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Posted 08 May 2014 20:50 #21
I had Intra LASIK at the Optical Express Shaftesbury Avenue clinic in May 2013 and have experienced dry eyes for a number of months since.

Initially after the surgery my eyes felt fine and I didn't experience problems until around 2-3 months afterwards, when they began to feel dry.

I have had several aftercare appointments at several different Optical Express clinics and they have just given me drops and told to me use warm compresses, told me to go back to see them in a few weeks; they have never really addressed the problem or given me a long-term solution.

They advised that the dryness should have gone by now, and this was all I was told when I called their Clinical Services department. In fact, when I called this department, they advised that my situation was "odd" and that the issue was probably due to an underlying condition which I had before the surgery.

This prompted me to visit an independent clinic for a consultation when I was reassured that my problem is common following Intra lasik surgery, and that eventually the moisture level of my eyes should return to normal if I continue the routine I have been following - taking Omega 3 capsules and using warm compresses, together with regular eye massages every day.

My job involves working at a screen all day and I will go as far as saying that my dry eyes have affected my quality of life. I used to enjoy my job and didn't think anything of looking at a screen all day, but now I have to make sure I blink frequently and I feel uncomfortable a lot of the time.

I am due to visit the independent clinic again in June for a follow-up consultation, and, depending on my situation, may need punctal plugs.

I wonder if anyone else has experienced a similar situation to mine, and how long it took for their eyes to return to normal?
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Posted 29 Apr 2014 11:45 #22
Extract from an Indian eye hospital newsletter:

"People work, study and do countless other things all on the computer these days. The long hours of exposure to the computer screen leads to a decrease in blinking reflex" .
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Posted 20 Jan 2014 15:35 #23

I have suffered with dry eyes for the past 18 months, In the past month I have tried the MGD eye bag - basically a small pouch that is popped in to your microwave for 30 sec before placing over closed eyes for 10 min.

I don't want to get anyone's hopes up (especially my own!) but, it seems to offer relief for 2/3 hours, which is amazing given that nothing has worked like this before.
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Posted 06 Jan 2014 18:42 #24
I would like to ensure that anyone considering laser eye surgery understands this is NOT cosmetic surgery. It has no relation to glasses or contact lenses yet Optical Express market the three options side by side.

I notice OE are advertising on television again, do not be tempted. Laser eye surgery is an invasive and risky procedure.
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Posted 04 Jan 2014 14:32 #25
Dear Poppy
No I was not told about the impact of dry eyes or erosions. The optometrist in question would not be able to put this in writing as it was said in passing and I have no more contact with this person anymore. I have been to Moorfields and they told me I have an ocular surface disorder which, I quote, "is common". They did not confirm either way if this was due to lasik however given the situation it must be. I do not really have erosions anymore as I had punctal plugs inserted which has improved things no end, along with a course of steroids and antibiotics. I only put in a few drops at night and this resolves the issue. During the daytime my eyes do sting and burn depending on my location.
I am on antidepressants which make my eyes burn during the day so I take at night with a sleeping pill. It may be worth you looking at plugs to help with retaining the tears. (I seem to have become an expert on eyes and environments.)
I am allergic to the lanolin in lacrilube, and the hypertonic saline ointment did nothing much for me. Are you allergic to the cream you are using as lasered eyes seem to be hypersensitive to most drugs?
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Posted 25 Nov 2013 16:58 #26
Lasik & lasek damages corneal nerves as part of the cornea is removed during surgery with millions of nerves severed that never grow back which can cause many problems including MGD.
The cornea is the most sensitive part of human body and loses sensitivity after lasik so you feel nothing until the nerves regenerate. This takes time and in this process many things can go wrong. This is the main reason why dry eyes are so common after surgery.
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Posted 25 Nov 2013 16:13 #27
Can anyone please tell me if there is any research evidence or data that lasek or lasik eye surgery can, or does, cause MGD?

Are there any links online for me to look at as I was going to have the procedure done but now not sure!

I cannot believe that it does not cause it after what I have read on the internet, and it is putting me off!
admin: www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/british...-pain-300076179.html
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Posted 22 Oct 2013 19:30 #28
Ela, were you told this before or after surgery? Is there a way you can ask that optometrist to put it in writing or even record a conversation?
by Poppy
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Posted 22 Oct 2013 17:22 #29
I too suffer from RCE which is clearly NOT mentioned on the consent form. There appears to be no solution to the problem. Ointment before bed and then awake in the middle of the night in extreme pain and discomfort, having to get up and puts more ointment/eye drops in. I have suffered this for over three years since my surgery. OE are negligent in failing to explain adequately and accurately the TRUE reality of Dry Eyes. Also they need to come clean and finally admit how many patients REALLY suffer post surgery.

Unfortunately I have been unsuccessful in finding anything that cures the problem. I would think though that massaging your eye against your eyelid would merely aggravate the situation and cause MORE discomfort?
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Posted 22 Oct 2013 16:02 #30
I was informed by an OE optometrist that your eye sticking to the eye ball and resultant pain called RCE is a common side effect of lasek. I was told to wiggle my finger over the eyeball before opening my eye!

Has anyone succeeded in permanently managing their dry eyes to the point that they are pain free?
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