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Posted 31 Aug 2023 20:43 #11
In a world where trust and reliability are paramount, the shocking reality of deceptive practices in the corporate realm often takes unsuspecting consumers by surprise. My name is Mahnoor, and I'm a student who fell victim to the unscrupulous tactics of a renowned eyecare provider, Optical Express. Let me take you through my frustrating journey of how they took £500 from me, provided false information, and left me in a state of confusion.

The story begins with my hopes of better vision. Saving up £500, a considerable sum for a student, I sought the services of Optical Express for an eye treatment. Their reputed name and the promise of improved vision were too enticing to ignore. Little did I know that this would mark the start of a harrowing ordeal.

As I walked into the clinic with optimism, little did I know that my trust would be shattered. Day by day, as I consulted with their representatives, I was fed false information that led me down a rabbit hole of confusion. The treatment details they provided didn't align with the reality I faced after the procedure. My vision remained unchanged, and I found myself questioning the validity of their claims.

Doubts began to surface, and I decided to halt the process. But here's where things took an alarming turn. Instead of understanding my concerns, they pressured me to continue, leaving me more bewildered than ever. The relentless sales tactics left me feeling trapped, as if I had no choice but to proceed, despite my reservations.

Finally mustering the courage, I canceled the surgery and clearly communicated that I did not wish to proceed any further. It was a decision driven by my gut feeling that something was amiss. Imagine my shock when I was assured that my refund would be processed from the very day I canceled. However, as time dragged on, my patience wore thin.

Four months have now passed since that moment, and I'm left grappling with frustration and a growing sense of injustice. Multiple calls to their customer service have been met with a barrage of unfulfilled promises and a lack of transparency. The very essence of customer service – understanding and addressing consumer concerns – seemed to be missing from their playbook.

Adding insult to injury, Optical Express failed to adhere to their own policy. Their clear policy stated that in the event of a surgery cancellation, a refund would be issued. But here I stand, the victim of their deceptive practices, with my money still unreturned.

Today, I find myself at a crossroads. I've reached the point where I must demand my hard-earned £500 back, not as a plea but as a rightful demand. The toll this ordeal has taken on my emotions, time, and trust cannot be underestimated. My patience has run its course, and I'm left with no choice but to consider legal action against Optical Express.

My story serves as a cautionary tale for every consumer out there. The corporate world can be a treacherous sea to navigate, filled with sharks in the guise of reputable names. Let this be a call for transparency, ethical practices, and the protection of consumer rights. Together, we can shed light on the dark corners of consumer deceit and demand fairness from those who seek to exploit our trust.
admin: Great post!
If you would like my help - without the need to pursue legal action, please send your phone number :kiss:

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Posted 31 Aug 2023 07:29 #12
Dear Sasha, thank you so much for your help and advice. I can confirm that I have received a full refund.
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Posted 18 Aug 2023 15:12 #13

I found this site on Google.

I am 48 years old and wear glasses for reading and driving. I am a nurse and would love to get rid of wearing glasses and was due to have bilateral multi focal lens replacement surgery under the care of Dr Manu Mathew in Bristol at the beginning of September. I have never spoken to him, but read with interest and alarm that he has a significantly high number of legal cases against him. I am now very unsure about proceeding and have cancelled. I also cancelled my husband's consultation.

I have paid a £500 deposit. Total cost of surgery £7800.

I contacted the store and was called back by Abby, the sales person who sold this to me. I explained my concerns and what I’d read here. She said she knew about this site but didn’t know that Manu Mathew was involved, otherwise she wouldn’t have ‘upped him’ to me as much as she did. She assured me that my full £500 deposit would be refunded, but I’ve had nothing in writing to confirm this, and I am not happy about waiting 28 days.

Any information/advice would be appreciated thank you.

Kindest Regards
admin: If Abby has worked at OE for longer than a few months, then I can assure you that she knows exactly what’s going on and was lying to you. They are all paid commission on sales and DO NOT have option to pick and choose which surgeon to recommend to customers. There will be one surgeon available at the premises on the date the customer is booked in for. And this can change.
Not forgetting that at 48 you’re too young for RLE :kiss:
Please send your phone number:
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Posted 07 Aug 2023 14:30 #14
I went for my first appointment in late May when I was told I was suitable for laser eye surgery after having dilating drops put into my eyes. They pushed me to pay the deposit then and there and encouraged me to book the surgery asap, despite that I had a holiday booked because they assured me it would be fine.
I unfortunately paid my £500 deposit shortly after.

I then had more tests in Leeds and needed a phone consultation with the surgeon. This phone conversation felt very rushed with Dr Muhammad Kazmi essentially saying that it would not be fine for me to go on holiday so soon after the surgery and that I would need an in person appointment with him due to some issues with my tests. He also explained that at the original appointment they should have waited half an hour after the dilating drops to do some tests, which they did not, so I would need to do this again.

