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Posted 14 May 2014 16:49 #11
I wanted laser eye surgery and went to Guildford I wanted this due to my job and explained what I did they said no problem I could not afford the the cost so put some on credit.
I had my surgery and within 8hrs knew something was wrong with my left eye. So on my 24 hr check up they tested my eyes and said it is fine and just needs to settle down but they made me a emergency apt for the following day in reading . Went and said right eye was within parameters and left eye taking a time to adjust well so was my head. With a bloody headache I had a number of appointments and they said it can take up to 90 days to settle down. I went to another company for a check up and was told my left eye had been over corrected without a doubt.
Now in this time. I said I was having to use reading glasses more. At reading they said I would need to due to my eye prescription and I must have been told I said I wants to be glasses free and they said I should have had RLE I said that was not offered as I was under there age. Which I found out from reading was crap as reading would have said that's what I needed.
So now I have to wear reading glasses nearly all the time I cannot focus properly with my left eye. And on last check up they said we will give you glasses.
Well sorry I have paid out for laser surgery which they have failed to deliver as my left eye is terrible it has made me very depressed and my quality of life has gone down hill and on top of that still have a loan to pay now my question is they have failed to provide a service correctly core correction is a error on there part can I refuse to pay the rest of the loan as my left eye is crap any help here please.
Wish I had read all these horror stories before. Lynn
by Lynn
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Thanks Sasha, after calling Hitachi they later emailed me with confirmation of policy cancellation.
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Having received so many complaints regarding people's problems with Hitachi, this afternoon I spoke at length with one of their Senior Management Team.

I have agreed not to publish any names or telephone numbers on the understanding that a dedicated Hitachi representative will deal with people's requests for refunds of their payments and/or cancellation of their finance agreements.

NB: They have also agreed to "re-visit" complaints previously closed - in some cases because OE have offered an "enhancement", which I explained is simply a pretty word for a repair attempt and many people aren't willing to risk surgery with OE a second time.

Please send me an email marked 'Hitachi' if you would like details.

If Hitachi fail to do as agreed, then I will publish all names and contact details on OERML and Facebook.
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