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Replied by Jacqui on topic OE heavy handed practises on the internet.

Posted 05 Jan 2013 13:36 #61
Well said danny optical express are scum, they have ruined so many peoples lifes through GREED for money, they dont care who suffers in the process, thats why the surgeons still ware glasses they know if refractive surgery diesnt work their eyes are ruined they are not silly enough to take that chance, im just waiting to hear back from DVLA regarding surgery and very poor eyesight for driving, over 6,000 drivers have lost their licence, wonder many will after they have had eye surgery?.
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OE Heavy Handed Practises on the Internet. was created by Danny

Posted 05 Jan 2013 11:01 #62
So not only do OE have their heavies (PJG etc) trawling WCM and also the Wiki entry for OE, they have now managed to get me banned from MoneySavingExpert, they have been very heavy handed with the admins regarding my posts telling folk the plain truth about what these cowboys do, and months down the line after many posts it appears i'm now banned. But this sad attempt will not deter me and I have many other MSE accounts.

They have also been posting heavily pretending to be new members who just so happen to sign up and tell the world how great OE is etc and offering discount vouchers, I listed them all as spam but the majority are still there and my posts against them are all deleted, maybe OE are paying them to delete negative comments? I've heard they are well versed in this practise.

Maybe if they didn't spend so much time and money on this stuff and concentrated on helping customers they have permanently damaged through their negligence then they might have a business that people would want to go to and not post on gripe sites like this.

They really are the scum of the earth.
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