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Google "highcourtsearch.courts.ie"

When prompted enter defendant as "Evangelos Minos":

Click on "Search":

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Hi Dublin, I clicked on link but it's expired. Am interested to read it as I am also taking OE to court.
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A quick search of the High Court database shows that Optical Express will be kept busy!
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Hi there.

In July 2012 I had RLE in Clane by Alex George and have suffered ongoing problems ever since.

I am disgusted and appalled that my eyesight is much worse than it was prior to surgery. I have halos, floaters, blurred vision and chronic dry eyes.

Yesterday I met with [strike]Prof [/strike] Dr Jan Venter who offered to remove the Mplus lens in London, pay for my flight, hotel, etc. I refused as he also stressed the risks because I have one weak eye.

I have been for scans at OE clinics in Newbridge, Clane, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Dublin. No answers, no apology, mostly no responses!

I am now getting my records and seeing a surgeon in Dublin!

Following that I will keep you updated.

Please feel free to contact me via Sasha who has my details.
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Don't mess around with OE they'll keep promising this that and the other, you'll just be strung along. Sever all ties and go to court. :angry:

admin: Ian D received a full refund and glasses for night driving. He now has a gagging order so is restricted from posting on this forum

Listen to his story posted above on 3 April.
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Just received the phone call from Mungall.

He stated that because I signed the consent form for risks they will offer me a good will gesture of 50% of the fee paid, so roughly €1650.

I made it known I wasn't happy with 50% as Jan Venter said full refund and new night glasses would be the right thing to do.

I made him aware I have all the recordings and was recording that phone call.

He then stated that he would discuss with Venter and call me back.

So what do we all think?
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Forget anything Mungall will tell you, in my opinion (and experience) it's all rubbish just to string you along and ride out the limitation period for legal action. I was operated on by Stefan Klopper and my vision now is awful, anything other than bright sunny daylight and it's bad, night time vision is like looking through a frosted glass window at best.

Take my advice, forget about any refund from OE, it won't happen and if they offer it then they are scared of the real cost to them, do what I have done, sever all ties with them completely and seek proper legal expert advice, I am currently in litigation with both OE and Stefan Klopper and have been for the last 20 months, i'm now at the point where we are about to serve court papers on them.

Remember this, to properly fix your eyes can cost A LOT of money! To fix my eyes it'll cost £15k, this is with a world renowned surgeon who actually knows what he is doing and acts with morals and integrity, unlike OE and Mr Klopper. The money for a repair can be factored into any compensation settlement so it really is the best way to proceed.

I know of multiple others who are also in litigation with Stefan Klopper, fact is the man is not a good surgeon!
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Can you email me your contact details via info@opticalexpressruinedmylife.co.uk
by enda c
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My advice, take with a pinch of salt any reassurance David Mungall gives you :dry:
I have experience of the way this man works as he strung me along for years with false promises: he failed to tell me exactly what was the real cause of many of my problems, hiding this information to protect the surgeon.

Please don't be as trusting as I was, I would suggest you act swiftly.

Also keep in mind that David Mungall is OE's Customer Care Manager not even an optom!
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It's what they do, they won't be able to help only make things worse, kept promising to fit plugs for my dry eyes and then the day before they'd cancel which made my mind up about going to court.

Sever all ties and take them to court.
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