckle when I remember how Venter and Hannan saw me and were talking about cataracts, they were both either stupid or hiding something major.
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THE OPTICAL EXPRESS WAITING ROOM was created by adversary

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Recently damaged patients continue to be sucked into OE's process of being passed from pillar to post, reassured with false promises ad infinitum... we all know the scenario!

If you have been repeatedly fobbed off with unfulfilled promises please share your experiences here so that other damaged patients realise they need to take action sooner rather than later and NOT believe Optical Express' empty promises, that "it just takes time... some people take longer to heal".
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