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Replied by Poppy on topic Unstable eyesight after Lasik

Posted 06 Jun 2013 13:03 #201
When my surgery failed in 2010 I had to return to wearing varifocals again. I have had to buy 5 new pairs of glasses since then.
My vision varies constantly mainly due to the dry eyes that I have been left with. Without an adequate tear film it is impossible to achieve clear vision even with the best spectacles available.
This will never improve I have been told, but of course it can worsen.
by Poppy
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Replied by Cat0 on topic Unstable eyesight after Lasik

Posted 04 Jun 2013 22:35 #202
I had Lasik a year ago.

Since then my eyes have regressed back to the same prescription that I had before surgery, in fact one eye is worse.

What I would like to know, does anyone else have unstable eyesight since surgery?
I had 2 eye tests within 2 weeks of each other with very different results.

I have been wearing glasses again for several months but am finding my eyesight varies from day to day or hour to hour. Sometimes my sight is better without my glasses. How weird is that?

I am also getting headaches every day and am having to take ibuprofen.
Is this because my glasses don't suit my sight?

by Cat0
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Replied by Cat0 on topic The cutting of second lasik flaps in eyes.

Posted 04 Jun 2013 22:31 #203
Yes, my eyes regressed and then settled so that OE were going to give me LASIK for a second time. Luckily for me, the surgeon wouldn't do it again as my eyes had gone all the way back to my original prescription, in fact, one eye was worse! He told me I had 'overhealed'. Talk about putting the blame on me and not on something they did wrong!

I was told if your second surgery is within a year of your first surgery, they can do it again to 'enhance' or do they mean rectify their mistake......!!!!

I was then offered RLE and I almost signed up to it. That is when I met Sasha at Harley St who was there accompanying someone who had his eyes damaged by OE when he had RLE. He told me not to do it, but look up OERML first. I can't thank that man enough (Sasha wasn't allowed to talk to me). I didn't go ahead. Thank goodness.
by Cat0
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Replied by Anonymous on topic Starbursts

Posted 04 Jun 2013 18:15 #204
Perhaps Optical Express should add it to their advertising:
"Guaranteed fireworks display every day for the rest of your life!
Free with all laser eye surgery"
by Anonymous
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Replied by Mr Starburst on topic Laser eye surgery and starbursts.

Posted 04 Jun 2013 08:51 #205
Prior to having laser eye surgery, I only used to see starbursts on the 5th of November! Ever since I had laser eye surgery every day is a starburst day. (And I'm not talking about sweets either).
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Replied by Mr. X on topic I NEED GLASSES AGAIN

Posted 21 May 2013 11:36 #206
Hello Chantal,

I am experiencing the same in the sense that only a few weeks after surgery my vision regressed and is still fluctuating.

I too need glasses again, they actually refused to provide me with any to begin with. It has only been 7 months since my surgery and have had a living nightmare with them. Along side this a whole host of accuity problems.

Everyone is different of course, so try not to become too worried at this stage. The number of people describing the same issues is growing rapidly.

Please seek an independant opinion before letting O.E. touch your eyes again.

Please also see my forum post.

I am gathering as much objective information as possible to keep people more informed.

This will include some legal rights when ascertained.

Best Regards,
by Mr. X
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Replied by Chantal on topic I NEED GLASSES AGAIN

Posted 20 May 2013 20:03 #207
Yes it happened to me too. I had surgery last May. My eyesight is now worse than it was before surgery. See my story in 'True Stories' tab :(
by Chantal
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Replied by Mrshengy on topic Eyes have regressed :(

Posted 26 Apr 2013 20:40 #208
Plus I noticed my notes have been altered, feel very let down by Optical Express!
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Replied by Mrshengy on topic Eyes have regressed :(

Posted 26 Apr 2013 20:36 #209
Hi all,

i met the lovely Sasha today who came with me to Harley St clinic where I was told by Professor Jan Venter that my eyes have regressed to the same prescription prior to surgery 7 months ago!

Plus severe dry eyes, floaters, halos and starbursts :(

I'm now back to wearing glasses and totally gutted and disappointed.

I was told my eyes have regressed more than normal, I wish I never had it done as my eyes are worse than pre surgery.

I'm awake 2-3 hours a night with itchy, sore stinging eyes :(

I've lost my confidence in driving at night, just wish I could turn the clock back and found this site back in August 2012.

Sorry for moaning, I'm just feeling sorry for myself x
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Replied by Anonymous on topic I NEED GLASSES AGAIN

Posted 22 Apr 2013 13:23 #210
Prior to surgery I had worn varifocals for many years. My prescription had been stable for 12 years.
Post surgery I could not see clearly. I need varifocals again and have had 4 prescription changes in 2 years due to my vision deteriorating since surgery. My one eye was over corrected and the other under corrected. They tried to attribute this to an unpredictable healing pattern. I am staggered that I was not informed beforehand that if one undergoes LASEK then the healing of the cornea is ALWAYS unpredictable so it is ALWAYS unknown whether or not clear vision can be achieved. Just one more risk skipped over on the consent form. I would like the TRUE statistics for LASEK patients success rates.
I would not let OE touch my eyes again for a million pounds.
My advice would be to decline any further surgery. They are clearly inept.
by Anonymous
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