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Posted 31 Oct 2013 04:00 #181
After Lasek a few years ago, I've noticed recently, at a distance of a foot or two, I can see 'red on black' while wearing glasses, but can't make out 'blue on black'. I have to bow my head down and look over the rims and visa-versa to see each colour. :blink:

If 'inthebusinessnotOE' is reading this, perhaps he could comment as to why this is?
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Replied by Chris on topic LASIK treatment with OE - nightmare

Posted 30 Oct 2013 13:12 #182
Ok, thanks for the info. I'll be sending off for my records soon and once I've obtained them I'll get to work. I'm almost certain that I was told that I may have issues with regular LASIK due to my pupils but that Wavefront would prevent it.

Thanks for all the info!
by Chris
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Posted 30 Oct 2013 07:50 #183
Unfortunately, once virgin eyes have been operated on, if not done right first time not easily repaired and very difficult to fix.

I would suggest you contact the solicitors to get litigation going as time is running out. There is a 3 year limitation to initiate legal action (from date of knowledge). I caught mine just in time and you have only 2 or 3 months by the sounds of it so don't waste time, get on it asap!

Having large pupils means you are at huge risk of major problems, the very problems you suffer now are because of this. If they never told you about any extra risks due to large pupils then that is negligence, even if you signed their consent form it doesn't matter as there is nothing in there about the extra risks, so it's pretty much null and void.

Do yourself a favour, speak to the solicitor and get things moving. If your eyes can be repaired then the costs of this will be factored into a settlement as it can be very expensive. I am looking at £15k to fix my eyes and even then I'm not sure that I can go through it all again, and that's if my eyes can even be fixed.
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Posted 27 Oct 2013 22:43 #184
Is the three year mark symbolic in some way? I think my surgery was January/February 2011, unfortunately I've misplaced my paperwork in the process of moving house a few times since then.

All of OE's nearby locations appear to have shutdown recently so I'm going to have to call them to try to obtain my records and suck up the admin fee.

I popped in to Specsavers to ask if they could measure my pupils but they said they don't have the correct equipment unfortunately, they were definitely over 8mm though! The person doing my tests before my surgery commented about my pupils but didn't tell me there would be any negative outcomes, if she'd warned me then the chances are I'd have looked it up and not had the surgery after all. In fact, I was pushed toward Wavefront because of pupil size.

I think Sasha may have spoken to you about me on Friday after I'd spoken to her on the phone. Out of interest, have you found any way to reduce the starbursts?
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Replied by Danny on topic Ghosting, light sensitivity and driving.

Posted 26 Oct 2013 17:44 #185
How near to the 3 years since surgery are you? I would look at legal action asap and get the ball rolling. From the sounds of things it's the usual OE thing to operate on someone totally unsuitable and with their awful laser hardware you would have a massive chance of major issues.

It happened to me, I have large pupils which was never explained to me, I even asked at my consultation as i'd read about large pupils and night vision problems, she lied through her teeth and said I didn't have large pupils and nothing would go wrong etc etc, probably the same bullshit they fed you. The end result of mine is my eyes are permanently damaged and are not going to be fixed.

According to guidelines they should explain the extra risks you have due to large pupils, and it is a major risk, our specialist said over 7mm would incur a 90% chance of major issues and with my pupil size over 8mm I was pretty much guaranteed major probs and his own words were 100% chance, not great odds and if i'd have been informed prior to letting them operate on me then i'd have ran out of that place, nobody in their right mind would let that kind of thing happen to them.

Even the laser hardware manufacturers have notes in the operation manuals about pupil sizes and warnings etc.

Get yourself to a good solicitors and get a case going pronto while you still have time.
by Danny
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Replied by Chris on topic Ghosting, light sensitivity and driving.

Posted 25 Oct 2013 11:41 #186
Hi everyone, I've recently emailed mybeautifuleyes but thought I'd stop by here to share my experience and look for some help.

I had LASIK with wavefront nearly three years ago and in the last few months I've noticed the ghosting effect and streaks of light I experience become almost intolerable. Immediately after my surgery I told the optician at one of my check ups that I was seeing halos from street lights and car lights, though there were only small. I'd been told that Wavefront would eliminate this and I was then told that due to my pupil size there may still be some halos and it was nothing to worry about.

Over the last year I have begun to notice streaks of light coming from light sources such as street lights and car lights. This began as a few streaks and has now developed into an almost dazzling effect which depending on distance can blur a set of car lights into one brightly glowing light source. This is further exacerbated by the ghosting effect as I also see a second set of lights slightly lower than the actual lights.

