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Posted 17 Aug 2014 19:01 #11
This will shock Optical Express patients over the age of 43 who had LASIK, and those under the age of 50 who had RLE!

On 14 August 2014, damaged Optical Express patient Michelle met with Optical Express surgeon Mr Antonio Uceda-Montanes.

Commenting on the fact that he was wearing glasses, Michelle asked Mr Uceda-Montanes would he not consider having laser surgery.

He replied:
"I will (not) benefit from lasik... I will have to have something called refractive lens exchange (RLE)... that is something that we do mostly after the age of 50... but this time, in this grey area in which laser is not a good option for me, refractive lens exchange will be a good option after the age of 50...

This happens a lot from the age of 45, 43... to the age of 50, 52... it's like a transition period."

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Posted 09 Aug 2014 21:44 #12
I worked in the industry and with my experience of David Moulsdale it doesn't surprise me at all that he has failed to respond to the criticisms of his company as featured on this site.

I don't believe he has the character or substance to lead any company to perform at a level that can be considered truly world class.
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Posted 08 Aug 2014 23:03 #13
On the subject of discrepancies of consent forms, I had one laser consent form that was missing when I first requested my notes for my own information. (Optical Express) Second time round, through a solicitor, the missing consent form had miraculously reappeared but two pages were in black and white and two in colour?! I certainly never saw or signed any paperwork with coloured headings. Also, of the two laser procedures I had done there was detailed paperwork for the first one but no similar paperwork for the second one! My "Optomotrist expert witness"didn't even comment on either of these shortcoming in my "report".
by Robin
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Posted 24 Jul 2014 13:18 #14
In 2012, when I launched My Beautiful Eyes, after many months of research I realised it wasn’t just the UK high street clinics I was taking on, but conglomerates like Abbott Medical Optics (AMO) who provide Optical Express with much of their hardware:
www.amo-inc.com/products/refractive/ilasik (See related FB post 17 March)

"AMO bought Irvine-based IntraLase Corp. for $808 million in January 2007. This allowed AMO to combine IntraLase technology for cutting a flap in the cornea with AMO technology for reshaping the cornea. The combination of these complementary technologies has made "all-laser LASIK" possible.[1] NASA later approved this all-laser LASIK for use on astronauts.[2]”:
(Check out AMO's ‘Products’!!)

Unrelated to eye surgery but of interest, May 2012: "Global Health Care Company Abbott Laboratories Inc. has pleaded guilty and agreed to pay $1.5 billion to resolve its criminal and civil liability arising from the company’s unlawful promotion of the prescription drug Depakote for uses not approved as safe and effective by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Justice Department announced today.”

Mr Julian Stevens is one of the leading refractive eye surgeons at Moorfields Eye Hospital, and not only does he provide consulting services to 'AMO Inc’, but for a number of years Optical Express have coincidentally sent many of their damaged patients to him:

More than two years ago (hoping to sweeten me) OE offered to pay for me to see two surgeons for a 2nd & 3rd opinion. Julian Stevens was one of them, but he refused to meet me.

Once you have all the pieces of the jigsaw it’s easy to understand the incestuous nature of this industry.

I finally met Julian recently when accompanying one of my clients, his damaged patient, to his private rooms at Moorfields. Diagnosed with MGD and dry eyes (DES) pre surgery, nevertheless Julian considered the patient a good candidate for laser eye surgery. Post surgery she is left with unbearable dry eyes etc... and her quality of life has been ruined.

Read Debs’ post 1 April ’14: www.opticalexpressruinedmylife.co.uk/ind...l.html?start=30#9972

Duh - I almost forgot why I started this post!

1. AMO provide OE (and others) with the hardware which damages so many people's eyes and leaves them with DES, MGD, Blepharitis etc...
2. Damaged patients need expensive eye drops.
3. AMO profit from selling said eye drops/punctal plugs etc... to alleviate the problem they are ultimately responsible for causing!
4. Eye drops often paid for by the NHS.
5. The UK government are inadvertently(?) financing AMO and its shareholders.

The moral of this story: it’s time the press and media did some digging of their own to uncover what I consider to be the biggest scandal of this century! If I’m able to discover the corruption I have, then I’m sure serious investigative journalists will have the resources to discover plenty more!
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Posted 15 Mar 2014 17:29 #15
Dear Sasha

Just a quick note to say all the very best for tomorrow. I know you don't need luck, but it is good to have it.

At long last everyone will get to hear the people we trusted took our money, lied to us about our expected outcomes, butchered us, then treated us like it was our fault for taking the risk and then treating us like an inconvenience to O.E.

We will all be listening!
by Bobby2
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Posted 15 Mar 2014 16:22 #16
Listen up!

We are most all posting here for the same reason - Optical Express have screwed our eyes!

We all have debilitating side affects caused by their butchery and can sit and moan and complain and do nothing, expecting sites like this to do it for us.

Sasha Rodoy is the one person who has given the last 3 years of her life unconditionally and for NO REWARD to help people like you and me get justice from the unscrupulous company that is Optical Express, who have no care or concern whether you can see or not and are only interested in your money.


Now is the time to stand up and speak out against this company There is only strength in numbers and that means ALL OF US.

We are the numbers. Do not expect to moan and groan and let other people do everything for you! You have a voice - use it!

Post & comment on every type of social media known to man and spread the word about this and all the other high street eye surgery ciinics who have put you in this position and made a site like this necessary.

The more the word is spread the more the government will be pressured to regulate this industry and listen to the horrifying stories we all have to tell.

Hopefully then companies like Optical Expressand Optimax will go bankrupt and not inflict damage on any more innocent patients.

So come on let us all get off our backsides and spread the word and not leave it to one person.
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Replied by Well done on topic WILL OUT :)

Posted 14 Mar 2014 08:42 #17
It must be so inspiring for OE staff to know that their boss doesn't have the balls to represent his own company on this radio show !

What's wrong?

I hear he is not afraid of 'representing' himself at internal OE events/functions....

Is David Moulsdale scared of dealing with real people in the real world ?

Too much out of his OE comfort zone on radio perhaps ?

Staff must really admire him for his leadership qualities....
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Replied by Well done on topic WILL OUT :)

Posted 14 Mar 2014 08:14 #18
Let's just hope David Moulsdale has finally grown some balls and has decided to attend the radio show himself...

Instead of hiding behind his staff when the complaints come in, whilst running a business which can't seem to pay customers timely refunds.

I hope someone asks him why he is behaving like a desperate money grabbing idiot with no real business skills?


admin: Nope! Moulsdale's still trying to grow a pair :kiss:
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Posted 14 Mar 2014 00:58 #19
On Sunday 16 March @ 11.00am, BBC Radio '5 Live Investigates' will broadcast the exposé I've chased for nearly three years!

Against all odds - including threats and bribery offers, I have fought for the truth to be publicised and have finally succeeded, thanks to BBC producer Nicola Dowling.

Nicola is the angel I'd been hoping for, and she has tirelessly explored every avenue I introduced her to... and I know that the broadcast on Sunday will help persuade the government to regulate the industry, and save thousands more people from undergoing irreparable damage to their eyes.

I'll be in the London studio with John McDonnell MP and a number of surprise guests - including a spokesman for Optical Express!

I know who he is, but won't spoil the surprise for the rest of you.
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Posted 28 Feb 2014 15:09 #20
At the Optical Express Harley Street clinic two patients were booked in for laser surgery about 3 years ago.
And I know you won't believe this but they were both called John Smith :silly:
OE mixed up their records so both got the wrong ops :S
This wasn't a one off by the way - OE have done this lots of times even when the names were different!
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