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Posted 16 Dec 2013 23:40 #31
Post a reasonable question for Stephen Hannan which demands an honest answer and see if TS moderators (Ganesh Rao & Tim Harwood) allow it. They will of course check with Optical Express for approval first.

Take a screen shot for your records - or copy & paste - and if after 12hrs your post is not approved send details to: www.complaintsboard.com/new_complaint/

Please copy message to: info@opticalexpressruinedmylife.co.uk

All such censored messages will be forwarded to the government.

Paid 'Review' sites and Forums like TreatmentSaver MUST be exposed for the paid advertising platforms they actually are!

Here's one I prepared earlier:

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Replied by FYI on topic http://www.complaintsboard.com/

Posted 15 Dec 2013 16:32 #32
by FYI
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Replied by Anymouse on topic OE Heavy Handed Practises on the Internet.

Posted 15 Dec 2013 15:58 #33
People shouldn't trust TreatmentSaver any more than they should Trustpilot (misnomer if ever there was one)!

"We do not highlight that our surgeons are among the most experienced in the industry in order to be boastful." And they don't highlight how many of their "most experienced" surgeons have legal cases and complaints to the GMC against them!

The list of clinics advertising are a sorry lot!
*Optimax-widely publicised problems with surgery outcomes.
*Optical Express-widely publicised problems with surgery outcomes.
*Ultralase-in administration!
*Accuvision-at least one patient alleges he was operated on by the business owner, not a surgeon.
*Focus-desperate with £1800 discount if you book online (sells on Groupon!!!)
*AVC-desperate with £1150 discount if you book online (sells on Groupon!!!)
*Viewpoint Vision- desperate with £1600 discount if you book online (sells on Groupon!!!)

Who would trust a site where the so called "experts" are obviously there in order to promote their own businesses?

I know Trustpilot has been reported to the government for fake reviews, and TreatmentSaver should be as well!
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Replied by admin on topic 'Treatmentsaver.com' advertising site

Posted 15 Dec 2013 00:31 #34
Re www.treatmentsaver.com/management

Ganesh Rao & Tim Harwood founded 'treatmentsaver.com' with the sole purpose of profiting from advertising revenue, just like 'Trustpilot' and 'Review Centre'!

"As a doctor that is passionate about technology and the Internet in healthcare, Ganesh (Rao) found it odd that people can compare car insurance online but they can't compare clinics for medical treatment. It was this that led Ganesh to set up TreatmentSaver.com - an independent clinic comparison site to help people find the best clinics at the best price."

I've always said that the high street clinics sell refractive eye surgery like used cars!

'Dr' Rao knows sweet FA about eye surgery - therefore fully qualified for a job with Optical Express - whilst ophthalmic surgeon David Allamby sits alongside optometrist Stephen Hannan as the site's claimed "laser eye surgery experts", politely bickering with one another blatantly trying to impress potential customers.

I've tried posting on the site, as have others, but guess what - we didn't get past moderation!

Presumably due to the fact that valuable advertisers like Optical Express would be upset and cancel their contracts!
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Posted 25 Nov 2013 14:20 #35
Wikipedia has proven to be as open to corruption as much else in this world when corporate survival is at risk.

Optical Express' personal Wikipedia editor 'Hardlygone' polices their article and any factual information is eventually removed after pressure from him. If the independent editor responsible continues to dispute this then they may find themselves banned from Wiki for life as happened to 'Golfbravoecho' who fought valiantly for more than a year on Wiki!!

Over the last 18 months OE's Wiki page has been reduced to a few paragraphs as a result of the battle between truth and Optical Express' aversion to sourced facts being included in the article.

All mention of the OERML site itself was expunged from Wikipedia thanks to 'Hardlygone' and his supporters. They made some kind of deal with senior Wiki editors agreeing to lose some of their positives in return for losing the negatives!

Currently, an addition to the OE Wiki Article relating to John McDonnell's Ten Minute Rule Bill is being objected to by 'Hardlygone', believed to be Patrick Kelly, OE's previous Online Marketing Director.

The screenshots below are how it stands. Let's see if OE are successful in having these removed too!

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Replied by LOL on topic Trust (not) pilot

Posted 28 Aug 2013 22:48 #36
This is funny :lol:


Kevin Brooks
1 Review

2 days ago
DOUBLE WOW - unreal!

I have NEVER had surgery @ Optical Express & posted my 5 star review below simply to prove a point - which is, NO proof of surgery is required if you leave a POSITIVE review!

If a post is negative however it's unlikely to last the 48hrs mine has!

Posts immediately verified with "Review by confirmed purchaser" are left by OPTICAL EXPRESS - eh Stephen?!

Look to the right of this page to understand what's going on here!

See website opticalexpressruinedmylife.co.uk Forum for details!

Trustpilot screenshots will be posted on OERML Facebook once this is removed - which will be as soon as OE spot it!

And for the record, Stephen Hannan is definitely not a great man, he's actually a horrible little man doing a dirty little job for his nasty big boss David Moulsdale!!

Night night,
Sasha Rodoy
Kevin Brooks
1 Review

2 days ago
Wow - surreal!

Unbelievable after care service! Stephen Hannan is a great man & Optical Express Ruined My Life supporters don't understand him ;)
by LOL
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Replied by Lovin it! on topic Honest advertising for Optical Express

Posted 28 Jul 2013 23:11 #37
"We have no medical evidence of how laser surgery may affect your vision or how long it may last for or if it will even be successful. If it doesn't work we'll mess you about, lie to you, fail to provide the paperwork you legally request and cause you to have a nervous breakdown. Possibly even hospitalise you. We also won't explain that the structure of your eye is irreparably damaged and only heals by means of scar tissue giving a fraction of the tensile strength it once had!"
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Replied by Team Optimax on topic OE desperate for pennies

Posted 20 Jul 2013 22:29 #38
Presumably OE demanding £50 for patients records because they're short of cash :lol:
by Team Optimax
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Replied by Nick on topic OE Heavy Handed Practises on the Internet.

Posted 20 Jul 2013 12:53 #39
Any members of this site that may have been gagged have the option to go to a free WIFI hot spot (McDonalds or public library) create another ID if required and post (leaving out specifics).

I think it would provide encouragement for those seeking legal re-dress, as success stories against Optical Express are thin on the ground, however I have been informed some do exist (settlement with OE's insurers, without which they couldn't operate).

In response to the post below, it now appears OE are asking for a £50 admin fee to provide a copy of a patients medical records, totally unheard of. I wonder what the GMC thinks of this.
by Nick
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Replied by Robin on topic OE Heavy Handed Practises on the Internet.

Posted 19 Jul 2013 18:45 #40
The 'gagging' clause! Another heavy handed practise?

Just how many people sign this legal document and the problem disappears?

I think OE "Clinical Care Team" and "Patient Care Manager" have little understanding or empathy for the suffering some of their patients endure, which is a great shame.
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