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My eyes were ruined at Optimax in Leeds and I was sent to the neighbouring NHS hospital, where I was told by a young optometrist, not to worry, because they saw many patients damaged by the high street laser clinics!!!!!!!!!!! Needless to say, it did worry me. In my opinion the sooner these places shrink and disappear altogether, the better. A rock to creep under, is all these people need.
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My whole life was damaged after I decided to have laser eye surgery at Optimax.

Russell Ambrose, owner of Optimax and Ultralase, claims that laser eye surgery DID NOT cause MGD, or STARBURSTS and GHOSTING - none of which I suffered before laser eye surgery!

I am also left with yellow blobs forming around my eyes which I have to regularly prick with a pin.

Hear how my right eye was left with laser decentration caused by negligent Optimax surgeon Dr Seethappa Madhusudhan MD MS FRCS (Ed) MS Ophth

Two previous Optimax Medical Directors, Dr Malcolm Samuel and Professor Jan Venter (now @ Optical Express) were guilty of serious negligence. Both of their damaged patients were paid off.

Mark received approx 45k after surgeon Dr Malcolm Samuel programmed the wrong laser setting, and Myra a mere 200k after being left blinded for a year thanks to Professor Jan Venter, not knowing if she would ever regain her sight!

Russell didn’t care!

Optimax's recently appointed Medical Director, Dr Amir Hamid, is also in the midst of a negligence claim! If Optimax's MDs can't get it right, who can you trust?

My world has been turned upside down & my career destroyed thanks to Russell Ambrose and Optimax - also responsible for damaging My Beautiful Eyes campaigner Sasha Rodoy's eyes!

Dr Wilbert Hoe, the surgeon responsible, retired last year and escaped being sued - after Russell paid Sasha off, with a gagging order - or thought he did! But now another patient with similar problems caused by Dr Hoe is preparing legal proceedings!

More information about Optimax & Ultralase here:

Series of 10 YouTube videos with more to come soon:

I will be posting more information here soon and you're welcome to contact me:
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My issue is with OE but it's good to see Optimax fairly getting the same beating as OE!

This industry MUST be stopped from ruining people's lives in the name of £££
by OE Victim
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You wish boys :kiss:
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This website is dead. LOL
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Russell Ambrose meets Mr Ab's: Transcript of recording

Russell Ambrose: Myra Pridham, that poor poor lady, and you probably already know a lot about Myra Pridham.

She fought through lawyers for seven years to get £200,000... when she got it, 40 to 50 grand was deducted by the benefits people... so OK, seven years and 150 grand she ended up with, and the lawyers got 250,000 - I don’t know that to be an exact…

Sasha Rodoy: 185,000

Russell Ambrose: I don’t know that to be an exact number. And she got no closure on it, I spoke to her. Sasha asked me to give her a ring, she wanted me to speak to her - no closure at all!

She said, "Well I am still no better off than I was seven years ago and the money doesn’t mean anything to me, and I am still hurt and disappointed and angry..."

And so Sasha said it would mean a lot, I mean, I forgotten about her already!
Seven years later you don’t remember these things do you? (only blinded, why would he remember)

So, just seven years as I say... I wasn’t actually sued in that case (HE WAS) the blame is always on the doctor, and Optimax was basically out of it... And I got a letter about six months before the case saying Myra Pridham has raised her ugly head (nervous laugh) - well the case has raised her ugly head not Myra!

Sasha Rodoy: Careful!

Russell Ambrose: "Careful"? Are you recording?

Sasha Rodoy: No...

Russell Ambrose
: I don’t mind if you're recording!

Sasha Rodoy: No I am not - there we go (places mobile phone on table)

Russell Ambrose: Are you recording? (to Mr Ab’s who shakes his head no)
Fine! If you're recording I will be less guarded in what I say, less open...

Sasha Rodoy: You know I'm not!

Russell Ambrose: MORE guarded - right!
If you're not recording I'll say things about various doctors openly…
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Optimax Patients was created by Nick

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There is a forum dedicated to Optimax patients.

This site also includes regular updates regarding what is happening on the other side of the fence.


Pop over occasionally now that it appears "the Optical Express" thread has finally been locked on "whocallsme" [rejoice] :woohoo:
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