Royal College of Surgeons CSIC farce!

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Does the refractive eye surgery industry not consider Optical Express CEO David Moulsdale to be a growing liability to the professional integrity of an entire industry? They must want rid of him?

He turned puce? Maybe David Moulsdale wants to hide away in Optical Express's fantasy world where it's probable no one challenges him.

He sounds like a tyrant!
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Royal College of Surgeons CSIC farce! was created by admin

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"If you go down to the woods today…” or in my case, the Royal College of Surgeons!

A few days ago I found out there was a ’secret’ Cosmetic Surgery Interspecialty Committee (CSIC) meeting planned to discuss the refractive eye surgery industry.

My informant was as surprised as me when I said I knew nothing about it, because, as Patient Advocate and lead campaigner, my presence and contribution is surely vital to any discussion re standards within the refractive industry?

Not forgetting that the only reason any reference at all was made to eye surgery in Keogh's 2013 report was entirely due to pressure from me and John McDonnell.

The meeting was today, at the Royal College of Surgeons, and I was told that OE’s 'Global Medical Director’ Steven Schallhorn would be attending.

I decided to go along and insist on being included.

The fun began just after 9am as I was nearing the College entrance and spotted David Moulsdale approaching from the opposite direction, accompanied by Steven Schallhorn and Stephen Hannan!

They hadn’t seen me so I hurried into the building, through security, straight to the elevator.

I wanted to get to the meeting room before they did, so was horrified when I pressed the button for the 4th floor and shot down to the basement!

The lift rose back up... the doors opened… and there stood the 3 Amigos!

I hadn’t met Steven Schallhorn previously so he didn’t immediately recognise me, nearly blinding me with his All American crocodile smile as he stepped in to the elevator, closely followed by Moulsdale - who froze when he realised it was me, not sure whether to move in or back out!

However, Hannan was behind him, so in he squeezed.

NB: The College elevators are only big enough for 4 people, so we were tightly packed!

My grin would have challenged the Cheshire Cat, and I don’t think anyone would have believed the situation if it were written into a movie script!

I said: "Good Morning gentlemen - I certainly am (in response to general civility from Schallhorn before he realised)

Good morning David! You thought you were going to sneak this by me?

And Tweedledum, how nice to see you

No response, although Moulsdale had turned an amazing puce colour (blood pressure?) and kept his eyes focused on the corner of the ceiling above his head.

Well who would have imagined this picture?” I said...

No response.

"C’mon boys where’s your sense of humour?”

Moulsdale continued to stare at the ceiling, so I guess his GSOH was stretched as far as Schallhorn's smile!

We reached the 4th floor… and I will continue my tale tomorrow :kiss:
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