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Posted 27 Jul 2023 14:01 #21
Hi Sasha,
I just want to say a big thank you to you.. I finally got my refund sorted.
It’s good work you doing and thank you for saving me from making a grave mistake. 🙏
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Posted 27 Jun 2023 13:06 #22
I got my full refund back from Optical Express
Thanks Sasha
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Posted 19 Jun 2023 15:19 #23
Hi Sasha

I received my full £500 refund last week. I can't thank you enough!

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Posted 17 Jun 2023 07:41 #24
I recently signed up to a consultation with Optical Express in Lakeside, Thurrock. After the consultation I received persistent calls to sign up for surgery. I was finally brainwashed with offers and I signed up but asked the surgery date be end of July so that i can research as I have not had the chance to do so.

Research led me to this site and others with horrid experiences and I was sure i was not ready to take the RISK.

3 days after deposit was paid i asked for a cancellation via email and nothing had happened since except the call asking why i was cancelling. I called them and it was excuses about passing my case to the head office. This must be illegal. 😔😠

Now it a rat race to get my money back, making excuses after excuses, talking about cooling off periods. This is not a good look on Optical Express.

Please can you help me get my money back?

Saturday 13 May 2023 Time: 10:05
I had a confirmation of consultation at Optical Express, Lakeside -

Bombarded with phone calls afterwards me to book in but I kept telling them I needed time to research.

27th of May 17.05
I got a call from Lara-Marie Dunne yet again offering discounts and offers and I caved. I didn’t even have the £500 she was asking to deposit but said she was ok if I can pay £250.

31st May - cancellation email
I wrote to Optical Express and Lara Marie Dunne to cancel my request for surgery.

01/06/2023 - I got a phone call to discuss cancellation from Dominic or William. Yet again I confirmed my cancellation.

admin: Not only is your name missing from this document, but I question the fact that they have lumped cataract surgery together with lens replacement; one is needed, the other a choice.
Also, if you only paid £250, the wording on page 5 of the document is nonsensical :kiss:
Please send your phone number to:
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Posted 16 Jun 2023 08:43 #25

My understanding would that I'd get a refund in 28 days. I'm now being told on 28th day that it's 28 working days. I'm sure legally it's just 28 days. Is that right?
admin: Nothing legal about keeping your deposit for even 28 days after agreeing to refund. Even Tesco refund payment for returned goods on the spot :kiss:
For further advice, please send your phone number to:
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Posted 15 Jun 2023 13:31 #26
I am 45 years old and I went for a consultation for eye surgery on the 2nd March at Optical Express in Uxbridge. I was told I could have RLE surgery that would stop me ever getting cataracts. I was booked in on the 22nd June for surgery with Dr Dimitris Kazakos at White City. I paid £500 deposit and they told me someone would phone me before the day of my surgery.
I received a phone call yesterday from a man in Glasgow. He told me that he was recording our conversation. He said that I would meet the surgeon on the day of surgery, but then gave me the very worrying information that I could be left with problems for the rest of my life.
I was not happy to be called by a salesperson and not the surgeon so after the call I googled Optical Express and found this website. The stories were scary so I called back and said I wanted to cancel. The woman said she was just in the contact centre and couldn’t help but would get someone else to call me.

A man called Baljit called me today. He said it was a shame that I was cancelling and asked what had changed my mind. I told him I had seen the Optical Express Ruined My Life website and asked if he knew about it. He said he did but that the people posting on it have some confusion and are not from Optical Express because they have been treated by other clinics and surgeons. But then he gave up trying to convince me and said he could refund only £250 of my deposit.

Please can you help me get all my money back?
Thank you.
admin: Along with the company itself, Dimitris Kazakos is amongst the top five Optical Express surgeons facing the most legal claims from damaged customers (current and settled) :kiss:
Please send your phone number to:
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Posted 14 Jun 2023 15:35 #27
After being told I wouldn't get my £500 back as I didn't cancel within 3 days, I reached out to Sasha.
Within a week of her help I got a full refund!!
Thank you so much Sasha!
by Aliyah
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Posted 07 Jun 2023 20:24 #28
31 March
Went for laser - told I was too old at 56, had to have RLE. Told by sales person that I would not need any glasses.
Dr David Teenan called me on 24 April and told me he couldn’t guarantee I would not needing reading glasses, which was the point of upselling me lens surgery when I went for laser consultation!
After googling David Teenan's name and finding so many negatives about him and how many people he has damaged that swung it for me! I called to cancel but was told that the woman who’d sold me the surgery was no longer working there. (Polish name that I don’t remember)
A man called Graeme phoned me and said my deposit would be refunded to my account. He did not mention that it would only be half of the £500 I paid and nothing was sent to me in email.
I was missold this surgery and want my money refunding in full. Please can you help or advise me?
admin: Lucky escape :kiss:
Please send your phone number

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Posted 03 Jun 2023 11:39 #29
I booked in for Laser Eye Surgery last month at Milton Keynes to have my appointment on the 21st June with Dr Sajjad Mughal. I’ve been doing some further research and now I’m completely terrified and don’t want to risk anything happening to my eyes. I called today and they said I can’t get my deposit back as I didn’t cancel within 3 days. I thought it was 30 days. Can anyone help?
admin: Indeed it should be 30 days, but that would give people too much time to realise their mistake!
Please send your phone number
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Posted 22 May 2023 08:18 #30
Got my deposit back in full thanks to Sasha! 😊
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