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Replied by Mr Starburst on topic OE's nonsensical claim!

Posted 20 Aug 2013 09:07 #511
I concur with Kali's comments. After having had laser eye surgery, I can see 20/20 or better, BUT I CAN'T SEE PROPERLY !
From now on, will a senior member of OE's staff be known as Hugh "Hider" Kerr ! :lol:
by Mr Starburst
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Replied by Kali on topic OE's nonsensical claim!

Posted 19 Aug 2013 19:58 #512
Question on OE's Facebook

15 August @ 14:48 Ryan Forrest asked:
"How can you get better than 20-20 vision if 20-20 is perfect vision?"

Patronising response from Lynsey Shaw, Head of Optical Express Customer Care (lol):
"Hi Ryan. Great question. We've written a page on the #2020orbetter website explaining this. You can read it here: bit.ly/2020orbetter Does this help explain it a bit better Ryan? Thanks (LS)"

It's time people were warned that 20-20 vision does not guarantee GOOD vision.

Countless people with problems after laser surgery can read the bottom lines on a chart but suffer dreadful side effects like dry eyes, starbursts, blurring, haloes, ghosting, etc...
by Kali
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Replied by Maggie on topic The Truth (ex OE employee)

Posted 15 Aug 2013 09:02 #513
Thanks for this information. Good to know that those who under 60 should not have IOL. Yesterday I was recommended to have IOL. The optometrist didn't mention that at all! Although my vision has changed in the past two years, she completely ignored it and didn't mention how that would affect my surgery either. OE is just dishonest and uncaring!
by Maggie
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Replied by Robin on topic Optical Express LIES!!!

Posted 20 Jul 2013 23:32 #514
I was told that I had a 10% chance of needing a laser "tweak" following IOL. I stupidly thought I would be fine and would not need laser. If you have thin corneas and need lasek for said tweak,this is a painful procedure, not during, but after, and takes many weeks if not months to heal and for the vision to finally improve. When (not if) you need a yag laser for secondary cataract, the most common complication that can occur in less than a year! following lens exchange, this can shift the position of the lens implant thus necessitating yet another surface laser! If I had known this I would never have gone ahead. I am very interested in the problems that you have experienced.
by Robin
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Replied by Deceived on topic Optical Express LIES!!!

Posted 20 Jul 2013 22:52 #515
I have serious problems after lens exchange surgery & am now suing OE.

A letter from Stephen Hannan said "Such an outcome does not reflect any error in the original treatment but rather an known and accepted outcome treatment which occurs in approximately 10% of procedures."

Nor sure what "an known" means!?

Question on the internet: "Are the long term outcomes from intraocular lens treatment good?"

Reply from Optical Express: "Yes. 98% achieve reading standard of 20/80 or better * following the procedure and are able to read newspaper print smaller than that found in today's newspapers without the need for spectacles.
* Optical Express Biostatistics January 2013, 8,544 patients. Based on consecutive primary IOL procedures March 2008 through December 2012.


Nver brilliant at maths but even I know 98% successes does not equal 10% failure!!!
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Replied by Robin on topic The Truth (ex OE employee)

Posted 20 Jul 2013 22:38 #516
Just read this tonight and it really resonates with me.

"There is no something like freedom from glasses, you will need them eventually even after having so miraculous" IOL. If you don't accept 2 pairs of glasses on top of your freshly done eyes at some stage better keep away. If you are under 60 don't do IOL as the risk is much higher. Oh so many things they will never tell you."

IOL is only "miraculous" if successful and only if it provides lasting stable vision....a big if!

If you are considering IOL think again.....there are many things that can go wrong, at the initial surgery and the years following surgery. I didn't realise that I was taking such a risk with my eyes and if I could only turn the clock back I would.
by Robin
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Replied by Shenanigans on topic Optimax/Ultralase in Ireland

Posted 19 Jul 2013 17:33 #517
A quick call to "Leanne" at Optimax confirmed ALL Ultralase clinics in Ireland closed! Said we could go to Belfast for follow up treatment - the ONLY Optimax clinic left in Ireland! Sounds like it's going to be a very busy one with ALL damaged Ultralase & Optimax patients queuing up! Or will Ambrose be paying for his patients to travel to London for treatment?
Bet he's now regretting his haste in purchasing Ultralase & wishing he'd let Moulsdale have it instead :pinch:
by Shenanigans
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Replied by Nick on topic Optimax trained doctors @ Optical Express

Posted 19 Jul 2013 16:25 #518
It looks like Optimax is pulling out of Ireland!

Hallelujah, the first step, the first small victory, hopefully it will become contagious and spread to other parts of the UK.
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Replied by Observing on topic Banish risks of eye surgery!!!

Posted 17 Jul 2013 11:49 #519

Journalist #RachelReilly wrote "Could a 90-second procedure BANISH the risks of laser eye surgery? New eye drop and UV light treatment 'eliminates dangers'

The new treatment, called Lasik Xtra, almost entirely negates risk of the three most common complications linked to this procedure: corneal ectasia, regression of sight and epithelial ingrowth."

What a load of tosh!

Even world renowned surgeon #SherazDaya says "To date, there has been no scientific evidence published to demonstrate that Lasik Xtra is of any benefit."
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Replied by METHYL BROMIDE on topic 'News Flash re 'The OERML Website'

Posted 28 Jun 2013 12:11 #520
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