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Posted 05 May 2014 19:24 #581
Still no refund as yet and no contact from Optical Express.
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Posted 02 May 2014 09:54 #582
After posting my previous message on 28th April, I received a call from OE on Wednesday 30th stating that miraculously after speaking to "management" and as a "gesture of goodwill" they would be refunding my deposit!!!

I queried their ridiculous process of taking 28 days to refund MY money, but they were insistent that it could not be refunded sooner. As I can see from previous posts, this is an ongoing issue they need to remedy.

I will update further once my money is EVENTUALLY given back to me.

Thanks to Sasha for her help and guidance and who shall be getting a much deserved donation for her campaign. Everyone who can, please do the same, however small!
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Replied by Nadia Bailey on topic Another DEPOSIT refund refusal!

Posted 28 Apr 2014 18:27 #583
A number of weeks ago I attended a consultation in Birmingham and I asked if I could change my mind if I agreed to the surgery and was told an emphatic "yes". At NO point during the consultation was I told about the 72 hours cancellation policy if I paid a deposit. Drops were also placed in my eyes blurring my vision and therefore I did not read the info pack I was given on the day, nor was I even told about the importance of reading the small print.

A few days later I was contacted by the store offering me a discount as long as I paid my deposit that day. I again refused stating that the cost was too high and I could only consider it in six months time.

They rang back again saying that the head office had agreed to defer my payments until September 2014 if I booked immediately. I agreed and £395 deposit was taken over the phone. A week later I received a voicemail telling me that someone had made a mistake and my payments would not be deferred (no apology) but good news, it was still interest free!

I called the Birmingham store expressing my disgust at the mistake and the poor customer service. I said that I wanted my deposit back as I had paid it only after agreeing the conditions of my payment plan on which they had backtracked. I was told someone would get back to me.

The next day I got a call from 'head office' advising that they would be willing to defer my monthly payments as they now agreed the mistake was theirs. I agreed to this only because they'd called me at work so I was under pressure needing to end the call.

However, I already had niggling doubts given my high prescription and the cost of surgery, then with their unprofessionalism I decided against treatment and called to cancel.

Surprise surprise, they are now refusing to refund my deposit despite me pointing out that I paid it without being informed of the 72 hour cut off period.

The store pressured me with numerous calls, took my deposit without telling me I could only change my mind within 72 hours and when I have attempted to put my case across to them I've simply been told "you were given an information pack" as if this is an acceptable reason to keep MY money!!

I will get my deposit back even if I have to take them to court.
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Posted 28 Apr 2014 18:24 #584
Still no refund to date and no call from Optical Express regarding my refund.

I have now emailed my local paper with my story and am awaiting a reply. I also sent a letter to Christine Graham MSP outlining my complaint and detailing the sales process from start to finish.

Just a letter left to write to the General Optical Council detailing Optical Express' consultation process.

Next step is to stand outside Shandwick Place with leaflets.
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Posted 28 Apr 2014 13:46 #585
I had a free consultation for laser eye surgery on 24/04/14 and was seen by Sophie Greenhalgh who offered me a reduced price of £2995 if I paid £400 deposit immediately. I was reluctant and asked whether the deposit was refundable and she replied "yes" and said she would call me on 27/04/14 to confirm whether I wanted to go through with the treatment.

I decided not to go ahead but did not receive a call from Sophie.

I want my deposit back and have been calling the Shaftesbury Avenue clinic all day on 02073793979 but am diverted to the head office in Glasgow.

The last time I called I asked the call centre operator why no-one was answering at the Shaftesbury Avenue clinic and was told "no idea"!

I won't give up - I want my deposit back!
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Posted 26 Apr 2014 12:04 #586
Since my previous posts I have called & emailed Hugh Kerr asking for an immediate refund. His answer that this is a "gesture of goodwill" is a lie because I had drops in my eyes and couldn't see when agreeing under pressure!

I have drafted a letter which will be sent on Monday to my local newspaper and my local MP detailing my experience and highlighting the practice of asking people to complete legal agreements whilst they are disoriented and as good as blinded. I am also contacting Trading Standards and my bank.
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Posted 25 Apr 2014 10:57 #587
After being promised a refund two days ago still no phone call requesting my bank details. I tried calling OE customer services but was put through to an answering machine!

If it's this bad getting a deposit refunded I can't imagine what people go through if they suffer problems after surgery!
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Posted 23 Apr 2014 17:57 #588
Thanks to Sasha I have received a phone call tonight offering a full refund as a goodwill gesture. Someone will call and take my details and it should be back in my account in 28 days

Excellent news. Can't thank Sasha enough.

admin: If you paid deposit by card then refund should be similarly credited back to your a/c same day!
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Posted 23 Apr 2014 13:12 #589
I have just had a representative from Optical Express contact me regarding my deposit. He told me my money would not be refunded but I could use the amount to purchase glasses from OE or as payment towards future surgery.

He also said I could have Optical Express gift vouchers for £390. So they refuse to refund my cash but will hold on to it and generously allow me to spend it in their store!

I explained that I was not informed of a 72 hours 'cooling off' period by the salesman when paying my deposit.

I have no intention of letting this drop until I get my refund.
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Posted 23 Apr 2014 11:50 #590
I have decided against surgery after having a 'no obligation' consultation in Edinburgh last Friday.

When I went for the consultation I had eye drops administered to each eye. Then I was told that i was suitable for surgery and ushered through to speak to the salesman to explain my options.

I was advised that it would cost £3900 in total but there was a special April offer and if I booked immediately I could have a £900 discount.

With no time to walk away and think about it, feeling disorientated and pressured to make a £390 deposit, I was directed to sit down at a computer screen that I was unable to focus on and told I was in charge. I explained I couldn't see anything so the young salesman pointed at two boxes on the screen telling me to just click on them to set up and confirm a credit agreement.

I have talked it over with my wife over the last two days and decided that it would be best not to follow through with the surgery.

I called OE and cancelled today and asked about a refund of my £390 deposit but was informed that the customer service "could not deal with that" and that someone from cancellations would be contacting me to discuss it. So far I have heard nothing.

At no point during the consultation was any cooling of period mentioned nor was I told the £390 deposit was non refundable. If I'd been told that I would have called a halt to the consultation and taken sufficient time to sit down and think about my options before committing.

I will pursue my refund by legal means if that's what it takes.
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