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I'm thrilled to see Sasha Rodoy has finally come out of the #Optimax closet and revealed her true intentions!

Equally astounded that Russell Ambrose was so gullible & caught out so magnificently :oops:
Well done Sasha :cheer:
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I posted this on WCM a few days ago (13 March) and am surprised to see it not yet deleted. To be safe and to reach more people I´m posting here where OE can´t touch it.

Optical Express dsiplayed IT skills last year by hacking Sasha’s computer but any good hacker knows the golden rule is DO NOT GET SEEN! If they’d stayed out of sight instead of running around so crudely she might still have been none the wiser.
They have now dispelled anyone’s doubts with names posted here that otherwise could only have come direct from OE & Optimax - Greg H & Mark M.
It was solely due to the actions of "poor Mark" that Mr Abs did not received his compensation from Optimax 8 months ago!

Sasha Rodoy is like an unstoppable steam train gathering speed - and passengers - on her way to a destination that will ultimately kill this industry. She & her team should take encouragement from the industry's heightened desperation visible on WCM with their unsuccessful attempt to stop ppl contacting her for help with lies and mud slinging.
Unfrotunately there are some good conscientious ophthalmic surgeons out there who will find themselves caught in the riptide when it happens - there are even a few good ones working for Optimax & OE but let themselves (& their collegues) down when they prostituted their services.
Two ruthless business men (Russell Ambrose & David Moulsdale) control at least 90% of the industry since RA (Optimax) bought Ultralase a few months ago ensuring he was able to compete with DM (Optical Express) by increasing his hold in the laser eye surgery market.
Profits were so bad for this industry last year (thanks to SR's endeavours) that Ambrose & Moulsdale are exteremely worried men! Ambrose especially must be awake nights as an UNlimited company.
What keeps Moulsdale awake is the worry of potential US style Class Action lawsuits when this hits the media as the numbers of px likely to surface & contact SR will be unmanageable!
It's going to happen in a way that won't be stopped by bribes or threats as has been the case since SR started her campaign.
If SR took down optimaxruinedmylife.co.uk as part of an Optimax settlement is of no importance because the campaign is against the LASER EYE SURGERY INDUSTRY not OE alone.
I don't think at the time Sasha realised the importance of winning the Nominet fight for www.opticalexpressruinedmylife.co.uk/ but OE sure did!
Hit the kingpin & the other skittles will fall!
The reason OE keeps posting details of one of the law firms representing many of SR's MBE patients is simply explained.
Contact Sasha for help @ www.mybeautifuleyes.co.uk/ & you'll find the process she follows is proving very costly to OE but helpful to the lawyers. Her route includes a paid referral to an independent surgeon for an initial report, then sent to be considered by a legal team.
This process saves lawyers ploughing through medical records they don't understand which could influence their decision not to take on a case if the client can't afford to pay for an independent report.
Many contacting SR for help had previously been turned down by lawyers who didn't understand this industry & their dirty games but thanks to Sasha now have represntation.
Patients wanting to sue should be aware that SR refers patients to one of 3 or 4 legal teams across the Uk.
Anyone new to this thread should read the true stories on OERML and ask Optical Express why they haven't had the site taken down & sued SR if it's all lies.
If SR receives a referral fee for all her hard work should be of less concern to anyone than the £500 referral fee paid by Optical express to post-op patients leading more lambs to the slaughter!
Optimax pay a considerably lower referral fee but both companys advertise on ebay – would you buy a £500 discount voucher for heart surgery on ebay?
Eyesight is not the cheap commodity cut price clinics have reduced it to & the sooner this is publicised the better!!
I won't tell you my connections but suffice to say I am not a surgeon, never had eye surgery of any description, but will tell you 100% Moulsdale DOES post here (WCM) :whistle:

I repeat:
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Your help is very much appreciated!