I drive for an hour to and from work and as the nights have drawn in this is becoming quite a concern. I get home from work with a pretty bad headache and spend much of my journey home having to look slightly to the left so as to avoid the oncoming lights dazzling me. I have tried sunglasses but they don't make a difference, I thought it might be my windscreen but I've looked at cars (when stopped of course) out of the window and it's the same.

Does anybody have any suggestions or recommendations? Would eye drops help, and if so, what sort?

Thanks for reading.

by Chris
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Posted 23 Aug 2013 12:13 #187
All opinions and info will certainly benefit me.

i have made an appointment with my GP so he/she can refer me.

I will continue to go for the OE check ups and see what they say. For the past few check ups they advised it was dry eyes and my symptoms will gradually disappear.

They don't seem to grasp that the symptoms have got worse!
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Posted 23 Aug 2013 09:52 #188
Hi all!

This is a brief history of my nightmare.

*Prior to treatment, my prescription was -7.50 and astigmatism -1.50 for both eyes. During consultation at OE they advised my pupils were slightly larger than typical. My previous soft contacts wrote 8.7 which i assume is my pupil size. They confirmed I was fine for treatment
*Soft contacts were fairly comfortable for me and the reason I considered laser surgery was convenience. My sister and three cousins had surgery in Asia with no issues. Two of my colleagues had surgery at OE with no issues.
*I originally booked in for Manchester Trafford Centre on 19th July but upon arrival they told me their laser machine was down due to the recent hot weather. So I had to go to Liverpool.
*I had Custom Wavefront Intralase lasik on 22nd Jul at Liverpool One for £2300 which I am paying on a 10mth 0% finance. Surgeon was Mr Faqir Qazi, he was not introduced and did not have any name tags
*After treatment I had foggy vision. Up until now I still have foggy vision and bad halos, starbursts, double vision.
*On my 1wk check up the optom confirmed it was ok, that I just need to moisten my eyes more and wait until my 1mth check up
*My 1mth check up will be 26th Aug and I am not optimistic. My foggy sight has actually got worse and my left eye has regressed, at a guess, I am around -1.50.
*I am suffering headaches and have stopped all my sports activities. I used to play football on Sundays and kickboxing on Mondays. Also gym three times a week.
*I didn't even clearly witness my first child born on 30th July because my vision was so foggy.

*Can I file a complaint with OE services and claim back my £2300? I am currently paying via finance
*I contacted with an eye doctor a week ago who also advised OE is the worse place to get lasik.
*My wife wants me to see my local GP and ask for opinions and hopefully get referal to a NHS specialist. I am researching to get as many opinions as possible

As you guessed, these 5 weeks has been upsetting and I am painfully falling into depression. Thankfully my wife has been very supportive, but I am still finding it hard to concentrate on anything I do. Even at work I am having trouble performing my duties (I am a manager with regular business trips abroad).

I am really hoping my eyes are fixable and I can wake up from this nightmare.
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Replied by hendo82 on topic Focusing

Posted 25 Jul 2013 18:20 #189
Does anyone find it difficult when looking at stripes or patterns etc?

I find it hard to focus and it gives me a headache, and on dark backgrounds light stripes look like they're moving through haze!
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Posted 09 Jul 2013 17:00 #190
Hi all,
Just thought I'd update you, I had my consultation with Mr Daya & have meibomian gland disease (MGD) in both corneas, evidence of nasal hinge flaps, irregularity in right eye, central flattening in my left, presence of high order aberrations with night myopia and a few other extras!

I'm very disappointed with myself for trusting OE & spoke to #StephenHannan about the report - what a horrible annoying man! He has informed me they will not fund my follow up appointment at Centre for Sight even though he's already paid my travel expenses!!! Figure that out!

He wrote,
"The referral to the Centre for Sight was for a second opinion on your outcome and management. The advice of Dr Daya was in line with Professor Venter. Management of your dry eye signs and symptoms is required before consideration of any future enhancement. We are delighted and able to afford you care at Optical Express in this regard and as such would not be agreeable to fund future consultations at the Centre for Sight".

This is untrue as Prof Venter did not tell me I had all these problems or prescribe treatment as Mr Daya did.

I therefore do not trust OE with a follow up appointment to tell me the MGD has cleared when they didn't even notice it to start with!!!
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