I called to change the date of my surgery and talk through my options to cancel, and they said I would be called back from the right department, but nobody ever called me back, and in late July I had an in person appointment with the surgeon who explained I had multiple issues that put me at significant risk if I had the surgery. This was not mentioned at all when I paid the deposit.

I am now looking to get the deposit refunded which they have said will take 28 days, but they cannot tell me how much I will be getting back. They promised someone will call to confirm the amount but again this has never happened.

Please can you advise me?
admin: You were not fully informed, and from the little you've said, the optometrist was negligent. This is a complaint for the GOC!
You are entitled to a full refund, as is anyone who has not been examined by the surgeon before agreeing to undergo unregulated refractive surgery :kiss:
For further advice, please send your phone number to:
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Posted 27 Jul 2023 14:01 #15
Hi Sasha,
I just want to say a big thank you to you.. I finally got my refund sorted.
It’s good work you doing and thank you for saving me from making a grave mistake. 🙏
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Posted 27 Jun 2023 13:06 #16
I got my full refund back from Optical Express
Thanks Sasha
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Posted 19 Jun 2023 15:19 #17
Hi Sasha

I received my full £500 refund last week. I can't thank you enough!

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Posted 17 Jun 2023 07:41 #18
I recently signed up to a consultation with Optical Express in Lakeside, Thurrock. After the consultation I received persistent calls to sign up for surgery. I was finally brainwashed with offers and I signed up but asked the surgery date be end of July so that i can research as I have not had the chance to do so.

Research led me to this site and others with horrid experiences and I was sure i was not ready to take the RISK.

3 days after deposit was paid i asked for a cancellation via email and nothing had happened since except the call asking why i was cancelling. I called them and it was excuses about passing my case to the head office. This must be illegal. 😔😠

Now it a rat race to get my money back, making excuses after excuses, talking about cooling off periods. This is not a good look on Optical Express.

Please can you help me get my money back?

Saturday 13 May 2023 Time: 10:05
I had a confirmation of consultation at Optical Express, Lakeside -

Bombarded with phone calls afterwards me to book in but I kept telling them I needed time to research.

27th of May 17.05
I got a call from Lara-Marie Dunne yet again offering discounts and offers and I caved. I didn’t even have the £500 she was asking to deposit but said she was ok if I can pay £250.

31st May - cancellation email
I wrote to Optical Express and Lara Marie Dunne to cancel my request for surgery.

01/06/2023 - I got a phone call to discuss cancellation from Dominic or William. Yet again I confirmed my cancellation.

admin: Not only is your name missing from this document, but I question the fact that they have lumped cataract surgery together with lens replacement; one is needed, the other a choice.
Also, if you only paid £250, the wording on page 5 of the document is nonsensical :kiss:
Please send your phone number to:
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Posted 16 Jun 2023 08:43 #19

My understanding would that I'd get a refund in 28 days. I'm now being told on 28th day that it's 28 working days. I'm sure legally it's just 28 days. Is that right?
admin: Nothing legal about keeping your deposit for even 28 days after agreeing to refund. Even Tesco refund payment for returned goods on the spot :kiss:
For further advice, please send your phone number to:
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Posted 15 Jun 2023 13:31 #20
I am 45 years old and I went for a consultation for eye surgery on the 2nd March at Optical Express in Uxbridge. I was told I could have RLE surgery that would stop me ever getting cataracts. I was booked in on the 22nd June for surgery with Dr Dimitris Kazakos at White City. I paid £500 deposit and they told me someone would phone me before the day of my surgery.
I received a phone call yesterday from a man in Glasgow. He told me that he was recording our conversation. He said that I would meet the surgeon on the day of surgery, but then gave me the very worrying information that I could be left with problems for the rest of my life.
I was not happy to be called by a salesperson and not the surgeon so after the call I googled Optical Express and found this website. The stories were scary so I called back and said I wanted to cancel. The woman said she was just in the contact centre and couldn’t help but would get someone else to call me.

A man called Baljit called me today. He said it was a shame that I was cancelling and asked what had changed my mind. I told him I had seen the Optical Express Ruined My Life website and asked if he knew about it. He said he did but that the people posting on it have some confusion and are not from Optical Express because they have been treated by other clinics and surgeons. But then he gave up trying to convince me and said he could refund only £250 of my deposit.

Please can you help me get all my money back?
Thank you.
admin: Along with the company itself, Dimitris Kazakos is amongst the top five Optical Express surgeons facing the most legal claims from damaged customers (current and settled) :kiss:
Please send your phone number to:
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