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Yeah i think the problems are associated with the dryness as the corneal scans came back normal and the wavefront analysis didn't show any elevated HOA.
I have tried a lot of different lubicant drops a swell as temporary punctal plugs and steroid drops. i have recently started on ciclosporine and tetracycline which i am hoping will help as i believe my dry eye is called MGD.
i do warm compresses twice a day also and although they offer temporary relief i dont feel any long term benefits yet. i have heard about lipiflow but not sure how available that is at the moment? the most annoying part is the light streaking and daytime glare but only when blinking.
Has anyone else experienced this and is it likely to improve after 18 months?
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DES can be evaporative, underproductive or both. Suggest you have a proper evaluation to find out which and have this treated appropriately
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Sounds like your visual symptoms are coming from DES - a poor tear film and hence imperfect ocular surface, assuming HOAs (High Order Aberrations) are not overly elevated.
Dry eye symptoms are usually maximal 4-8 weeks after treatment so that could fit with the timing.
Best to be under care of anterior segment specialist to treat the DES. Options include flaxseed oil supplements 2000-4000mg daily (takes a few weeks to start to work), lid hygiene, tear punctal plugs (temp or perm), plus a course of steroid drops to tackle inflammatory component.
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I had wavefront lasik in August 2012 at the Newcastle branch and immediately after surgery suffered from dry eye (DES) and light sensitivity, neither experienced before when my eyes were perfect in that respect.
After about 2 months I noticed light streaking from any light source when I blinked, made worse if my eyes watered or I put drops in.
At first it was most noticeable at night but gradually become more noticeable during the day when looking at a mobile phone, or light coming through the window.
If my eyes are wide open i don't notice this, but any kind of blind or partial closure of my eyelids and the streaks appear and lengthen dependent on how much i blink,
i still suffer from DES and light streaking 18 months after surgery and tend to notice the light problems more when my eyes are irritated, so I think they may be linked.
i have been back to Optical Express a number of times and had all checks done and they say my eyes are fine and that I only have minor DES.
i have visited my local eye hospital and again they can't find any problems besides DES, so I am becoming really depressed and beginning to give up on hope it will improve.
i have read similar stories on websites and no one has been able to find an answer to the light streaking, although I've read some suggestions it's caused by the tear film and/or the pressure caused by the eyelid when blinking.
Does anyone have any advise or answers to my problems as I really don't know were to go from here?
Many thanks,
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Surgery done, really pleased, no after effects, no dry eye, the only thing I do now is stare and forget to blink :/

After 4 years I have now -1 right eye.

Back to Optical Express Saturday to see what they going to do, contract says 3 year guarantee, I did report loss of vision to them about two years in but they said it was because I was stressed!

So I'm going to argue my point that it was reported within the three years and was sent away with drops and told to relax.

I'll let u know what they say... I've heard some contracts are 4 years but I was told lifetime - but what they didn't tell me was that it was lifetime care, not lifetime guarantee.

Mis-selling IMO!
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Ok picked up glasses but there no good as depending which part of eye I'm looking through depends on what I'm seeing ! Tried them driving and nearly crashed as I can't judge distance ! Oh well back to drawing board
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Hi All

So glad I found this site before it was too late and I'm so grateful to Sasha for her immediate response to my email below:

"I have booked and paid to have my Wavefront Intralase Lasik surgery at Harley Street tomorrow. Jonathan Carr will be my surgeon. I have just come across your site having thought I’d better do some research on this. My prescription is -6.5 and -5.5 and I have bad astigmatism and dry eyes. However I was told as my dry eyes were caused by years of contact lens wear and was not affecting my cornea that it was fine to go ahead.

However, my Boots optician advised me that I wasn’t a good candidate for laser surgery.

I’m now really scared, if I decide not to go ahead at this stage what are the chances of me getting a refund of my full payment?"

A brief overview of my story: I was diagnosed with diabetes in February 2013 and my prescription has been fluctuating and my night vision is really bad. I therefore opted for eye surgery. On my first consultation they said they wanted a letter from my GP giving permission to perform surgery which I got, but my prescription was still not stable. After 6 months I went back and they said it was now OK to go ahead.

At the appointment I told the optom about Boots, my dry eyes and my concerns. She said I only have dry eyes round the edges and not on the cornea so it would be OK, plus the final decision would be made by the surgeon on the day. So I paid up.

I've now cancelled my surgery and just hope they refund me in full.

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Going to pick mine up tomorrow ,but these are for distance which wasn't a problem before RLE B)
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Wow six years!

Mine lasted less than a week.
by Mr X
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Another downside of problems after lasik is that patients are mostly unable to wear contact lenses again because the cornea is scarred. Retreatments can't be done forever, which the clinic doesn't explain when they say "don't worry we'll give you a top up/ enhancement"!. It has risks every time. Patients are undergoing surgery so not to wear glasses, but at some point many will be back to glasses with no possibility of wearing comparatively safe and comfortable contact lenses. Before surgery patients need to have a stable prescription for at least one year but that is not a guarantee that the prescription will remain stable for even one year following lasik.
All very sad :(
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