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AVIVA......unscrupulous.....good partner for Optical Express!!
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I want to highlight another issue aside from my negative and damaging (on-going) experiences from laser eye surgery with Optical Express.
When I was researching laser eye surgery and the various companies/options/prices, (oh how I wish I had found this site then!), I went for an initial consultation with Optical Express because my health care provider - Aviva - offered a discount if I chose to have surgery with them. This was warmly pointed out to me at consultation and the figures were immediately produced to show what a dramatic difference it would make. It was too good to be true. Other laser eye surgery providers couldn’t give me with such a discount and cost is a real factor. I naively trusted the backing by Aviva – they couldn’t ethically partner with a company for treatment if they hadn’t researched them, condoned their methods and standards of practice and care? Surely it would be a liability for them?
Little did I realise that it was simply a money making deal – on both sides. As my health care cover is due for renewal and I am definitely switching providers, I rang to cancel my renewal etc. During the call I asked if Aviva were still offering the discount for laser eye surgery with Optical Express. I was told that they were and if I wanted to avail of it, I would have to do so before the end of my cover with Aviva. I asked if there was any reason that Aviva chose to partner with Optical Express and was told that basically it was a business deal. Other health care providers partnered with other companies and that Aviva had the deal with Optical Express. It was all a business deal and nothing substantial to it other than money. Horrifying!!
I had gone to get my own second medical opinion once things had gone awry with my eyes and Optical Express and gone silent and hard to reach. I went to a consultant in a private clinic in Dublin, Ireland. I found the consultant and staff to be most helpful, understanding and kind. They didn’t mince words and laid things out quite clearly for me. The honesty was a shock and very welcome. I explained that I had gone with Optical Express as Aviva offered a discount. The consultant said that Aviva were the worst of the lot and that there was nothing to trust with any of the health care providers. I was reeling! I had no idea how health care companies work and the levels of deception.
Please, please, please make sure people are aware of the depravity and scandal of health care providers and their “partners”. There is no “care” involved aside from profit. We are not just victims of the laser eye surgery industry. There are others who gain from our injury.
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