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Posted 10 Mar 2016 11:09 #11
It gets worse :kiss:


It’s not the name of a company so why is it listed on Trustpilot as if it were?

Please take advantage of this scam and post your review describing how OE changed your life. Keep it factual and see how long it stays up!

Meanwhile I will contact Trustpilot to ask if I can similarly advertise OERML - if not, why not?
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Posted 09 Mar 2016 21:47 #12
This screenshot from Trustpilot of course refers to Dimitri Kazakos aka Dimitris Kazakos (both spellings to make sure Google searches pick it up)

"Honest"? "Refundable consultation" - tell that to the people here!

Meanwhile, Trustpilot 'definitely' did not call me to discuss further (see 4 March), they wrote to me instead - and no mention of my phone call!

And if you believe this garbage then I'll invite you to tea with the fairies who live in the tree at the bottom of my garden - trust me!

I am trying to get press interest on this so PLEASE help me!

If you've had a bad experience at OE, post your review here uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.opticalexpress.co.uk

Then immediately take a screenshot - or use your phone if you don't know how, because it's likely to be removed quite quickly.

If it's removed please email me with details: info@opticalexpressruinedmylife.co.uk :kiss:
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Posted 07 Mar 2016 00:17 #13
In desperate response to my focus on Trustpilot's fake reviews over the last few days, OE have today lost the plot with a mass onslaught of engineered reviews - don't they know it's Sunday?

Also check out the cosmetic surgery reviews! Where are the serious negative stories, publicised in every newspaper and TV channel - but not on Trustpilot!

I am going after Trustpilot for their fraudulent reviews, starting with the ASA tomorrow.

PLEASE PLEASE help me :kiss:

Leave your true review, and take a screenshot! If you don't know how then use your phone - because it won't be there for long!

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Posted 06 Mar 2016 19:40 #14
Lol - now we're really in fantasy land :kiss:

Because, had this man genuinely researched the internet for months, he would - at some point - have found OERML!

And surely there's enough here about David Teenan to warn anyone off risking their eyes to him?!
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Posted 06 Mar 2016 12:26 #15

admin wrote: As I write this Tony Crane left the last review for OE:


Let’s see how long before a positive one appears, possibly not until the morning when everyone’s back in the office!

As predicted, a flurry of positive reviews the next day!

Lesley Todd's review especially amuses me - how could a lay person possibly recognise equipment as being "state of the art" and "second to none"?

Purleese OE, this is stretching the boundaries of probability a wee bit too far!

And as for poor trusting Coleen, just like thousands of others (me included), she may sadly discover that she'll be left to live with her dry eyes, a very common (but underplayed) side effect of laser eye surgery!

And now they're just taking the p•ss :kiss:

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Replied by Jane on topic Optimax and Trustpilot

Posted 05 Mar 2016 17:23 #16
So Optimax are saying that they have no record of 'Jane Armstrong' having laser eye surgery at Optimax?!
I have emailed Trustpilot proof of purchase and posted again so that other people can be warned of the possible disastrous consequences of having unnecessary eye surgery.
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Posted 05 Mar 2016 10:54 #17
After reading Jane's post on OERML I called Trustpilot earlier this afternoon.

Their first response was that I should submit any complaints online, but after explaining my interest - and a little name-dropping - I was taken seriously!

The person I spoke to (in Denmark) left me on hold for ages, presumably while her boss was googling my name... she came back and told me that they know who I am, and assured me that someone will 'definitely' call me to discuss further.

Meanwhile, Jane intends to re-post her review and see if Optimax again claim to have 'no record' of her!

Watch this space :kiss:
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Replied by Jane on topic Optimax

Posted 03 Mar 2016 20:57 #18
Thought I'd check my review for Optimax which I posted on Trustpilot 12 months ago, but guess what!
My review has been archived because - “The company has no record of this reviewer’!!

Optimax have lied and I will be contacting the ASA!

Absolutely PATHETIC Russell Ambrose!

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Posted 03 Mar 2016 18:41 #19
It’s been a while since Trustpilot were under the spotlight, but they’ve just invited themselves back on stage!

Last month I posted a factual negative review concerning the problems I'd experienced after purchasing a faulty phone from an eponymously named refurb phone company.

The company complained, and because they pay to advertise on Trustpilot I was asked to edit my review - again, and again, and again…

Whittled down to a bare twig the review had become worthless and was (still is) being assessed, so I decided to post again and omit all the (true) facts that Trustpilot wouldn’t allow, but within minutes the refurb phone company had complained about the second post too (also now being assessed!).

With no good reason to ask me to edit my second post Trustpilot instead asked me to provide proof of purchase. I did.

Yesterday Trustpilot asked me to edit my review - but which one? Assuming it was the first, I replied that I had, and they asked me for a screenshot. But strangely the link they sent doesn’t allow me access to either of my reviews!

Keeping a close eye on the refurb phone page I’ve noted more negative reviews posted, and very quickly removed!

And, as with Optical Express reviews on Trustpilot, as soon as there’s a negative there’s a flurry of positives.

A ‘Verified Order’ is meaningless btw, click on it to read that the company in question ’invited' the alleged purchaser to write the review! (Not sure how I earned that accolade)

I decided to post a review about Trustpilot ON Trustpilot, and while surprised that it was not deleted I had to laugh at their response.

Invited to 'discuss any of these point [sic] further’, being very keen to meet with the Trustpilot management to discuss ’these point’ in person, I did visit their contact centre, but I haven’t even had an acknowledgement!

As I write this Tony Crane left the last review for OE:


Let’s see how long before a positive one appears, possibly not until the morning when everyone’s back in the office!

If I had nothing else to do I think commercially supported review sites would definitely be something I’d fight against. It should be illegal to allow paying advertisers to censor honest reviews and post fake ones, this is blatant fraud.

In fact, the ASA agree, "The Advertising Standards Authority said: "The strict Advertising Code prohibits advertisers from falsely claiming or implying they are acting as a consumer … companies should also be aware that the practice of posting fake reviews is likely to be illegal (under consumer protection regulations), and could be subject to investigation by Trading Standards or the Office of Fair Trading."

You can all help!

If you had any problems after refractive eye surgery, or a fight to get your deposit refunded, please post a factual review on Trustpilot on the relevant company’s page. Take a screenshot and keep a record of any subsequent correspondence from Trustpilot.

Please post any updates here, or contact me with details to forward to the ASA!

Meanwhile, while I continue to fight off my friends’ persistent attempts to persuade me to get an ‘all-singing, all-dancing’ model, and to bin my much loved Nokia 6700 slide - held together by an elastic band after being dropped so many times (3 times in my garden pond!), if anyone knows where I can buy a replacement, please let me know!

Btw, I promise I haven’t forgotten about Part 3 of the LAG meeting story, just no time at the moment.

Will try to catch up at the weekend... :kiss:
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Posted 08 Nov 2014 15:56 #20
by Town Crier
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OERML & My Beautiful Eyes Foundation rely on your support to expose the horrors of this unregulated industry.

Your help is very much appreciated!