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Posted 28 Mar 2013 17:02 #221
thanks for the advice folks.

yeah i think maybe i'm hoping for too much that my halos will match!

i'm still in 2 minds about it. i suppose what i want is guarantees from my surgeon tomorrow but i know they can't be given.

i also wish we knew exactly what percentage of people have lifetime problems from LASEK/LASIK but i suppose we'll never know. i'm a logical type of guy and if i had figures to work with then i could make the decision much easier. cos the decision is just whirring round and round in my head.

but if i do decide to go ahead with it i'm certainly asking about the MMC.

i'll read your story now Pat.

PS my first post didn't show up. hopefully this one will.
by Bungle
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Posted 28 Mar 2013 10:31 #222
I had lasek nearly 2 years ago and will regret it to my dying day!

The use of MMC is standard at most clinics so I repeat what's been said, do your research as it's an unlicensed drug and the long term outcome unknown!

The pain following lasek is excrutiating and you can be left with painful eyes for years after, if not forever. I was told this ONLY when I complained about the state of my eyes after surgery and the surgeon said this is common with lasek!!! Nobody told me this before surgery!

I would love to be in your position having an option not to go ahead!

Too late for me but you need to ask the surgeon all these questions before you make your decision - the surgeon not the optometrist!

I think you're expecting too much to have matching halos in both eyes though as each eye is different and any surgeon will tell you (if honest) there are no guarantees!!
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Posted 27 Mar 2013 22:46 #223
Hi Bungle

Sorry to hear about the eye problems you are having if you have not read the TRUE STORIES yet please find time to do so BEFORE you go on Friday for your LASEK SURGERY.

I had a Enhancement with LASEK on both my eyes In August 2009 and it was the BIGGEST MISTAKE of my life please read (Pats story)
At the end of the day it's your choice only you can decide but please choose carefully!!!!!

Let usknow what you decide to do good luck.
by nannypat
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Posted 27 Mar 2013 16:34 #224

i had LASIK done 4 years ago. had dry eye which passed over time, but the left eye was never really up to scratch. a noticeable enough difference to mean i wear glasses to watch tv at night, which i didn't expect after LASIK.

now i'm being retreated with LASEK in only my left eye. i get halos in both eyes but would be fine with that if my left eye halo's reduced to as much as my right eye. it's the difference which causes me bother. i just want two eyes the same. so if my prescription in my left eye matches my right after LASEK, will the halo be equal in each eye?

i'm not one who particularly regrets having LASIK but i do wish they'd have got it right first time.

my op is Friday but i've been reading so many horror stories about LASEK. i'm nearly at the point now where i just resign myself to wearing glasses for watching tv and driving for the rest of my life. or should i take the risk?!

i'm really in a quandry about this. this site basically suggests not having eye surgery... but lots of people have success, such as my wife. so i don't know what to do. i'm umming and arring.


by Bungle
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Posted 09 Feb 2013 01:10 #225

Poppy wrote: OE's website boasts that surgeon Waseem Aziz has performed over 75000 laser eye surgery procedures.
I was unfortunate enough to be one of his patients.
He readily admitted to me that he had over corrected one eye and under corrected the other.
He offered 'enhancement' surgery.
When asked how many patients did he perform this attempted corrective surgery on he once again freely admitted 5% Of his patients (3750 to date then). This number obviously excludes those like me who would not let any employee of OE anywhere near my eyes again.
This man alone therefore is personally responsible for thousands of failed procedures. The number of failures throughout the OE Company is staggering.
OE's manipulated statistics are nothing less than criminal in my view.
Perhaps we should push for a revelation of the negative statistics which surely is not such an unreasonable request from such a 'caring' and 'responsible' Company trading in people's health?

I came across this (kinda apt were it was published)

"According to the 'Review of Optometry' journal, up to one in six people who undergo laser surgery end up with complications that affect their eyesight. These include distortions of vision, such as irregular astigmatism, which cannot be corrected by glasses. Other patients simply experience a deterioration in their quality of vision or serious 'dry-eye' syndrome."

1 in 6????? WTF,

Inform the patients sitting in the waiting rooms of OE and Optimax, there is a 16% chance of having your eye sight screwed for the rest of your life and then see how fast the seats are cleared in the waiting rooms of OE and Optimax.

16% chance of double vision

16% chance of star bursts

16% chance of poor contrast

You can also leave a comment at the bottom of the page, kinda makes up for those sites which are pro-treatment and adverse to negative comments.

Here is the link;

by Nick
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Posted 07 Feb 2013 15:25 #226
As soon as the independent Opthalmic Surgeon informed me that my condition was a direct result of surgery I immediately commenced legal action. By then I had decided I wanted absolutely nothing to do with OE or their miserable staff. I was told by the surgeon that I had a pre existing eye condition that should have been clear to any qualified optometrist. OE either failed to notice or chose to ignore it.
No tear film test was carried out at my initial examination. On the day of surgery it is recorded that I had a poor tear film but of course this was not mentioned to me at the time.
I use an eye bag, Lacrilube at night and cellulosic throughout the day. The surgeon told me that bandage contact lenses are sometimes prescribed for corneal erosion but they can also present additional problems. I am now nearly 3 post surgery with absolutely no improvement, if anything my eyes are significantly worse.
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Posted 07 Feb 2013 12:05 #227
Hi Nick
The reality I believe is that OE knowingly lie to everyone and anyone that they can sell surgery to.
After LASEK surgery I was referred to an Opthalmic Surgeon by my GP. He told me that OE have a reputation for employing inexperienced staff with the minimum of qualifications. His view is that the staff who we have entrusted our eyesight to probably don't even know how to examine people's eyes for suitability, let alone perform surgery successfully.
My corneas are permanently damaged and my vision cannot be corrected with spectacles. My vision is as if I'm looking through a steamed up window. In addition I suffer floaters constantly and the pain of corneal erosions every night of my life. I have not had an uninterrupted nights sleep since surgery in June 2010. THEY DID NOT MENTION THE POSSIBILITY OF THIS ON THEIR CONSENT FORM.
Depending on the degree of myopia the likelihood of failure is high and therefore somewhat predictable. I do not believe that surgery is suitable for those with myopia or a high prescription. Not with OE anyway. They just DO NOT have the skills.
by Poppy
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Posted 06 Feb 2013 21:59 #228
The use of the anti-metabolite mitomycin, which is referred as M-LASEK, can minimize the risk of post-operative haze in persons requiring larger PRK corrections, although the medication can worsen the dry eye that occurs after surgery in some patients.
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Posted 06 Feb 2013 21:53 #229
Hi Nick

Thank you for your lovely kind posting. So sorry to hear that you have also suffered retinal tears 3 times how did you cope? you must have been petrified you poor thing, and if you are like me you worry every single day if it is going to happen again!!!! I check my eyes constantly throughout the day for any signs, like I said I now have the floaters and flashes in my right eye and know that it is the start of it!!! I just really hope and pray that it does not go the same way as the surgeons have predicted!!!

How can that eye surgeon even consider offering to give you laser eye surgery knowing what you have been through? that is totally unbelivable he should be struck off the nasty unprofessional money grabbing pig!!! Maybe if he had to have injections pushed into his eye to numb it up and lay there blind and totally scared hearing everything that is going on around you, then having to lay flat down on his front for hours and suffer all the pain that goes with it looking like you have done ten rounds with Tyson and waiting for his sight to return then he might change his mind, very doubtful as like you said its all about the money.

Take care Nick speak soon Pat
by nannypat
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Posted 06 Feb 2013 21:09 #230
My understanding is that it's not the epithelium which is the main concern after problem laser surgery, whether IK or EK:

"The deeper layers of the cornea, as opposed to the outer epithelium, are laid down early in life and have very limited regenerative capacity. The deeper layers, if reshaped by a laser or cut by a microtome, will remain that way permanently with only limited healing or remodelling."
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